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= to admire/respect someone.

“Kids these days need a role model who they can look up to.”

Hello, this is Luke and you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’ and here is your phrasal verb for today. The expression is ‘to look up to’, ‘to look up to someone’, okay? We always use this with a person to look up to someone. And it basically means to admire or respect someone. Last time in episode #77 we had ‘to look down on someone’ and this one ‘look up to someone’ is basically the opposite of that, okay? So, ‘to look down on someone’ is to sort of disrespect someone or consider someone with disdain like someone you think is lower in status than you like you might look down on people who uses bad language for example. In this case you look up to people that you admire and respect, okay? You know, you might say:

– I’ve always LOOKED UP TO Martin Scorsese – for example – because I think he’s a great filmmaker – alright?

I just googled ‘look up to’ on Google News and I found things like sentences like this:

– I hope my kids will always be able to LOOK UP TO me.

– Mummy, I don’t want to grow taller than you. I always want to be able to LOOK UP TO you.

OK, interesting. Dolph Lundgren, the action movie star Dolph Lundgren recently said that he LOOKS UP TO Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone both appear in ‘The Expendables’ movies and apparently Dolph Lundgren LOOKS UP TO Sylvester Stallone because he admires his energy and his dedication to making movies.

Often people talk about entrepreneurs that they LOOK UP TO if you’re starting your business. You need some inspiration, you need a kind of role model who’s going to help you to, you know, inspire you to work hard, to build your business then you might have some entrepreneurs that you LOOK UP TO, okay?

Personally, I LOOK UP TO, well I LOOK UP TO Eddie Izzard the standup comedian because of his amazing bravery and his energy and his creativity. I really respect that. I also LOOK UP TO Neil Young the musician because he always had the courage to stand up for what he believed in and he never really kind of became seduced by his commercial success and he always managed to kind of stay true to his art and put that as the most important thing beyond being famous or anything. So, I kind of LOOK UP TO him for his dedication to the music, basically.

Okay, so, I wonder who do you LOOK UP TO and why do you LOOK UP TO them? Leave your comments below this episode as a way of practising your English. That’s it for this one. Speak to you again soon. Bye.