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  • Gabriele

    Hi Luke, hi all LEPsters! Great episode about Brexit! What’s your predictions ( from you Luke and from all of you LEPsters) about Brexit? I want to hazard a guess…62% want to remain in EU and so 38% want to leave.

    What’s your opinion?

  • Saulo Maranhão

    Hi Luke, I have already listened to all your episodes, but I’m LEPster who never left a comment here although I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the last 2 years. I’m completely addicted to your podcast and has helped to improve my English. It is a worderful thing you’ve done for all of us who are interested in learning British English. The episodes that I most like are the ones in which you are with Paul Taylor and Amber. To be honest I’m really looking forward for the Interactive lying game results.

  • Daniel

    Hey Luke!

    Will there be a new YEP! Competition in the future?

    I think this episodes inspired a lot of listeners (for exemple Guillaume with the chatcast) to become more active and producing some audio by themselves. These episodes blew me away as well! Unfortunately, I did not participate on the YEP! Competition. But I started my own podcast called my fluent podcast where I speak completely in my learning language English and there I share all my learning experience. I Look forward to your answer!

    Best wishes,


  • akao

    Dear Luke,
    belated happy birthday that was last Sunday, as far I remember.

  • Vitaly

    Hi Luke,
    I’m one of your regular listeners. Have been following your podcast for more than two years and not for free )
    I must say that a few of your recent topics are awful. Really.
    They are about nothing and what you dud there was just waffling. Sorry if it sounds rude..
    Why not pick some topics that are up to date? There are so many things going on in the world, so many issues and problems that are familiar to most of your listeners.
    If you have decided to adjust your podcast to teenagers then it’s a different story and your right. But it’s better to warn in this case

    • Ptholome

      Hi Vitaly,

      Could you tell us the episodes you think are awful?

      How many are a few of them?

      It is really necessary to be rude when you can learn a softer and educated way to say the same thing but without hurting people? Because you are hurting also other listeners who maybe like the episodes you say are awful and for children.

      “La critica es facil pero el arte dificil”
      “la critique est aisée mais l’art est difficile”
      It is easy to criticize but difficult to act.

      • Vitaly

        I think it’s easier to name the great ones (from my point of view)
        – California road trips (all parts), The Beatles (because of the clarity of the speech and the content) and Easter (for same reasons), Scottish accent (that lady there speaks very well), Cycling from London to Paris (again – content and quiet, distinguishable speech that has meaning)
        And a few more of the same sort

      • Ptholome

        It was not the question. I didn’t agree with your rudeness and I asked you which podcast were awful…

        But we are who we are…

      • Vitaly

        It wasn’t rudeness and I apologies if it seems this way.
        If not me, then who is going to stand up and speak? )
        I know it’s always easier to say something like “your podcast is great” but I really love this podcast, appreciate what Luke does and I don’t want the podcast to lose its best features

      • Ptholome

        You wrote “sorry if it sounds rude…” So I think you were aware about it. Besides I asked you about about the podcast you were not happy about, because your critic was not very precise.
        At it sounds more than rude. In fact It was even not polite at all.
        That’s hurt me. Because Luke is doing a lot of effort trying to make podcasts for a large range of people from different countries and ages.

        I agree with you that you can tell Luke your point of view about his work but you were not precise and the form of your post was not polite. At least in Spain and France you will not be welcome with this kind of post.

        Nevertheless, I think que Luke can make what He wants and certain podcast will be very good and other not as good but we can learn from all of them and if we don’t like one of them we can wait for another or to choose one amongst the hundred of old one you liked.

        It is not easy to find interesting topics for thousands of people around the word. So we need to be patient when we don’t like one of them. And it is as easy to say it is good than it is bad… There is not a difference because we are thousand of km from him and We know that Internet allow people to be rude too easily.

        Have a good day from Spain.

    • Ivan

      Hi Vitaly,

      In what way do you think the recent topics have been awful? I have to say I’m a bit puzzled because I think the recent topics are varied and that’s great because I think that’s the aim of Luke and LEP; to teach all of us english as it’s spoken by native speakers. Variety of topics is important because to learn natural english we don’t just have to learn the language in a controlled environment, but we have to apply what we’ve learnt in different contexts and situations. I mean, what’s the point of learning rules of grammar and preparing for exams if you can’t communicate properly in everyday situations?

