I have uploaded various videos on YouTube for learning English. Click the links below to see them.

13. Video Podcast – I LIKE IT!

  • Thanks your fab English studying website I got many practical skills and also the correct way to improve my English more native!

  • Anonymous

    thanks alot

  • Michiko

    Thank you for your advice. It is encouraging me so much.

    I love the phrase “Use your intelligence! Be a text detective.” by sherluke

  • kazuki

    thanks for always paving the way for me to learn English!:)

  • I really appreciate your work. There is too mutch important for begginers. I will colaborate as i can in a few days. Thank you!

  • masoud

    how can i download ur lovley videos?

  • Thanks your advice, I’ll try it. (I hope it works :-) ) Thanks your work, I admire it.

  • Thanks your advice. I’ll try this method. (I hope it works :-) ) Thanks your work. I admire it.