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1. Deal with a difficult situation (survive)
2. Help someone deal with a difficult situation
3. To be connected to someone by telephone
4. To finish doing something
5. To go into the next stage of a competition or test
6. To use/finish something faster than expected
7. When a law is passed by parliament
8. To manage to communicate with someone (similar to the telephone example)
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Hi everyone. How you’re doing? It’s Luke’s here.
And I’m back. I hope you had a nice weekend. I hope that you enjoyed yourselves doing whatever what you were doing. I had a lovely time thank you very much. And now I’m back doing another one of these phrasal verb episodes. On Friday I said something along the lines of this. “I’m not sure I can keep doing this, I’m not doing anymore because it’s too much hassle.” And now I’m thinking, alright, well I’m going to change the rules slightly and I’m going to keep doing it but I’m probably going to take the weekends off. That means Saturday, Sunday I won’t be doing them. Alright? Fair enough, isn’t it? And I will try doing it Monday to Friday but if , you know, stuff gets a bit too full on and busy for me, you know, when things get really out of hand and it’s hard to kind of get everything done in the day. Well at those times then I might not be able to do them. But I’m going to do my best to do phrasal verbs episodes for you Monday to Friday. Okay? Right. So I’m not stopping. We’re going to carry on.
And today’s phrasal verb is “to get through”, “to get through something”.
And I think I’m going to add on “get through to” as well.
So we’ve got “get through” and “get through to”.
Let’s start with “get through”. And let’s keep it simple and brief. Okay? Because I’m already one minute twenty two seconds into this thing. Right. So “to get through”.
And as usual it’s got a few different meanings or uses.
First of all, it means to manage to deal with a difficult situation or stay alive until it’s over, so to survive something. Okay?
And, you know, like, “We’re going to need to conserve all of these supplies if we’re going to be able to get through the winter.” Alright?
“We need to keep warm and just try and get through the night.” Alright?
“to survive the night” It doesn’t just mean physically, like surviving. You could use it for other things. For example, you might say, some people say that it’s very difficult to do a good presentation, that they feel really nervous and crippled by their nerves. Well I say generally, if you can just get through the first few minutes then usually you’ll be alright. Okay? There you go.
Next – to help someone to deal with a difficult situation. So we’ve you’ve got “to get through” you can also “get somebody through it”. Alright?
To get somebody through a bad experience. Okay, for example.
“Sometimes I just rely on luck to get me through.” Okay, you know.
Another one – You know, my best friend is great because he always gets me through those bad experiences that I have sometimes.
“to get someone through”
Another one is to be connected by telephone. Alright? “to get through”
“I’ve been calling him for days and I just can’t get through.” You know, like,
“Where were you? I was calling you for hours and I couldn’t get through. Who were you talking to?” Right.
“To get through to someone” means to get connected to someone by telephone. Right. You know, if you call them, if you call someone and you just get …….
It means that they’re engaged. So you can’t get through.
Often we use “get through” when we’re talking about the telephone in a negative form.
“I can’t get through.” “I couldn’t get through.” ”I’ve been trying to get through to you for ages.”
with “get through” if we want to add an object. For example, if you want to add a person on the end we use too.
“to get through to someone”
“I’ve been trying to get through to you all day. Where have you been?”, for example.
“What have you been doing? I’ve been trying to get through to you all morning.”
Another one is “to finish dealing with someone”. Right?
No. “to finish dealing with something”, to finish it, to get through it.
“We had to get through a lot of work this afternoon.” Okay.
“Sorry the meeting’s overran a little bit. We had a lot of things to get through.”
“There was a lot to get through in the meeting. Sorry. The meeting overran slightly, overran because there was a lot to get through.”
Next one is to pass a test or a stage of something. Right.
“to get through the first round in a competition” Okay.
“to get through the first round of the FA Cup”
“to get through the first round of the World Cup”, for example.
“to get through your driving test”
“I got through the theory part of the test but I failed the practical part.”, for example.
Another one is to use or finish something faster than you expected.
“How did we get through all of this toothpaste in just a few days? How many times did you brush your teeth this week? How did we manage to get through all of this toothpaste in just three minutes? How many times have you brushed your teeth in the last thirty seconds?”
Obviously that is a bit ridiculous. “to get through something”.
“How did we get through this milk so quickly? How many cups of tea have you had?” Okay.
Another one is, if a law gets through. Then it becomes, you know, the law is passed by parliament. Okay.
So first the law is a bill being discussed in parliament and then if that bill gets through it becomes an active law, for example.
“The proposals got through after a second vote.”
“Getting a bill through Congress can be a very long process.” Alright?
Now, I mentioned “to get through to someone on the telephone”.
We also say “get through to someone” in another situation. If you’re just trying to communicate with someone, you know, If you’re trying to convince someone of something it can be really hard to get through to someone, meaning it’s hard to feel that you’re really communicating with someone. You know, like for example, I used to have a student in Japan who I just felt was, like, completely isolated. You talked to this girl but you just never got a sense that you’re really getting through to her. You know, you talked to her and you just get nothing.
“Hi! Hi Yuki. How are you? Yuki? Hi Yuki. How are you?” – No. Nothing. Okay. Fine. I’m fine.
“It’s really great to see you Yuki because I’ve been wondering about you. What did you do this weekend?” – Nothing. Okay.
“Do you understand, do you understand what I’m saying?” – Just nothing.
So, with Yuki I just couldn’t get through to her at all. It was just like talking to a brick wall. I think she was probably just shy. But nevertheless. Just really impossible to get through to her.
Right. That’ it for this one.
I hope that I managed to get all of that through. I hope I managed to get it across to you.
That’s it. That’s seven minutes, that’s too long. I’ll speak to you again tomorrow.
It’s good to be back.
But bye for now. Bye.