#98 – TO NOD OFF

Small Donate Button[DOWNLOAD] To fall asleep, usually when you don’t want to. E.g. you’re so tired that your head starts rocking forwards and your eyes close involuntarily.
“I was on the bus and I started nodding off. I just closed my eyes and fell asleep for 10 minutes until the passengers started complaining and I had to keep driving” HA hahahahahah! Fantastic joke. Thanks :)

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So, this phrasal verb is ‘to nod off’, ‘nod off’. ‘Nod’, you know the word ‘nod’. It means to move your head forwards and backwards, usually you nod when you agree, don’t you? Yes, absolutely yes. And you nod like that. If you nod off it means that you kind of go to sleep, usually when you don’t really want to. So, you might be on the bus, it’s kind of warm, you’ve been working hard all day, you’re listening to a nice episode of LEP and before you know it, you start nodding off which is bad if you are the driver. You shouldn’t really do that if you’re driving the bus but if you are the passenger, fine, go ahead as long as you don’t miss your stop. There’s a… I could make a joke out of that. There’s a classic joke structure which is the pull back and reveal, which is where you, sort of, describe something and then you the last thing that you say you reveal a little bit more information which, kind of, changes the context. So you could make a joke out of that. I’m just improvising this by the way, wow! You could make a kind of joke like this:

I was on the bus the other day and I just started nodding off, and eventually I fell asleep for like ten minutes. I was the driver.

OK, that was really bad, that was terrible but you can see, the structure is: the last thing you say reveals more and you go ‘Oh, wow, he was the driver and he fell asleep, brilliant’. Anyway, ‘to nod off’, it just means to fall asleep when you don’t really want to.
– Oh, I must’ve nodded off for a while.


– I was nodding off on the bus. It felt so warm and comfortable I couldn’t help nodding off.

Personally I find… I tend to find I nod off quite easily. I’m quite a sleepy person and if I’m not engaged in something, if I’m not doing something, I’m just sitting there invariably I will start to nod off. It’s quite embarrassing.

There you go. In what situations do you find (that) you nod off? Do you nod off on the bus or do you ever nod off in a classroom or in a business meeting? That could be embarrassing. Alright then. That’s it. Speak to you again soon. Bye!