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= To force your way into a situation, using your power and influence.
“We didn’t like the fact they were muscling in on our business”

Hello, this is Luke Thompson and you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’. This is phrasal verb number 94 and it is ‘to muscle in’, ‘to muscle in’. ‘Muscle’ obviously… You have muscles in your body. They allow you to move around. You know, for example, on your arm you’ve got a big muscle called the bicep, I guess, several muscles and you use it to move your arm out and in and all that stuff, alright? If you’ve got big muscles it means you’re strong. ‘To muscle in’ and you can also say ‘to muscle in on something’. This means that you, let’s say, you get involved in a situation forcefully. You, sort of, manage to force your way into a situation. Maybe because you’re bigger, you’ve got more power or more influence and you manage to, kind of, force your way into a situation. ‘To muscle in on something’ or just ‘to muscle in’. So, it could be a bit like to intrude on something so, in terms of business you may have… In the last episode we were talking about setting up a company. Let’s imagine that you managed to set up your company, for example, you’re selling T-shirts on the Internet and you’re doing quite well and then a bigger company, a competitor comes along and they start producing similar kinds of stuff to you. So, they’re muscling in on the market and they’re stealing your customers. So,

– You know, they’re trying to muscle in on our business

for example

– You know, we really didn’t like the way that they were muscling in on our business and stealing our customers

Okay? So, there you go. That’s ‘to muscle in’.

Stay tuned for more phrasal verb action very soon but for now it’s time to say… goodbye.