382. Mod Culture with Ian Moore

Today on the podcast I’m talking to Ian Moore, who is a professional stand up comedian, published author and mod from London. Ian is probably the best dressed man ever to appear on this podcast. He is also a professional talker with many things to say. [DOWNLOAD] Photo: Richard Wood @comictog twitter.com/comictog Intro before the intro Hello […]

366. Talking about Nothing with Alex Love (Invaded by Robot Aliens) PART 1

On the podcast today I am in conversation with Alex Love, who you might remember from some previous episodes of this podcast. Alex is a friend of mine who I first met while doing stand-up comedy in London 7 years ago. He has featured in podcast episodes before, like the Brighton Fringe Festival podcasts (ep […]

349. Who’s the best superhero? (with Paul Langton)

BOOM! POW! BANG! SMASH! Well then! Yesterday I posted an episode called “Can I have a quick word?” and basically in that little episode I expressed my concerns that I was posting too much content and that people would stop listening because they couldn’t keep up. Sometimes I worry too much and since I do this alone […]

337. MURDER MILE WALKS: Stories of London’s Most Infamous & Shocking Murders [Some Explicit Content + Swearing]

Hello, and welcome back to to the podcast, this episode is called “Murder Mile Walks: Stories of London’s Most Infamous & Shocking Murders”, and in this one we’re going to hear about some true crimes that happened in  parts of central London. Yes, all the stories that you will hear in this episode are true, and you should know […]

300. EPISODE 300 (PART 2)

Welcome back to this landmark episode of the podcast. In this one we’re going to carry on listening to messages from guests I’ve featured on the podcast over the years, then we’ll hear messages from some extra-special celebrity fans, as well as some of imitations of me sent in by lepsters. [DOWNLOAD] Messages from Former […]


THE ARCHIVE OF ALL EPISODES OF THE PODCAST + some extra content For the archive of all Premium episodes, click here. Get the free LEP App for even more bonus podcast episodes. 779. [2/2] Poetry Reading: Sir Gawain and The Green Knight (by Simon Armitage) – Luke reads verses from a modernised version of this medieval poem, considered […]

99. The Rotary Sushi Bar of English

In this episode I challenged myself to talk for 30 minutes. I ended up talking for 1 hour. Right-click here to download this episode. Contents Here is a moment by moment tracklist for this episode: 1. The kinds of food we eat 2. Japanese sushi 3. Tsukiji Market 4. Green tea 5. Korean food 6. Chinese […]

63. German and British Cultural Identity – Paco Erhard interview part 2

Right-click here to download this episode. This is the continuation of my interview with the German comedian Paco Erhard. Visit Paco’s website here: www.germancomedy.com/www.pacoerhard.com Paco is a great comedian who is doing very interesting work related to cross-cultural understanding. Do check out his show if you get the chance! Here are the details of Paco’s […]