Date of writing: 23/06/2022

  • If you have heard episode 776 of LEP then you know that I am moving the podcast to a new host and there are some changes coming to LEP Premium.
  • You do not need to do anything yet!
  • All premium episodes are still available in the LEP app at the moment.
  • I will tell you when to make changes.

The changes should make it more convenient to be an LEP Premium subscriber because you will be able to access the premium content through any normal podcasting app (not just the LEP App).

This will affect your current subscription to LEP Premium (through MyLibsyn).

You will need to cancel your subscription (or wait until LEP Premium on MyLibsyn closes) and you will be able to apply for a refund for any lost time in your subscription.

Then you will be able to sign up to the new system on Acast+.

(23/06/22) But do not do anything yet! Do not cancel your subscription yet. Please wait! The new system is not ready yet. LEP Premium episodes will continue to be available in the LEP App for a few weeks – probably until August. I will tell you when you can cancel and sign up for Acast+.

I will soon give you all the information you need to do these things:

  • Cancel your subscription with MyLibsyn (the current system)
  • Get a refund from Libsyn for the remainder of your billing cycle
  • Sign into your MyLibsyn account (if you don’t know how) to find out about your current billing situation.
  • Sign up to the new LEP Premium system on Acast+

I will publish a premium episode soon with all the relevant information included.

Thank you for bring a premium subscriber! I am looking forward to the new system and I have plenty of premium episodes for you. I will publish them when LEP Premium has moved properly to the new system!