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To get involved in something that other people are doing, because it looks fun or because you could make money
“EngVid looks interesting. I quite fancy getting in on that. ”

Hello there, it’s Luke here from Luke’s English Podcast. Today is February 14th, 2014. That’s 14-02-14. It’s Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ve got some nice plans whether you are in a relationship or not. I hope you’re gonna have a nice day. If you are in a relationship I hope you’ve got some romantic things planned. Not that you have to today, I mean it’s not like there’s only one day in a year when you should be romantic. Of course, you know, you should be romantic all the time. You shouldn’t just be obliged to do nice things on just one day of the year and also if you not in a relationship if you’re single today then that’s great as well, you know, you don’t have to be in a relationship and ultimately Valentine’s Day doesn’t really matter, does it? I mean it’s just something that’s been cooked up by like marketing to try and make people buy more chocolate ultimately. So, if you’re a single today it doesn’t matter, alright? It really doesn’t matter. In fact, you could go out tonight. It’s Friday night. You could go out. It might be a nice chance to meet someone. I mean there’ll be loads of single people out tonight all looking for love in their own way.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m talking about. This is a phrasal verb episode and today’s phrasal verb is ‘to get in on something’, ‘to get in on something’, alright? We had ‘to get in’. We had ‘to get into’. Well, hello, here is another one ‘get in on’, alright? And this means ‘to become involved in something that other people are doing that is fun or interesting or that makes money’, okay? So, other people are doing something, it looks like it’s fun, it looks like it’s interesting, in fact, it looks like it could be making some money and you think:

‘I wanna get involved in that. I’d quite like to get in on that.’,

Alright? I was thinking about this the other day. Do you know about a website called EngVid? That’s E N G V I D, EngVid. They’re basically like a group of English teachers who are like… who record themselves doing lessons in front of a white board and it’s videoed and then they send those videos into EngVid and EngVid publishes them. I think maybe the teachers get some money from advertising revenue and I looked at it and I thought:

‘That looks pretty good. I might… I quite fancy getting in on that.’

and then I thought:

‘Well, I could just do it myself, couldn’t I? I don’t need to do it through EngVid. I just could do it myself now.’

So, who knows, I might do some video teaching stuff but I’ve always had that option. But it just sort of struck me as being quite interesting idea. I thought:
‘I might get in on that’

There you go, ‘to get in on something’ meaning ‘to get involved in something because it looks like it could be lucrative or just interesting’, alright? That’s it. There’ll be another one of these, well, today because in fact this is yesterday’s phrasal verb so, speak to you again soon. Bye for now!