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Transcript for #6
Hello there! This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast and this year I am teaching you a Phrasal Verb every day and today’s phrasal verb is TO GET CARRIED AWAY.


Right? And this means when you get a bit too excited or a bit too involved in what you are doing and you go too far and perhaps lose control a little bit.

Alright? Often it is negative.

It could be negative. Alright? It could be positive too, but often it is negative.

For example, um, for example this situation:

– Luke, why did you, why have you painted the entire apartment green? What have you done?
– Oh, I am sorry. It is just that I bought some new brushes and I had this really nice green paint and I wanted to paint just this door. I was going to paint the door, but the brushes are really good and it is lovely the paint and I just GOT a bit CARRIED AWAY and I ended up painting the entire flat. Sorry.

Okay? I was fun doing painting, I ended up painting everything, I lost a control a bit. I have painted the entire apartment green. I GOT CARRIED AWAY and I just painted everything green.

Another example might be, let’s say, in a business meeting where you are trying to come up with new ideas and perhaps, everyone gets too involved and they go too far.

for example:
– Okay, in this meeting we are going to come up with new ideas for our advertising campaign. So, let’s just brain storm some ideas over the next few minutes and let’s see what we have come up with. Alright? So, go!
– We could put pictures of our product on billboards around the city.
– Yep. That is good idea.
– In fact, we need to get product out there as much as possible. Let’s make it as visible as we can. Okay?
– In fact, I know, I have a great idea! Why do we not put a huge picture on the biggest building in the city?
– In fact, in fact, I think even better than that. Why don’t we project an image of the product onto the moon. Right? Let’s project our product onto the moon and in that way everybody will know all about our business.
– Okay, alright. Let’s not GET CARRIED AWAY. I think, that might be a bit too expensive. Okay? Let’s not GET CARRIED AWAY. Do not GET CARRIED AWAY.


There you go. There is one of these another one is coming up tomorrow.
That is it for this one. Bye bye bye!