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1,666 thoughts on “HELLO and WELCOME!

  1. Majid

    Hi Luck, I’m a new listener from Switzerland and glad to knowing you here. I have listened the episode that name, be positive. Realy that made me day, change my humor to positive. Thanks a lot sir
    Ps: I’m looking to meet someone to speak through skype. If some body’s available pleas add me. Skype name: aflakim

  2. Vincent Li

    Hi Luke… This is Li Qing from China. I was just listening to your latest podcast (Ep313) when i found China has been ranking No. 3 (hurray!) for the past week… However i feel like i need to explain this… the reason why you don’t see any one visiting this website is just like what you said in the podcast – it’s not available in China. Yes one can go for the workaround solution by using VPN (like what i’m doing now), but for most of the ppl who’s interested in English here, they are not that geeky… so i suppose they all using a fake id to log on to itunes in US and get the podcast feed (yes that’s how we do it coz last time i checked your podcasts are not available in the podcast in the region of China, or maybe they are now since apple has added more services in iTunes in China). Anyway i do hope there is a good way of posting your podcasts on some of the websites that are available here in China. I would like to help but think there might be copyright issues. Anyway, just so you know that, i really love your english podcasts!!! Looking forward to more of them!

  3. Tony

    Just finished episode 310. I like it very much. Especially the way you go into a kind of natural conversation and pick up some language and do some sort of analysis. Thank you Luke.

  4. Patrick

    Hi Luke :d I’m very glad to listen to your podcast. I fell like my english skills are imroving every day when I listen your podcast!:) Greeting from Poland.
    Bye the way… England had a great euro qualifying, and I think at Euro 2016 you have a reality chances to win this:)

    1. Andrea

      Hello Luke. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while. I listened to all episodes.

      I’ve been living in London for almost 4 years and I’ve definitely improved with your podcast; I feel like knowing you as a real person (LOL i know it doesn’t sound right ). Sharing your thoughts and some fragments of your personal life might help to connect with the audience as you do.

      Although i really enjoy your podcast sometimes i’d like to learn more about grammar; the episode about pronouns was a bit disappointing 😛 (sorry being honest here) but I love shadowing when i listen to it ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=130bOvRpt24) it helps me to get rid of my italian accent (well at least i’m trying to).

      Carrying on with this you’ve been doing a great job!!!


  5. Łukasz

    Hello Luke! I live in Poland and I learn English myself. I use your podcast everyday in my education. I think your podcasts are the best. Very interesting. Bye, bye, bye! Łukasz

  6. kjusielvi

    Luke, you’re making me holding out for every single episode, just like a TV series. It’s tiring having to check this site every time I’m online, but when there’s a new episode, it’s worth it.

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      You should join the mailing list. You’ll get an email every time there’s a new episode. Just enter your email where it says “Subscribe by Email” near the top of the page on the right.

    2. Ptholome

      Tired? Really? I think it is exiting and even a child would find in only one click the new podcast and less than four any other of the more than 300 Luke did. Besides I have an email each time there is a new one.

  7. Karol

    Hi Luke. You are the best. Have you ever thought about podcast with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington in it? It would have been amazing. Take care. Bye bye bye bye bye

  8. Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    Hello Luke. I am writing this comment just after I enjoyed the episode 310. You wanted us to comment about how we liked your new method that you used in this episode. Let me tell you that this new way is just great. Even if you don’t use this method, your podcast is the very best I have ever heard. However, this new way never fails to help us to improve our ability to grasp the words, the phrases, and the expressions which appeared in the previous conversations.
    I am an English teacher working in Tokyo. I have been enjoying your podcast for about two years. I also recommended your podcast to my colleagues and some of them are addicted to you podcast like me. Of all the episodes I love the one in which you talked about your grandfather. That episode is great. That not only tells us what your grandfather was like, but also reveals what you are like.
    You are very kind-hearted person, which was what came to my mind on listening to that episode. However, your personality is not only reason why your podcasts is so great. You speak things with your own thoughts. You don’t speak things just because somebody more influential say so. This is why your podcast is great.
    As you know, in the world of the natural sciences things exist as they are. However as far as we human beings are concerned, things exist as we view. All of your episodes tells us many things in the way you viewed, and that in your own voice. Your podcast is great because you are interested in things and you try to tell us about them.
    I hope you keep on doing your podcast as long as you can enjoy it.

  9. Oleg Lola

    First of all, Hi!
    So much want to say; really don’t know how to begin.
    I’m listening almost for 2 years, I have been started from episode 1 and slowly but surely got the 300th. It’s really weird feeling when you’re listening about Michael Jackson’s death or the World’s End (2012) in 2014 and you remember that “doings”, they almost forgotten. Not particularly Jackson’s music, but drama and sadness of the death occurred some times after. I listening interviews and speeches where describe all details, it’s like time travelling. Nevertheless, I catch upped and ready for participate in present.
    Don’t sure can I add some tips or reviews, if I can, here there are:
    – What is it means “red hand” and “redhanded” This phrase appears in “bank robbery episode” and in the “Peaky Blinders” series i’m watching (really exciting)?
    – What do you know about “Quite Interesting” quiz and Stephen Fry (the leader of the show). S. Fry – is a massive person represents whole english culture, I think. It would be great to hear about him.
    Sorry for mistakes and many thanks to you for good mood with foolish smile on my face in public transport in the morning.
    p.s. feel free to correct my mistakes

