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It’s similar to ‘get in’ but there are some common expressions and collocations with this phrasal verb. Listen to find out!

Hello there, today’s phrasal verb is ‘to get into’. Yesterday we had ‘to get in’ and that’s very similar to ‘get into’. In fact, in many cases the meaning is the same. It’s just a… Sometimes if you want to add an object onto ‘get in’ then you end up saying ‘get into’. Alright. So, let me just sort of tell you the things that are the same first. So, ‘to get into’ is the same as ‘get in’ in these ways. It means also to… when a plane or a train arrives for example:

– We got into Heathrow at 7pm,


– The plane got in at 7pm

so, it’s the same there. ‘To arrive at a place’, for example:

– I got into work at 10 o’clock. My boss was a bit annoyed because I was late.

‘to get into work’, ‘to get into school’.

– What time did you get in?


– What time did you get into school?

Okay? Same thing. Also ‘to be accepted or chosen at school or university’, okay? For example yesterday I said:

– There’s a very difficult, you know, a very tough entry exam so, it can be very difficult to get in,

but if you add the object, if you add the name of the university you would then say ‘to get into’:

– It is very difficult to get into Cambridge. It’s really hard to get into Oxford. You need to pass an entry exam, for example. Not sure if you do need to pass an entry exam for Oxford actually or Cambridge. You just need to have the right entry requirement in order to get into those universities. Let’s see. Okay. Other uses of ‘get into’. One of them is ‘to start enjoying something’, right? For example:

– Recently I’ve been really getting into a new book about The Beatles,


– I’ve got this new book about The Beatles. I’m really getting into it.

Meaning: I’m really becoming interested in it. You can use it to mean ‘to start discussing something’, okay? For example:

– I’d really like to talk more about that Beatles book but I just don’t really have time to get into it right now, okay?

Another one is ‘to become involved in a bad situation’, okay? So, that’s things like an argument or trouble or a fight and we use ‘get into’ for all of those things, okay?

– I don’t want to get into an argument with you,

or, you know:

– He’s always getting into trouble,

okay? Or:

– He got into a fight with someone at school,

okay? So, ‘to get into an argument’, ‘to get into a fight’ or ‘to get into trouble’. Okay. Also we say ‘to get yourself into a mess’. Okay.

– I’ve got myself into a real mess here,

which means that you get yourself into kind of just a difficult situation, okay, confusing or a difficult situation. Alright, there’s more, there’s more. You can ‘get into a bad mood’, okay? ‘Get into a bad mood’.

– If I drink too much coffee then I tend to get into a bit of a bad mood.

It’s just the caffeine.

– I don’t like drinking too much caffeine because I always get into a bad mood.

In fact today I drank far too much coffee and I can feel it now. It’s like the end of the day and I’m… I feel like I really got into, like a really… I just feel a bit irritable because I had too much coffee. I just… It made me get into a bit of a bad mood. And I’ve got a really bad neck as well. This is just extra information. You don’t really need to know this but I drank too much coffee and I’ve got really bad, painful neck so I’m just… It really made me get into a bad mood.

Anyway, ‘to start doing something regularly in a particular way’, ‘to get into the habit of doing something’, okay? ‘To get into the habit’, so:

– I must not get into the habit of drinking too much coffee because it is addictive actually. It’s a drug – caffeine. You can get addicted to it,


– Try not to get into the habit of drinking too much coffee every day because then, you know, you’ll be… you’ll have to keep drinking lots of coffee in order to wake up.

Alright. What else have I got? ‘To get into a piece of clothing’, right, means to put some clothes on and for them to fit.

– You know, I feel like I put on weight and it’s really difficult for me to get into these jeans.

That’s just an example, actually, folks. In fact I think I might have lost a little bit of weight since Christmas. Right, and finally you might say:

– What’s got into him?!

– What has got into him?

– What’s got into him?!

meaning, you know, he’s changed or he’s behaving in an unusual way. Maybe he is in a bad mood.

– I don’t know what’s got into Luke! He seems really irritable today. I think he’s just been drinking too much coffee that makes him get into a bad mood.
– Oh, I see, right. He should stick to tea, really.
– Yeah, should because he’s English and if he drinks too much coffee it just confuses him.
– Yeah.

Right. That’s it. Speak to you again tomorrow. For now, bye, bye.