#82 – TO MAP OUT



Hello, this is Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast and you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’ and here’s your phrasal verb for today. This one is number 82 and it’s ‘to map out’, okay, ‘to map out’ or ‘to map something out’, okay? And this means to plan in detail how something’s going to happen. So, to kind of create a plan, a detailed plan about what’s going to happen, okay? Let me give you an example. It could be in a business meeting, you’re talking about a marketing plan, okay? So, you could say for example:

– The marketing plan’s been MAPPED OUT for the next six months by Jonathan here. Thanks Jonathan. You can see here from the plan that we intend to launch the new products in the next three months.

Okay? So, the marketing plan has been MAPPED OUT. Notice there that it is in the passive form. The plan has been MAPPED OUT, okay? Or it could be something like:

– What we need to do now is just very quickly MAP OUT a plan for the next six months.

Okay? To map out a plan for the next six months. I don’t… It doesn’t always have to be a plan. You can MAP OUT other things or you can MAP other things OUT. For example:

– When I was a student I was really organised and I had my whole future MAPPED OUT ahead of me. Then I left university and I couldn’t find a job.

Alright. So, I had my whole future MAPPED OUT, okay? For example:

– When I was at university I was planning and I was MAPPING OUT a career path for the next five years. Then I left university couldn’t find a job, could I?

‘To map something out’ or ‘to have something mapped out’, ‘something is mapped out’, okay? There you go. It means to plan in detail how something is going to happen in the future.

That’s it for this short phrasal verb episode but there’ll be another one available to you very soon. For now though, goodbye.