How to Control Comment Notifications from WordPress and DISQUS

Hello everyone, you’ve probably noticed that I’m now using a new comments system.

Here is some information about the new system, and about receiving comment notifications.

The old comment system was the standard “WordPress comment system”. The new one is the “Disqus comment system”.

When you leave a comment with Disqus you can just give your email address (you’ll be an LEP Ninja) or you can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and we’ll see your picture. You can also sign up with Disqus and create an account. That’s a good idea because you can control lots of settings, edit your profile, add a picture and it’s easy easy easy.

You can also control email notifications that you receive with Disqus. For example, you can receive an email when someone replies to your comment or when someone just adds another comment on the post. You can control all these things by signing up with Disqus, then clicking “edit profile” and then “Email notifications”.

I recommend that you sign up with Disqus because it’s used on lots of other websites around the internet as well. Also, it’s nice to see your unique picture next to your comments.

But, if you subscribed to comment notifications using the old WordPress system (you once clicked a box which said “Notify me about new comments”) you are still receiving email notifications of new comments, and if you sign up with Disqus you’ll receive those notifications twice. That might be annoying for you.

So, here is some information about how to control or cancel your comment subscriptions with the old wordpress system.

Hello everyone! I think the following information about managing comment subscriptions is only interesting for a small number of people, so you should only read it if you subscribed to comments using the old wordpress comments system. If you didn’t subscribe to comments and you never get email notifications from wordpress about new comments – you don’t need to read any more. Go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit.

But if you do get email notifications when new comments are added, keep reading!

Thanks to Andrzej for helping me prepare this info. Here it is:

Information about WordPress comment subscriptions, and how to control them.

There are two types of WordPress subscriptions. “Anonymous” (without any account, WordPress stores only the email) and with a full WordPress account.

After completing the form “SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL” on with your email, a new anonymous subscription is created and you start receiving notifications about new podcasts. This way still works – so you don’t need to change anything there :)

What about comment notifications? If you had posted a comment using the former system and selected “Notify me about new comments”, a new anonymous subscription to comments to this particular episode was created.

This way no longer works because it is replaced by Disqus, but all the old subscriptions are still active!

This is why you might be notified twice, once by Disqus (if you’d signed up for and posted a comment) and once because you subscribed to comments to this episode earlier with WordPress.

The solution to this is to cancel (unsubscribe) your old unnecessary anonymous subscriptions.

You can get access to your anonymous subscriptions by subscribing to again, filling and submitting the form “SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL” with the same email as before. After you do so, you get an email with a confirmation link. Click this link and “viola”, you get the page where you can manage your all old anonymous subscriptions divided into two sections: Sites and Comments.

Now what?

Don’t change your subscription to the “Sites” – You want to keep receiving email notifications about new episodes and posts, right? So, don’t touch that. :)

But if you have signed up to Disqus and you don’t want to receive wordpress comment notifications by email any more, this is what you do:

Remove from the Comments section all subscriptions to pages/posts for which you don’t want email notifications, especially if you are definitely going to post again in the future using your Disqus account. This will prevent the double notifications.

So, that’s it!

If this is all a bit confusing and you don’t understand something, just reply or send me an email. Or read the comment again, more slowly. All the information you need should be here.

Sorry for the long comment – have a good day!