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1. To make someone feel sad or depressed
“don’t let it get you down – try to look on the bright side”
2. To write something quickly
“Have you got a pen – I just want to get that down”
3. To swallow food or drink, especially when it’s difficult
“I know you feel ill but you should try to get something down”
4. To lower your body, especially your head, in order to avoid something dangerous
“get down! He’ll see you!”
5. To dance and ‘get funky’
“if you want to have a good time you’ve got to get down on the dance floor”
“it was a great party. Everyone was getting down all night long ”

Hello everybody, today’s phrasal verb is TO GET DOWN.
And it’s got a number of meanings:

The first one is to make someone feel sad or depressed, okay, like:
-Don’t let it GET you DOWN! I know you failed the exam, but don’t let it GET you DOWN!

For example, you could say:
-Doing the same thing every day can GET you DOWN. But just look on the bright side! Don’t let it GET you DOWN!

TO GET DOWN = to feel sad or to lose hope.

Another meaning would be to write something quickly. To quickly write something down.
For example:
– Have you got a pen? I just need to GET that DOWN quickly.
– Could you just repeat that? So I can just GET it DOWN.
So, meaning to write something down.

And… let’s see…

Third meaning would be to swallow some food or drink, especially if it’s difficult.
So, for example, if you have sore throat or throat infection, like tonsillitis it can be hard to, kind of, TO GET your food DOWN, or TO GET some drink DOWN.
Like even if you’re feeling sick, you should try and GET something DOWN, meaning = to swallow something, to eat something, okay.

– I tried to swallow the tablet, but it just got stuck in my throat. Sometimes I find it really hard TO GET those pills DOWN.
To swallow something.

Another one would be to, kind of, to lower your head, you know. If there’s something coming overhead and you need to lower yourself, because you need to be safe. So like:
– GET DOWN!!! – for example.
– DUCK!!!
That kind of thing.

And finally, the other meaning of the expression TO GET DOWN would be to dance.
TO GET DOWN – like that song “Jungle Boogie”. You know the one I mean:
– GET DOWN, GET DOWN, jungleboogie… You know the one? I’m sure you do. It’s in the “Pulp fiction” soundtrack.
And, let’s see… I might even be out to play it to you… here… No, I can’t. You just gonna have to imagine it in your own head.
Imagine an amazing song with brilliant lyrics that goes: “GET DOWN, GET DOWN…” And when you hear it, you just want TO GET DOWN.

Actually, we do say get up, as well, meaning – dance. And there’s a James Brown record in which he implores you to get up and GET DOWN, like a sex machine. Which is, you know, always a good thing if you’re looking to have a good time.
Anyway, “Jungleboogie”, you know what it sounds like. It sounds like this:

There you go, that’s the end of this one. Speak to you again tomorrow! But for now, goodbye-bye-bye…