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Hello there, it’s Luke here. Just want to teach you a phrasal verb.
And the phrasal verb that I’d like to teach you today is
“jumble up” , “to jumble something up”.
Jumble is spelled J-U-M-B-L-E. “Jumble up”.
And it means to mix things in a confusing or untidy way. Right.
So, things could be “jumbled up” or “get jumbled up” meaning get mixed… sort of … mixed up in a confusing way. For example, you might say, “I can’t think straight, all my thoughts are jumbled up in my head” or “My thoughts are jumbled up”. Okay. For example, you know, all these ideas are jumbled up in my head. Okay. Or you could say, “Be careful, don’t jumble up those papers, they need to be kept in order.” Alright? If you play a game of scrabble, the word-game, the first thing you do at the beginning of the game is you jumble up all the letters in the bank, so they’re all mixed up and all jumbled up together. Right. And then you pick up the words … pick up the letters randomly, don’t you, from the bank.
If you go to a jumble-sale. In the UK we have these things called jumble-sales. That’s where people bring just sort of mix of different things in order to sell them. In my happening the Town Hall, for example. And there’s the jumble-sale in the Town Hall. And you go down to the Town Hall and then there’s just like loads of different items all jumbled up in the room. And you can go around and, you know, buy them. So that you might find second-hand clothes, or old bits of furniture, or antiques, all toys. And usually these bits and pieces are all sort of jumbled up on tables and you can walk around them, and buy them really cheap. Okay, I hope that you’re managing to keep all of these ordered in your head, and all these phrasal verbs and things are not getting to jumbled up in your head.
I’m sure, that it happens sometimes but it is possible to kind of keep it all under control and keep it all ordered. You just need to review these things sometimes and perhaps keeping organized record of all this vocab in order to prevent to getting to jumbled up in your head. If all of these phrases and words are getting jumbled up in your head, don’t worry, that’s completely natural. Don’t let it stop you. And don’t let it prevent you from at least picking up some of these phrases and using them in your vocabulary. You don’t have to use and learn them all, you don’t have to do that. You can just pick out some of them. I expect that it’s natural that some of these phrases end up being a bit jumbled up in your head. But at least some of them should stick in there and you’ll be able to use them again and again. Alright?
That’s it for this episode. Speak to you again very soon. Goodbye.