Small Donate Button[Download] To give someone the same name as someone else.
“I was named after my great great Grandfather, who was also called Luke”
“I wasn’t named after Luke Skywalker, even though I was born when Star Wars was in the cinemas”

Hello everyone. Welcome to “A Phrasal Verb A Day”. My name is Luke Thompson. Here is phrasal verb number 96 and this one is “to name after” ok. For example: ‘I was named after my great great grandfather’. Ok, if you name someone after someone, it means that you give that person a name or you give that person the same name as someone else. For example: Some people think that I’m named after Luke Skywalker because I was born in 1977, the year the Star Wars was released. So, some people assume that I am named after Luke Skywalker, but my parents didn’t name me after Luke Skywalker. Really, they named me after my great great grandfather. So, my parents chose to call me Luke after my great great grandfather who was also called Luke. So, I was named after my great great grandfather. Ok, ‘to name someone after someone’. “We decided to name him after his grandfather” for example. Ok, there you go, ‘ to name someone after someone’ and also ‘to be named after’. It’s quite commonly in the passive structure as well. “I was named after bla-bla-bla” for example. Who were you named after? Were you named after someone in particular? Let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to keep writing comments, in which you can use these phrasal verbs. It is quite a good way to practise them. ‘Name after’, similarly you have things like ‘take after’, ” I take after my father”, ” I take after my grandfather”. That just means that you are similar to someone older than you in your family. It means in terms of your personality and in terms of your appearance to take after someone. “I take after my father” for example. Ok, that’s the end of this one which was ‘to name someone after someone’. I will speak to you again very soon. But for now, bye.