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APVAD #9 09/01/14
“I’ve got a nasty cold. I keep coughing up all this green phlegm. It’s digusting” “That’s a bit too much information, thanks”
“It’s your turn to pay. Come on, cough up”

Transcript for #9

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day and today’s phrasal verb is TO COUGH UP


TO COUGH something UP.

COUGH, of course, is – khe-khe-khe, like that – to cough.

Now, I’m gonna tell you about two meanings of this phrase. One of them is a little bit disgusting and the other one is kind of informal social English.


So, the first use of the expression TO COUGH UP, TO COUGH something UP would be:

If you have got a very bad cough and you cough a lot, like khe-khe-khe-khe, and eventually, something comes out, right? It could be some phlegm and it could be a bit of blood, maybe. If you do cough up some blood, you should go and see a doctor, because it sounds quite serious.

So, TO COUGH something UP.


Now, the other use of this expression, the kind of informal social English use of it would be:

to pay some money when you don’t really want to. So, to kind of, reluctantly pay for something.

for example:

if you are with your friends in a pub and it’s your turn to pay for the drinks, someone might say:

– “Come on! It’s your turn to pay for the drinks. Come on, COUGH UP!”

and you go

– “Alright, here you go”

…and you COUGH UP some cash.

Okay, that’s for this one. There will be another one of these tomorrow.

Have a nice day, have a nice night, morning, evening.

Whatever it is, wherever you are.

I hope it’s nice! Whatever you are experiencing.

Bye bye bye bye

  • Vladimir Vladimirovich

    When i saw the bill i was very displeased, and reluctantly cough up my money and paid the waiter.

    • Coughed

      • Vladimir Vladimirovich

        ahh right :(

  • Denis Paraschuk

    My friend looks bad… He is feeling not good… He is coughing up flem, blood and something else… Oh, it’s terrible! I need to do something immediately in order to help him.

    I coughed up some cash on yesterday’s party because it was my turn to pay for my friends.

  • amir

    it was such a fun time in high school when we made our friends to cough up some money in order to buy us some food or drinks on stupid occasions.

  • María José

    omg did you just cough up some blood? go to the doctor right now!

    Really? Are you trying to avoid coughing up again? no way!

  • raulito

    It’s a little disgusting to see someone coughing up blood or flem.
    The other days I had to cough up some cash to buy some beers

  • Anonymous

    “That’s a bit too less information”…