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Transcript for #5
Hello, This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast and this year I’m teaching you a Phrasal Verb every day and today’s phrasal verb is TO BRING ON.

BRING ON, specifically the phrase is BRING IT ON.

Now, we say BRING IT ON when we want to show that you feel brave and confident enough to deal with any situation or to face an opponent or to face a challenge.

BRING IT ON. Okay, so… um, yeah, if you are feeling up for a challenge you might say: – “BRING IT ON!”.
For example, I have decided this year to teach you a phrasal verb every day and that is actually a kind of big challenge. That means that every day I have to take some time out of my day, you know, to do one of these. I might not be able to do it. It might be too much of challenge, but you know what? BRING IT ON.

There will be another one tomorrow.

Bye bye bye