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10679850_4629218585900_8637988205879675701_oI’m Luke and I produce the podcast at home in my flat. I’m a DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 14 years of teaching experience. I’m also a stand-up comedian. My podcast offers you an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.

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1,313 thoughts on “HELLO and WELCOME!

  1. Kamil W

    Hello Luke!

    Is there a difference between ‘may’ and ‘might’ in use? I’ve read that both of them are interchangeable. For example:

    1. Present tense.

    a) I may visit London If I earn enough money.
    b) I might visit London If I earn enough money.

    2. Past tense.

    a) He may have visited London before he started to work in USA.
    b) He might have visited London before he started to work in USA.

  2. David

    Hi Luke,

    Many thanks for your work. You’re awesome. I’ve been listening you for the last six months and your podcast is the best way to improve your English at least for Spanish students.

    Regars from Valencia, Spain