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Hi there, this is Luke and here is another phrasal verb. I kind of missed two days which means that I’ve now got to catch up on three phrasal verbs, that’s today’s, yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s as well. So, right, let’s get down to it, shall we? This one, this phrase is ‘to get on with something’ and this means ‘to give your time to something and make progress with it’, okay? ‘Get on with something’, for example:

– The sooner I can finish recording this short podcast, the sooner I can get on with the washing-up because I have to do the washing-up. It has to be done. I can’t leave plates, dirty plates in the sink. I have to get on with that so, the sooner I finish this the sooner I get on with the washing-up.

Also we say ‘to get on with the job of doing something’ You might hear the government saying something like:

– The government… Our priority now is to get on with the job of reforming the education system in this country.

You know? Something like that. ‘Get on with doing it’.

We also have a phrase which is:

– Come on! Get on with it!

‘Get on with it’ meaning ‘hurry up’. It’s a little bit rude to say that. It’s a quite direct thing to say.

– Come on! Get on with it! We’re all waiting. Come on!

Maybe you’ve been thinking that. You’ve been thinking: ‘Come on, Luke, where are the phrasal verbs? Come on, mate. Get on with it. We’re waiting here. We haven’t got all day.’ Something like that.

That’s it for this one. Speak to you again soon, very soon, because I’m going to record another one immediately. Alright? Speak to you again soon. Bye for now. Bye!

  • Denis Paraschuk

    1. Currently we have a huge list of bugs. At first, we need to solve all these ones, and after that we’ll be able to get on with the next interesting proposal.

    2. Ukrainian government is getting on with the job of reforming the police system. For now we can see the positive results.

    3. I said to my son yesterday: “Hey, man! Stop faffing around! You have to be at school already! Come on! Get on with it!”

  • Kamil

    I’ve jest eaten a diner and now I’ve got to do the washing-up. I’ve got to get on with it. I can’t wait till it rots in the sink:D
    Brother, get on with it! I don’t have all day. Hurry up! I try not to only use the phrasal verbs you record for us, but also all the words that are new to me. It’s a splendid way to enrich my vocabulary.

  • María José

    No stress, I´ll get on with the ironing in a minute.

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