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= to start something seriously, with effort
“I can’t put this off any longer – it’s time to get down to it!”
“Let’s get down to business”

Hello everybody. Today’s phrasal verb which is actually yesterday’s phrasal verb is ‘to get down to something’, ‘to get down to something’. We had ‘get down’ already, alright, but this is ‘get down to’. So,

– Let’s get down to it

for example. That’s what I thought before doing this phrasal verb. I thought ‘Right, I missed a phrasal verb yesterday. I can’t put it off any longer. I’ve got to get down to it. It’s time to record today’s phrase which is actually yesterday’s phrase. So, to get down to something means to start doing something seriously or with a lot of effort and it’s the opposite of ‘to put something off’. You know that phrase, don’t you? ‘To put something off’

– I’ve been putting this off for too long. It’s time to get down to it.

‘To put something off’ means to, kind of, leave it until later, okay? And ‘to get down to it’ means to actually start something with some effort and, you know, in a serious way. ‘To get down to something’ or ‘to get down to doing something’, right? You know, sometimes it can be really hard to just get down to some work or to get down to kind of doing something because, you know, we procrastinate, we put things off. You might say:

– Let’s get down to business

meaning, you know, at the beginning of a meeting, typical way to start a meeting.

– Right. I’m glad everyone’s here, okay? Right, let’s get down to business

meaning ‘let’s get started’. There’s also another phrase which is ‘to get down to brass tacks’. ‘To get down to brass tacks’ means to start discussing the most important issue.

– It’s took the better part of an hour to get down to brass tacks

To be honest I don’t use that phrase myself but I do say ‘get down to business’

– Right, let’s get down to business

okay? Right. Good, that’s it for this one. Speak to you again tomorrow which will actually be today, okay? Good. Bye.

  • Denis Paraschuk

    Our project was suspected last year. Finally, we got “green light” for carrying on with activities regarding this job.
    So, we are ready to get down to it!

  • Kamil

    Let’s get down to buisness brother! We’ve got to look at those sale figures. We cannot put it off any longer. We’ve got to meet the deadline. Let’s get down to brass tacks my friends. Christmas is coming and we’ve got to buy gifts for one another. I have an English exam in March so I’ve got to get down to studying for it.

  • María José

    And now, after a break, let´s get down to studies!

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  • Andrzej

    “Procrastinate”, “Let’s get down to brass tacks”. This series of podcasts is worth getting involved even if you talk about seemingly well-known phrasal verbs. Thanks Luke! But now, I’ve got to get down to work despite the weekend. I’ve got that ridiculous deadline today which is completely impossible to catch.