#69 – TO JACK IN

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Hi folks! This is the voice of the BBC.
It’s not really, it’s Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. And I’m going to teach you a Phrasal Verb. What a surprise! This Phrasal Verb is TO JACK something IN. JACK IN.
JACK, just like the name Jack J.A.C.K. TO JACK something IN
And basically if you JACK something IN it means that you just quit, you pack it in, you give up, you stop doing it. For example:

– Have you ever been doing a job and you’re just fed up with it? And it doesn’t pay you very well, you hate everyone who works there, your boss is an idiot and it’s awful and you think – I’ve had enough of this job. I’m just gonna JACK it IN!

Well there you go. You could use the expression TO JACK it IN, couldn’t you? JACK IT, not the jacket that you wear. It just sounds like that. JACK it IN. It does sound like a jacket, like a coat.
Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes I think – Well, you know, Luke’s English Podcast may be an award winning service and, you know, I get thousands of adoring fans all over the globe and, you know… Sure, I get emails from people who love Luke’s English Podcast and all that kind of thing. Yeah, sure, I’m a celebrity! But sometimes I just think – Oh, this is just no good any more. I’m not making any money from this, it takes up so much of my time, I might… I think I’m going to JACK it IN. That’s what I think. And then I stop myself. I go – woa woa woa Luke! No! Don’t do that! Because the world needs Luke’s English Podcast. Alright, that’s just an example. TO JACK something IN.

– Did you hear about Jeff? Apparently he’s considering just JACKING IN his job.
– Really?
-Yeah! He’s been acting really strange recently. I think it’s because he stopped eating biscuits.
– Jeff has stopped eating biscuits?
– Yeah, he just… he said to me the other day that he was fed up with eating so much… so many biscuits and he’s gonna JACK that IN. But, as a result, maybe he’s suffering from… like withdrawal symptoms, he’s depressed or something. He’s considering just JACKING it all IN and going off to live in a buddhist commune or something. It’s really weird. It just shows, doesn’t it folks, that you got to be careful. Don’t eat too many biscuits! Don’t get caught up in that habbit! It’s a dangerous addiction. Okay? Don’t binge eat biscuits! It’s bad for your physical and mental health.

That’s just an example folks, but there you go. TO JACK something IN – meaning to give it up, to quit, to stop, to pack it in.

Alright, that’s it for this one. BYE!