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luke dromeI’m Luke and I produce the podcast at home in my flat. I’m a DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 13 years of teaching experience. I’m also a stand-up comedian. My podcast offers you an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.

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554 thoughts on “HELLO and WELCOME!

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      I made this video with my brother about 7 years ago! The quality isn’t very good because it was done on an old mobile. It’s supposed to be a parody of English daytime TV shows. We filmed it in my parents’ garden.

  1. Chi

    Hi Luke.
    My name is Chi, /tʃi/.
    I love you but I have to say that you disappoint me whenever you say ‘better’, ‘pretty’, ‘forty’, ‘it is’ with a /d/ sound instead of /t/. In my opinion, this is the very sign that British English will be Americanized, first replacing /t/ with /d/, then replacing /ɒ/ with /ɑː/, and before you know it, British English is extinct. Everytime I hear bedder, I regret learning British accent (although there is no such thing) because the man who inspires me to do so doesn’t speak like he used to. I feel like nobody is speaking like me – I’m not British but you Brits are becoming Bridish (see what I did there?). So I’m considering adopting an American accent since I want to go to ‘Murica to study.

    I am proud ( should I be?) to say that after my IELTS speaking test, the examiner (native English speaker) asked me : ‘why do you have a British accent?’. Because of you, Luke. But no more, I’m done with British accent. ‘Murica’s impact is just so f#ckin’ great.

    Hope that the last LEP episode I listen to will be your respond to my message.

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      Hi Chi,
      Thanks for your message but I must admit it’s a little confusing. You tell me you love me, then you tell me how I disappoint you. Then you say that you’re proud that I have helped your pronunciation, but that you’re intending to stop listening to my podcast. You say that you’re going to start studying American English, and abandon British English but only because it is becoming too Americanised. If that’s the case, then what is the problem? Why not just stick with British English if it’s going in the right direction? It’s like saying, “Bus A is going to America, so I’m going to leave it and catch Bus B instead” – why? “Because it’s going to America.” Just stay on Bus A.
      Actually, your complaint is that British English seems to be changing, and will eventually die. But, how about the idea that it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce a /t/ sound, as long as people understand the message you’re communicating? Your personality, your clarity, your intentions and your integrity are far more important than the way you pronounce a /t/ sound. It’s not necessary to pick sides. Also, I don’t agree that British English is going to become extinct as you fear. Yes, it is influenced by American English but it’s also influenced by plenty of other factors. It’s never going to become completely engulfed by American English, because Britain is not America. You cite several reasons why British English appears to be becoming more Americanised. Sure, we’ve picked up some vocabulary & pronunciation from America, /t/ sounds may be pronounced like /d/ sounds occasionally but it’s not the end of the world, and I disagree that we are replacing /ɒ/ with /ɑː/.
      Languages change, it’s normal but changes don’t spell the end of languages. British English will always be unique, but perhaps unique in different ways than before. Partly that will be due to influence from beyond its borders, that’s natural. You can feel free to study whatever variant of the language you prefer, but don’t expect it to stay that way forever. When the language bends, you’ll have to bend with it, and in fact when the people bend, the language does too. Nothing is fixed.
      Finally, do I understand correctly that after listening to me for some time, and after I’ve apparently helped you with your English (although I don’t know your the score from your IELTS test) you write to tell me how disappointed you are and how you’re not listening any more? Well, if that is the case you should feel free to do whatever you like. Thanks, goodbye and good luck.

      1. Terry Wong

        Luke, I’m always on your side. Don’t worry about that complaint. ;)

        Chi, do you think you are really bright to have pointed out the /t/ /d/ difference between British and American pronunciation? Language is PRINCIPALLY for communication, not for showing off. We can at most ACQUIRE the British accent. We, the language learners, must realistically accept the fact that we can never turn ourselves to be a genuine English native speaker. If you wish to do so, maybe you should wait for a second birth.

        Secondly, if you are really self-conscious about the accent thing, you can never confidently speak the language, I promise. We are human beings, not robots. Electronic dictionaries can give you the same perfect pronunciation of a word whenever you press the sound button. Maybe that is the thing you are searching for, mate. We are not linguistic professors (maybe you are, I don’t know), why do we bother about such subtleties? I mean, there are no faults about being AWARE of the difference, except putting too much emphasis on that.

        Thirdly, although I was not with you in the IELTS speaking test, I am definitely certain that the examiner was not trying to embarrass, or judge you by asking the question. And if you really felt proud of your British accent, why didn’t you generously tell the examiner that you choose to learn the accent due to your passion in British culture? Or simply saying, ‘I love the way it sounds. That’s all.’ Do not initially throw your anger at the others. Stop and think about YOUR responsibility on whatever matters before blaming the others.

        Finally, I just want to say thank you to Luke. I feel really grateful for the valuable English resources you provide for the general public. It is totally fair to require the listeners to pay for it as a reward but Luke does not choose to do so. I wish to donate but I have not started to work yet and I am still a student. So I choose to support Luke by contributing to the transcribing work of previous podcasts from time to time. Sometimes, it is rather difficult to find suitable learning materials. For example, textbooks are generally boring; BBC radios can be interesting to listen to, but somehow hard to understand for non-native English learners. LEPs comprises of a wide range of topics, from language points to everyday small chats with friends and family members. I really love listening to the episodes whenever I am free!

        I am not trying to beautify the podcasts. These are definitely my genuine feelings and opinions.

        ~Terry from Hong Kong, China

    2. Andres

      It’s pathetic when non native speakers try to teach the natives the way they should speak, I saw it myself when some old-school soviet English teachers looked down on an American girl who came to helpe them improve some teaching skills and methods, they just ignored her, shrugging off like “it’s your American stuff, we know better how to speak English”. Luke speaks the real authentic language, would you like him to sound like Ross from friends, ovepronouncing every single words.???
      Luke is great, do not dare bothering him!

