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1. spend time together
2. organise people into a meeting
3. organise something that has many parts (like a report)
4. collect things that you need (e.g. money)
5. to control your life
6. get yourself under control
a get-together = an informal meeting

Hello everybody, This is Luke.
And here is your phrasal verb of the day. This one is “to get together”.
“To get together”. And there’s lots of different meanings for this, of course.
Loads of different meanings and sort of fixed phrases and things with “get together”. Let’s see.
First of all, it means “to spend time together”. Right. When people get together it means they meet in order to do something or spend time together. Okay?
So, “Yeah, you know, we all just got together and, you know, talked about old stories.” Okay.
For example, “Every Christmas the family gets together and we have a meal.” Right.
“The whole family gets together.”
“to get together with someone” as well.
For example, “Friday evenings I like just to get together with my friends, have a few drinks and trying make each other laugh.” For example. Okay?
Another meaning is “to arrange for people to meet in order to do something or to tell them something”. Alright?
For example, “We’ve got to get the lads together to discuss the surprise party.”
Okay, “to get everyone together”- in order to kind of meet, in order to plan something.
“Get the boys together and we’ll plan the bank job.” For example. Okay?
Another one would be to organise or produce something that has lots of separate parts. Right. “We’ve got to get this report together by tomorrow.” Okay? Alright.
So, sort of, “Get the plans together by tomorrow evening. We’re going to meet by the docks to discuss the bank job.” For example. Alright?
Another thing would be to find or collect things that you need so, they’re all in one place and ready to use. Okay? “So, “I got together a list of names.” For example.
“Can you get all the information together by this afternoon? Make sure you bring it with you to the meeting by the docks later on. We’re having a get together.” There’s another one, and noun.
“to have a get together” that means “to have a meeting, like a sort of informal meeting.”
Another one is “to obtain an amount of money that you need”. Alright?
“Let … we need to get some funds together in order to buy the necessary equipment. He promised that he’d get the money together by Friday.” For example.
Another one would be to kind of “start to be in control of your life” sort of you’re successful and you’re doing what you want to do.
“I realised that it was time to get my life together.” Okay.
“I need to get things together and plan this one last job that I’m going to do.” For example. Alright?
Another one would be to “just get it together”.
“get it together” or “get yourself together” that means become calm and get in control of your emotions.
“God damn it Jeff, get it together man.” For example. Alright?
There you go. That’s the end of this one.
There’ll be more of this tomorrow. But for now it’s goodbye.