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Hi everyone!
Here is your Phrasal Verb for today, and it’s TO JOT DOWN
JOT something DOWN
Jot is spelled J.O.T. and it really just means to write something down in a quick and informal way.

– Can I just borrow your pen? I just want TO JOT something DOWN, for example.
– I’ll JOT DOWN a few notes while you’re talking, if that’s alright.
– Let me just JOT that DOWN! Hold on a second! Okay?
TO JOT something DOWN

– I always carry a little pen and a pad with me so I can JOT something DOWN if I ever have an idea. I like to just be able TO JOT it DOWN in my pad, for example.
– She told me her number and I JOTTED it DOWN on a back of a receipt.
– Would you like me to send you my number by text? – No, it’s alright. I’ve already JOTTED it DOWN, for example.

There you go – TO JOT something DOWN
Maybe if you have a pen on you, you can just JOT that DOWN so you don’t forget it.
I wonder sometimes if you ever JOT DOWN notes while you’re listening to these Phrasal Verb episodes. Maybe you just JOT a few things DOWN while you’re listening. Or maybe you’ve got like a little notepad or a set of flashcards and you kind of JOT DOWN a few reminders to help you remember the phrases as you listen to them. And then you can kind of read the notes that you’ve JOTTED DOWN earlier. And it’s a good way to jog your memory. Yeah! I wonder if you do that.
Anyway, you don’t have TO JOT things DOWN when you listen to this. You can just sort of take a mental note somehow, but I wonder if you’re able to remember all this stuff. Don’t forget you can listen to… I think it’s episode one hundred and… Oh, I don’t remember the number, but I did an episode recently called “Memory techniques, mnemonics for learning English” and it’s full of useful bits of advice that you can use to help you remember these things.

TO JOT something DOWN on a piece of paper, for example.
Alright! That’s it! Speak to you again very soon. For now though…