What is LEP Premium?

LEP Premium is a paid subscription that includes access to special episodes dedicated to language teaching.

In Premium episodes I teach, demonstrate and explain grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This is where I go deep into the language and use all my professional teaching experience to help you understand and use the English language properly.

I focus on the kind of normal, natural and real language that people actually speak. Often episodes focus on grammar or vocabulary that has appeared in interviews on LEP.

For just the price of a coffee or a beer every month you get the benefit of my teaching. I put in the work so you don’t have to.

The subscription includes all available Premium episodes, PDF worksheets with transcripts, notes and tests with answers and pronunciation drills. Expect a minimum of two full length premium episodes per month + bonus extras.

For more details about LEP Premium, including prices and the pedagogical method – click here.

How to subscribe to LEP Premium

  1. Click here to begin the subscription process.
  2. Complete the form with an email address, password and billing information.
  3. Choose your payment plan.
  4. Submit your details.
  5. Libsyn will send you a confirmation email. Check your inbox and spam folder.
  6. Download the free LEP App from the app store. Available for iOS devices and Android devices.
  7. Sign into the App (in the Settings menu) with your email and password.
  8. You can now listen to premium episodes in the app and on this page.
  9. PDFs are available in the app (click the gift icon 🎁) and online here

Any questions or issues? Email me at