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      Hi Oleg and welcome to the present day!
      It’s pretty impressive that you’ve been following me for 2 years and you’ve finally caught up. It’s like you’ve been travelling in time, as you said.
      The expression “caught red handed” means to be caught in the act of a crime.
      Yes I know QI very well and I often watch it. I agree, Stephen Fry is a really significant person in British popular culture and I’ve been meaning to do an episode about him for ages, and his comedy partner Hugh Laurie who is now a well known actor in the TV series House.
      Thanks for the comment and suggestion.
      p.s. I don’t usually do free corrections, but I’ll give you a few corrections here as a special case because you’ve listened to all the episodes! Well done – you’ve devoted lots of time to listening to LEP!
      “I’m listening almost for 2 years” – I’ve been listening for almost 2 years
      “I have been started from episode 1” – I started from episode 1
      “and you remember that “doings”, they almost forgotten” – and you remember those ‘events’, even though they’re almost forgotten
      “Not particularly Jackson’s music, but drama and sadness of the death occurred some times after.” – …but the drama and sadness of the death that occurred for some time afterwards
      “I listening interviews and speeches where describe all details, it’s like time travelling.” – I listened to interviews and speeches in which all the details were described
      “I catch upped and ready for participate in present” – I caught up and I’m ready to participate in the present
      “Don’t sure can I add some tips or reviews, if I can, here there are:” – I’m not sure I can add some tips or reviews, but if I can, here they are:
      “What it means red handed?” – What does ‘red handed’ mean?
      “S. Fry – is a massive person represents whole english culture, I think.” – S. Fry is a massive person who represents the whole of English culture, I think

      I’m very happy to hear about the good mood and the foolish smile on public transport!

  10. Roxy Anez

    Hi Luke! I’ve just found you on podcast (I mean, yesterday), thank you for doing this for everyone, it’s helping me a lot, and also, it sort of warmed my heart that you have being doing it free. Also, I’d like to mention the lying game, which made me look like a stupid on the university bus, as I couldn’t stop to laugh. Paul Taylor’s laugh it’s unbelievable. The laugh of you guys, made me cry laughing. It was really fun, despite I couldn’t understand some words, but I have got the main idea. Anyways, thanks again, I hope looking forward to hearing more of your podcast.

  11. Frédéric

    Thank you for your answer Luke, i’m hooked on your podcast, i’ve been listening to it for the beginning, it’s wonderful to improve my english and my first transcript can help some of your listeners having the necessity to read when they’re listening to it.
    I’m addicted to UK and London, 3 times this year with New York also, 4times last year with also Ireland and Northern Ireland for doing some Meetups, i meet some of my contacts on Skype where we share our time in french and english and i meet them on face to face in some venues, go to football and rugby matches, plays, concerts, free guided tours and so on…
    Thanks for your last podcast because i’m a french guy and support from countries all around the world is comforting.

  12. Frédéric

    Hi Luke, i m doing the transcript of the eipsode 300, i did 22 minutes, i sent it at piotr.proc@gmail.com, i m going to finish the transcript of these episode but i can see the part of this one online and when i send a message to piotre, i never recive a message from him.

  13. ptholome/Antonio

    I went at home from my daughter’s wedding when we knew about Paris terrorist attacks and the victims caused by this assassins. My wife (she is French) was devastated. In my iPad there was a considerable amount of messages about people asking for you on your podcast (which is not a blog). I knew you were well so I didn’t ask for. This attacks act like a time mechine for me and I felt like I returned to 2004 11th Mars in Madrid where 198 people were killed and around 1800 people were wounded. I don’t have words for that acts because after a new criminal attack I feel I need new adjectifs to calificate them. It is a kind of nightmare which we have it from time to time…. Alas! since I was a child I see criminals attacks. The ETA in Spain which seems actually sleepimg. the Ira and his counterpart in Northern I reland, the famous Carlos who is actually in prison in France if my souvenirs are goods. Palestinians attacks and Israelian response. 11S in NY, 1M in Madrid, 7/7 in London, and alll around the world like in Turkey latelly… It is a never ending problem. So I think we have to live with that and continue living like usual. The cars kill much more people each year more than 2000 people and we continue driving without fear really. Hopefully France is not like Spin. In Spain we show the terrorists that they can win because we went away fgro Irak inmedialtely which worth nothing because they continue trying to kill people here.

    What I don’t understand is that know French army is bombarding the ISIS train camps. Why they didn’t do that before? Why now and not before?

    Well I am glad to listen to you and Paul in your podcast telling us your feelings and the feelings of people living around.

    Good day

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      Hi Antonio,
      First of all – congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! Great news!
      I’m so sorry if it was interrupted by the events of last Friday.
      I hope your wife is bouncing back all right. Sadly, it is history repeating itself. I hope in the future people can work out a way not to do these things. As for the French response to ISIS – unfortunately I don’t have all the answers. I think they were bombing them before, but not as much as they are now. Without reading about it all the time I’m not as informed as I would like to be.
      Glad you appreciate listening to Paul’s account of what he saw. Let’s hope we have happier things to talk about in the future.

  14. Maya

    Hello Luke, I’m glad to hear that you, your family and your friends are fine. Thank you for your recent podcast.
    Take care! Maya