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Hello everybody! It’s Luke here. It’s Phrasal Verb time and today’s Phrasal Verb is TO HEAD FOR.

Head, like the head on top of your neck, on top of your shoulders. Head, heads, heading, headed, head, TO HEAD FOR. And this means to go in a particular direction. For example, we’re HEADING FOR something.
– We’re HEADING FOR the pub. Would you like to join us?
– I’m just HEADING FOR home.
In fact, you can say: 
– I’m HEADING home. 
I think you can also say HEAD TO.
– We’re HEADING TO the pub.
– We’re HEADING FOR the pub.
– The car was HEADING straight FOR me.
– That bear is HEADING straight FOR us.
That means that bear is coming straight in our direction.
– She was HEADING straight FOR me and I had to catch her.

Also you can be HEADING FOR or HEADED FOR something meaning that it’s just something is likely to happen. It doesn’t mean that you’re actually moving in a direction. It’s just mean that generally something’s probably gonna happen to you, so like, you know:
– Arsenal are HEADED FOR victory again today.
– The Labour Party are HEADING FOR an election victory this afternoon.

There you go. That’s your Phrasal Verb for today. Don’t forget to check out teacherluke.wordpress.com where soon enough there will be a Phrasal Verb review of some kind posted. But also you can check out the main podcast that I do there. You probably know about that already.
Anyway, thanks again for listening and I’ll speak to you again very soon, but for now it’s goodbye!