  2. Bundra

    hi Luke, i’m a newbie here. Well, from your podcast i can tell that you’re going to Indonesia. That’s a really good idea :) if you have arrived in Indonesia, Indonesia has so many interesting and unique islands to be visited. I recommend you to visit Bali also, it’s a beautiful island where i live. here you can find many tourist destination. hope we’ll meet soon here in Bali. :)

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      Hello Bundra, I’ve just returned from my trip to Indonesia and it was a fantastic destination for travelling. We only had 2 weeks, so I’m afraid we skipped Bali, visiting only Java and Lombok. I know Bali has a much to offer, but I’d heard it was very touristy in August and that’s why we gave it a miss. I’d love to return one day.

  3. Mamen

    Hi Luke
    What a nice surprise to find you! I’m so happy..
    My name is Mamen from Spain, I live in a small place called Biescas in the Pirineos, 30 km from France.
    I just found your podcasts and I really like it.
    I was searching in the podcast app, and suddenly! I’ve found you.
    I don’t know why I choose the two hundred podcast to try, but I’m very exiciting… I can’t believe I can understand almost everything you say, and I like the way you explain things, and your feelings about your podcast experience besides you´re so funny .. Really amazing!! love it!!

    I began to study English when I was a teenager with an incredible English native teacher from the Isle of Wight, but I gave up English when I went to the University, twenty years later, I mean, two years ago I decided to restart learning and studyng, I never stoped listening, now I’m studying at the EOI in the intermediate level.. and trying to learn much better.

    I’m so sorry for my writing and all the grammar and vocabulary errors, I’ll try to improve my best..and write you again

    I’m going to listen more of your podcast and maybe I am brave enough to record my own podcast and send it to you.. for your competition.
    I’d love to have high speaking level… but as we say in Spanish “todo se andará” , something like “everything will come..”
    Hope you understand my words and so gratefull for your work

    Thank you so so much

  4. Jose from Chile

    Hello everyone, I’m new here, although I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a while, and today I really wanted to write a comment. Well, I am learning English (by myself) since 2013; I think right now I’ve been doing it for a bit more than a year.
    It seems like you’ve got a whole community here, guys, I’ve read some of the older comments in the different topics, and I noted that some people leave comments quite often. There are some good conversations too.
    By the way, I love stand-up comedy, I watched a few Eddie Izzard’s shows and I really like his style, loads of historical facts told in the funniest way, he’s great really. I also watched a short stand-up comedy made by Luke on Youtube, where he talked about the way people from BBC speak, which is not the way common people do, and it was hilarious, for I used to listen to some BBC Radio 6 podcasts a lot in the past, so I am quite aware of the phenomenon.
    A few days ago I saw a stand-up comedy made by Russell Brand, I’m really surprised with his points of view, all the awakening stuff, and he seems really clever (despite of his cockney accent).
    Well, watching those performances has helped me to improve my listening skills, especially with the different accents. That was my chief goal from the beginning. I also read loads of books and articles in English, and try to speak with native English speakers as much as I can (that is more difficult to me, mainly because I don’t live in an English-speaking country.
    Ok, I will say no more (don’t wanna be like those people who write a whole book on the forums, probably nobody ever read those comments from the top to the end)
    Bye for now!

    1. Maura

      Hi Luke,
      I’m from Brazil and I’d like to thank you for helping so many people with your podcasts and I wish I could listen them more frequently.I would like to improve my speaking, but I don’t have anyone to talk to.Do you now any group in the web tha I can also participate?
      Thank you!

      1. Jose from Chile

        Hello Maura. I have the same problem here in Chile, there’s no one to talk with. I’ve tried to make virtual friends on Skype, but I have’t been so succesful on that to be honest. Perhaps we could have a group here… there’s a forum of speaking on Skype here btw…

      2. raulito

        hey Maura,please add me in skype raul.rojas220 if u don’t mind my asking so we can talk,I’m from peru,blessings

      3. Andrew

        Hello Maura, I live in Ecuador, though I am Russian-American, how would you find the idea to share our language experience? You’re Portuguese, my English???
        To clarify, I am mustering Brazilian Portuguese at the moment, that’s why I am interested.

    2. masoud

      sorry dear luke to answer !
      good to have u , u mentioned( (don’t wanna be like those people who write a whole book on the forums, probably nobody ever read those comments from the top to the end)
      but i do, cause is i find them usefull

      1. Jose from Chile

        Hello! Thank you for your comment! Yes, you are absolutely right on this, I just wanted to make a joke of it, I also read all the comments from the top to the end, for practice and for satisfying my curiosity. Nevertheless, I think we should have some respect for the other people and not tell our entire life on a single comment, better to be precise and succint. For we could have good conversations on forums, no just monologues. That said, it could be great to have good conversations here on this forum, with you and the other people.

        1. Jose from Chile

          Hi Guillaume! Thank you for this, I’ve just added you as a contact on Skype… hey, I listened to your first podcast, they’re great, I’d say you should name it “guillaume’s podcast”, but it’s your call really… I’ve done some podcast myself in the past, though in Spanish…

          1. Guillaume.S

            Thank you so much José ;)
            I hope you listened to the latest episode to feel the difference.
            More episodes are coming soon !
            Have a nice day and see you soon.

  5. masoud

    afternoon,sir !
    appears formal no no , hi mate how is every thing?
    these days i am working as builder , helping my father to build his semingly castle!
    being in the depth of summer ,iran is so boiling !
    didn,t u tell me wether you know tony robins or not……… never mind who knows?
    nothing pecuilar to say ,i.ve just dropped in to say hello and cheers,