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= to think carefully about something for a period of time
“I needed a few days to just sit and mull it over before making a decision”

Hello, this is Luke Thompson and you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’. This is phrasal verb number 93 and it is ‘to mull over’, ‘mull over’. ‘Mull’ is spelled M, U, double L and really on its own, it’s not really something that is used very much but in the phrasal verb ‘to mull over’ or ‘ to mull something over’, the whole thing means ‘to think carefully about something over a period of time’ so, to sort of ponder or consider something. You know, like, if you’ve got a difficult decision to make in your life, you might, sort of, spend a few days just, sort of, thinking about it, thinking it over, or mulling it over, OK? So, let’s see… Someone might, kind of, give you a business proposal like, for example, you try and set up a new business and you need money to help set it up and you get a proposal from an investor, he wants to give you all the money that you need to set up your new business but they want 40 percent of everything you take and you think ‘This is the thing. It’s going to make or break my business Can I afford to give away such a large equity share of the company’ and for a few days you mull it over, you sit there, you look like a statue by Rodin, you know, The Thinker. You sit there with your chin resting on your fist and you just mull it over for a while, OK? So, ‘to mull something over’ or ‘mull over something’, ‘to mull over the decision’, for example.

All right then. So, that’s the end of this phrasal episode. That’ll be more soon, fingers crossed. I’ve been mulling it over for a while thinking ‘Oh, I really must try and get back into the habit of doing those phrasal verbs episodes’. Well, at least I’ve done one today and hopefully I am going to do another one very soon. For now though, for this one it’s time to say goodbye.