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Hello everybody, this is Luke and welcome back to Luke’s phrasal verb episodes.
There isn’t really a working title for this project, I think I’m calling it A Phrasal Verb a Day but if you subscribe to this on iTunes or other podcatchers then you’ll notice it’s called The Daily Thompson and sometimes I call it the The Phrasal Verb Sessions, sometimes it’s the Luke phrasal verb episodes. It doesn’t really matter what it’s called, the main idea is that I’m teaching you the phrasal verb every day, but even that is not true because these days I just don’t manage to do one every day.
I started out with the best intentions, didn’t I? I was, like, at the beginning of this year in January, it was a brand new year, a brave new world, and I thought, “This year I’m going to teach the people of planet earth, a phrasal verb for every single day.” And things kind of broke down at the end of February. But I’m still here, I’m holding on. I’m still intending to teach you phrasal verbs as often as I can. Alright, perhaps not at weekends but as often as possible. So I’m going try and do 4 phrasal verbs in this seating, I’m just sitting here on this sofa, you might be able to hear the dishwasher, that’s because the dishwasher is doing its job, it’s washing dishes, that’s what it does, it’s a dishwasher, I wouldn’t expect it to do anything else, it would be good if it did other things, it would be good if it also washed my clothes, and, you know, sort of helped me pay my bills, paid my taxes and stuff. But no it’s just a dishwasher, I can only expect it to do that job of washing dishes.
Right, anyway, here is a phrasal verb for today, the phrasal verb is “hack off”, “hack off”, now we are looking for one phrasal verb “hack off” and one phrase, which is, in the passive form, to be “hacked off” or “to get hacked off”. In fact, hacked off is kind of adjective, really. But anyway, let’s begin with the phrasal verb “to hack something off” means to remove something by cutting it in a rough way. OK, to hack off something or hack something off, Now if you watch, like, Lord of Rings or Phrasal verb… what am I saying… If you watch Lord of Rings or Game of Thrones, then you might be familiar with the example of “To hack off someone’s head”, OK, why did you say it like that, Luke? To hack off someone’s head! Why did you say it like that? Well, I just thought I’ll emphasize it in a dramatic way because it is quite a dramatic thing to do, isn’t it? To hack off someone’s head. This sort of thing happened in The Lord of Rings. OK, let me think another example, to hack off a branch from a tree, it means to remove something by cutting it in a rough way, OK, “he hacked off a branch from a tree in order to build a camp for the evening. He hacked off a few branches from trees, lashed them together with some twine, creating a basic kind of medieval tent and then in the night the tent was attacked by goblins. But he was ready, he unsheathed his sword, shing! And did battle with the goblins and he hacked off one of their… He managed to hacked off the head of one of the goblins, and he won the battle, and then he went back to sleep.” OK, to hack something off, you might hack off a piece of meat from a steak, for example, if you are really hungry. OK, hack off a piece of cheese, OK, right. To be hacked off, or to get hacked off, means to be annoyed or to get annoyed, frustrated. “I’m really hacked off with my printer!” Right, I bought a new printer, it just doesn’t work, OK, it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t print, and it says that it would print, it says that because it’s a printer, that’s its job, that’s its only job, it just doesn’t work, so I’m really hacked off with it, I spent nearly 80 euros on this printer, you put the paper in, it doesn’t connect to the computer, if you want to copy something, you press copy button, nothing happens. Also, there is like this cable thing coming out the back of it, I don’t know what’s it supposed to do with that. But nothing works, there’s no light on it, it doesn’t show any sign of life at all, it’s almost like I’m missing something.

-”Well, Luke have you considered the fact maybe you have to plug it in first, that cable thing you mentioned, that’s the electricity supply, try plug that in, it might work then.”

-“Oh yeah, thanks a lot!”

Well, anyway, I get really hacked off technology because I can’t understand it. There you go that’s just an example, obviously I’m not that stupid, I do know how to plug in a printer. There you go, to hack something off, and to get hacked off or to be hacked off, something can hack you off as well, right? This printer is really hacking me off, meaning it’s really making me really annoyed. Don’t worry, listeners, I’m not really annoyed, I do have a printer, it works really really well, well, I mean it’s alright, how well can a printer really work? To be honest, I find printers make too much noise, and they make too much fuss, you know, all it has to do is to print a page and it does a lot of this, drrrrr… kkkkk……. like, is that necessary? It probably is, that’s it for this one, speak to you again very soon, bye for now.