#66 – TO HOOK UP

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Hello everybody. It’s Luke here. Here is phrasal verb for you.
And we’re going to look at the phrase “Hook up” today. “Hook up”
Hook – you know what that is. You know when you’re going fishing you need a hook at the end of the line and you put a worm on the hook, don’t you? Yes. That sort of curved piece of metal with a spike at the end – hook. Okay. So basically “Hook up” has got two meanings really.
One of the meanings is to connect two bits of electrical equipment together.
And the other one means to get together with someone and have a relationship. Alright.
So the first one then, yes, to connect two pieces of electrical or electronic equipment together or connect a piece of equipment to a computer or a power supply. So it’s like to connect.
“to hook something up” or “hook up something”
For example, I’ve got a new laptop which is nice. And I’ve bought like a kind of HDMI cable which means that I can hook it up to my big wide screen TV which is brilliant because now I can use the TV as a monitor. Alright? There you go. “to hook something up to something”
You can hook your play-station up to the TV, you know. “Hook it up” meaning connect it.
You also might hook up your computer to the Wi-Fi network. You might say that as well.
You can literally hook something up as well using, you know, like for example, if your car breaks down they might need to bring a rescue car to come out. And they will literally hook your car to another car, you know, using the hook. Okay.
Connecting bits of equipment together.
Another one is to start a relationship or to meet someone. Alright? For example,
We, you know, we really must hook up again soon. Okay.
“to hook up with someone”
For example in 1997 my cousin and I travelled to Canada. We travelled across Canada and in Winnipeg we hooked up with a few friends there. Alright? We hooked up with a few of my cousin’s friends in Winnipeg. Alright? We really must hook up again soon.
Also it can mean to hook up with someone can mean to kind of going to a date with someone as well.
“to hook someone up” in fact…
“Hook someone up” means to arrange for someone to go on a date with someone else, you know. “- How did you meet? – One of our friends hooked us up.”, for example. Alright.
That’s it! That’s it for this one.
And I’ll speak to you again soon, because I’m going to record another one in just a moment. Alright? Good. Okay then. Speak to you very soon.
For now it’s bye. Yes, bye. Alright then? Good. Bye!