#62 – TO HAVE ON

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Hello ladies and gentlemen of Luke’s English Podcast.
Here is your phrasal verb for today and it’s “to have on”. “to have on”
Remember that sometimes “have” is expressed by saying “have got”.
So, often it’s “have got on”, you know, “have got something on”, for example.
A few different meanings as usual.
One of them being “to be wearing clothes”, okay – “to have something on”
And often we use this in the negative form to mean that you naked, you know, “I’ve got nothing on.” For example, you know.
– “I can’t answer the door, I’ve got nothing on!” – “Well put on some clothes!”
“I’ve got nothing on” means that I’m not wearing any clothes.
“to have something on” means to wear something.
You can also have the TV on, you can have the radio on, you can have the heating on, you know. So, let’s see.
“I can’t talk to you when … I can’t talk to you when you have the TV on like that.”
Okay. Okay. So, let’s see.
Also it can mean that you’re very busy, that you’ve got a very busy schedule.
“I’ve got a lot on at the moment.” “I have got a lot on.”
“Have you got much on tomorrow?” Meaning “Are you busy tomorrow?”
-“Have you got much on this weekend? You know. Would you like to … Do you want to go to the cinema on Saturday?” -“No, I’ve got too much on, I can’t make it.” Okay.
If you say that you “have something on you” it means that you’re carrying something.
So, for example, you know, “Do you have a pen on you by any chance?”
Or “Have you got the time on you?”
“Have you got the time on you?” it’s another way of saying “What time is it?”.
“Have you got the time on you?”
“I’ve just realised I haven’t got any money on me. Can you buy me a coffee? I haven’t got any money on me at the moment. I’ll pay you back.” Okay.
And then there’s a fixed phrase which is “to be having someone on”.
“Are you having me on?”
“Are you having me on?” And that means “Are you joking? Are you making fun of me?”
Right, you know. “Are you having me on?”
It’s like, for example. Let’s see. You phone the bank and say, There’s a problem with my card. And the bank says, Yes, I’m afraid we’ve had to cancel your card because you’ve got no money in your account. You say, “Really? Are you having me on? I’ve definitely got money on my bank.”
Actually it’s unlikely they would say that to the bank, isn’t it? I suppose.
Who would you say, Are you having me on? Are you having a laugh? Are you having me on?
So, for example, if… Well, let’s see. Well, I might say that to one of my students if they come to class and they say, I haven’t done any of my homework.
And you say, Are you having me on? I told you to do your homework, three weeks running. Are you having me on? You must be joking.
Okay. “Are you having me on?” meaning “Are you joking and making fun of me?”
That’s it for this one. Speak to you again, very soon, probably tomorrow. But for now, bye!

  • Denis Paraschuk

    1. I’ve got new T-shirt on. So, I guess I’m ready to my holiday :)
    2. I have a question: does he have the radio on?
    3. Please, don’t disturb me: I’ve got much on for today.
    4. He asked me the following: “Have you got the time on you?”.
    5. It’s a difficult bug. I haven’t got any ideas on me.
    6. You said that the Great Britain is leaving the EU. It’s incredible! Are you having me on?

  • María José

    I´ll have got a gorgeous dress on at the end of the show, and that´s the main reason why I accepted the role lol
    I´m cold, do you have the heating on?
    Do you wan to meet up tomorrow? I haven´t got much on.
    Let me check if I have got my wallet on… ok we can leave now.

  • kamil

    “Would you like to go for a picnic with me?,” “No, I can’t make it, I’ve got a lot on!” “Someone is knocking at the door, Go, answer the door! And I say” I can’t I have nothing on! And she says ” Are you having me on? Why are you naked ??!! It’s midday! Go put some clothes on you! You’re flippant!!

  • Hey Mate, you sounded so serious in this Phrasal verb, You did not have on a lot, and it is going to be unlikely that you keep on having that tone for the further lessons.Well.. I’ve got not much time on thinking how I might hook up more ideas to make you have on. Maybe I am having myself on! Thanks and Hoping you do not keel over with all this stuff.

  • Petr from Czechia

    HI Luke.

    Please stop finally having your cell phone with you while you’re recording :D :D Thanks for these phrasal verbs.

    • That’s hard to achieve because I record it on my cellphone! But I must remember to put it on silent ;)