      If you want to learn english in controlled settings (meaning learning solely about grammar or things of that nature), You have stuff like BBC’s english podcast for that.

      If the fact that Luke’s making episodes about comic book movies is what makes you think Luke is “adjusting his podcast for teenagers”, I must say I disagree with you. I, like Luke, am a bit of a geek (also for the record, not a teenager) and into stuff pertaining to pop culture (star wars, MCU, DC, that kind of stuff). Which is why to me, the four episodes have been nothing short of fun and engaging because not only did I know more about the movies, but I also learnt some new vocabs and expressions too. So, you can’t really speak for everyone because I -and I’m absolutely sure a lot of LEPsters too- have enjoyed these past couple of episodes a great deal.

      To Luke: If you’re reading this, keep doing what you’re doing!

      PS: Also, if you haven’t planned it; I think a sequel to the legendary, laugh-inducing, nonsensically hilarious “Pink Gorilla Episode” would be awesome, it has been quite some time since you’ve done an improv episode. (Or a completely new improv episode is fine too!)

      • Vitaly

        I have nothing against all the variety of topics but what I say is that every topic has to have some meaning.
        I’v been trying to listen to the latest episode a few times but I just couldn’t figure out what it was about. Literally.
        If I listen to a speech I expect to get some information and meaning.
        If I want to listen to some meaningless chat I can always opt for one of the radio channels.
        Anyway, it’s my personal point of view and I may be wrong.

        I want to thank Luke for what he is doing but also want to remind that all his episodes with his parents are great.
        They speak significantly slower, they put meaning into what they say and all that makes for an interesting topic.

        PS. I personally have no issues with people speaking fast but it’s always nicer to listen to a proper speech.
        I guess most of the listeners live in non-English speaking countries and in that case it’s better to adopt a neutral, intelligible way of speaking

      • Daniel

        There is still an advantage listening to a rather less meaningful episode: it enables us to ramble in English 🙂 🙂

      • Regarding speaking speed in my episodes, I have thought about this many times and in the end I choose to speak clearly yet at a normal speed – not too fast, not too slow, just in the way I would naturally talk while delivering a monologue or while interacting with other people.

        In 7 years I have had plenty of messages from listeners about speaking speed. Some of them ask me to speak faster, others ask me to speak more slowly. In the end, who is right? I am aware of arguments supporting both opinions.

        Fairly recently when the question of speaking speed was raised by someone else, I posted a couple of polls on my website asking listeners to give their opinion. You can see the results in the pic below. The vast majority of my listeners seem to be happy with the speaking speed. Nevertheless, as we know, it is impossible to please all the people all the time, and it would be foolish to try.

        I always take into account the opinions and comments of people who write to me, even if I disagree. Ultimately, I will use my own experience and judgement to make decisions.

      • Vitaly

        Well, it has nothing to do with your speech rate, really.
        You’ve done lots of epizodes when you’re alone and there’s nothing to complain about.
        I think it’s more about me not understanding some very specific topics.
        I could suggest some if you don’t mind )
        I think lots of you listeners would be interested in bringing up children (UK vs France), what teenagers do and how they spend their time, if any of the countries has been touched by economic crisis and to what extend, your thoughts about brexit, pros and cons of living abroad.

      • Vitaly

        I see the one about Brexit is done. I normally listen from my iPhone thats why I missed it )

  • Xinhui Lin

    Hi Luke!! I’m XinHui from Taiwan. I have listened your podcast for 3 months. Every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is listening podcast. I enjoy different topics:)) And I just sent you a little donation yesterday, I will send donations again. Thank you so much for what you done:))))))))

  • Jacky.H

    Hi Luke, I just wanted to say that your last brief talk(15 mins episode) has made a really good point! I mean, although I am not really into any superhero movies, I kept my convention that listening up any of your new episodes. I think during my experience listening to these less “attractive to me” works(trying to make sense, sorry Luke), I found my mind easily drifting away… So I guess, for a serious English learner, topics do matter. I personally find A.P.L. episodes extremely appealing, lol Anyway, it is worth to try new stuff, and I still promise you I will consume all your new works! Even superheroes humdrum… (sad face) Lol, thank you Luke, God bless!