#64 – TO HINT AT

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Here is your phrasal verb for today and it is to “hint at” something. Hint. Hint, is spelled h-i-n-t. To hint at something. You may already know that hint, just on its own, is a little bit of advice. You know, we say: hints and tips for a little bit of advice, so how to do something, for example. Well, to hint at something isn’t really the same and it basically means to, kind of, suggest something without saying it directly. Ok, to just suggest something without saying it directly. And to be honest, it’s normally used in things like news reports it tends to be used on TV rather than something that you use every day. So, I imagine that this is a phrase that you might hear a little bit more that you actually use. So, you hear things like this; Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview hinted at the possibility of the making a feature film of the hit TV show Sherlock. So, Benedict Cumberbatch hinted at a new movie about Sherlock Holmes. Or you could say something like; Rock star computer games the makers of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, yesterday in a press release hinted at the release of a sequel to the smash hit computer game Red Dead Redemption which may be released later on this year. We’ll give you more information about it when we get it. Ok, they hinted at a new computer game release, for example. Let’s see….You know, a celebrity hinted at the release of her new album last week. 
There you go. That’s it. Don’t forget to visit teacherluke.wordpress.com where you can find more information. Leave me messages, you know, that kind of thing. I’ll be satisfied with that. That was fairly short, wasn’t it? Short and sweet. That’s how I like to keep it. And, I feel like I need to use that expression again just to give you another example. Let’s see… No, I am not going to… That’s it! It’s Friday! And, I am tired and that’s enough for this one and who knows, maybe over the weekend there might be another word appearing. There you go! Sensational scoop for you, ladies and gentlemen. Luke, from Luke’s English Podcast, just a few minutes ago on one of his phrasal verb episodes hinted at the possibility of more stuff coming over the weekend. Will it actually happen or was it just an example of a phrasal verb? Only time will tell. That is the end of this episode. Speak to you again soon! BYE!

  • Denis Paraschuk

    I prepared really difficult question for John. I guess, it will be challenge for him. So, everyone, please, keep quiet and don’t hint at the answer.

  • María José

    Well, he really hinted at the possibility of meeting up today if I was off, so let´s see what happens.

    • I hope he’s up for meeting you ;)

      • María José

        hahahaha ;)

  • kamil

    My favourite musician hinted yesteday at the possibility of a new album coming out soon. It’s great news, isn’t it? It’s a sensational scoop! Luke, you probably see that I use the words that you say in your podcasts to enrich my vocabulary!:) It’s a great way to ameliorate my English:P My mother hinted at – in a figurative speech – the lack of food in our fridge. Therefore, I’ve got to go shopping. Wasn’t it clever? It probably was! She did it in a latent way.

  • so you did hear the thing related to an envelope (sealed air) with the pot (in America they think of it more like weed) , and the other thing related to the English dictionary ?

    • I don’t know what you’re hinting at here to be honest Pavel.

  • Dear Luke
    Do please more things (stuff) really , on phrasal verbs please Luke, it still is not completely obvious for my brain I know you are capable of doint it – I did send you an audio file(s) recorded in the England Island, glad you didn’t publish it – I was on light drugs… Have a good day, and i wish you the best LUCK
    This is Pavel, from czech Republic, and no I won’t do another podcast(s) as Zdenek’s podcasts no worry…

    • Haha, if I’d known you were on drugs I would definitely have published it!

      ;) I’m kidding of course…