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Hi, I’m Luke and I produce the podcast at home in my flat. I’m a DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 14 years of teaching experience. I’m also a stand-up comedian. My podcast offers you an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.

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  • Gabriele

    Hi, Luke! Please, what’s the spelling for ‘ / ‘ ? Is it “forth slash”, “full slash” or what? Thank you in advance! Cheers!

  • Richard Li

    Yo~, greetings from Chinese people!

  • Alex Fratti

    Hi Luke, tnx a lot for your podcast I enjoy it a lot almost every day!

    • You mean there are some days when you don’t enjoy it?
      …Just kidding! Thanks for the comment 😉

  • Hi everyone – my Disqus account was copied/hacked a couple of days ago.
    If you read a strange or rude message from me – it wasn’t me. It was someone else.

  • mo

    Hi Luke
    can you please put up Tom’s website I want to checkout his voice-over work? I really liked the bbc radio 4.
    p.s have a good holiday. To be honest I am a bit jelous of you as I am going through my A level exams. have a nice one son!!

  • Elisa

    WOW, Hilarious
    By the way, Tom’s voice is like your father’s voice! Nice 🙂

  • Fábián Zoltán

    Hi Luke I am happy to listen to your podcasts without paying. I am from Hungary. I have been learning English for about three years by Callan method.
    Have a good night!

  • Have you checked out italki? You can get lessons and conversations with native speakers there, but you have to pay for the lessons of course.
    But you can also find English native speakers to do language exchanges – and that’s free. Find someone who wants to learn your language and arrange some speaking sessions. Half the time you speak your language, the other half you speak English. If you find the right person it can be an amazing way to improve your English. Give it a try! Also – feel free to get in touch with other learners of English. Check out the FORUM in the menu. You might find some other LEPsters who have given their Skype details.

    • Mariam

      Thanks, Luke. I hope I can find someone there who wants to learn my language …

  • I used to watch the Miss Marple TV series when I was a child, every Sunday with my family. I haven’t read many of Agatha Christie’s books though – even though I’m a big fan of the genre. I haven’t done an episode about her yet – I’ll have to add it to the to-do list.

  • Roberto

    Hello lepsters,
    I wanted to tell you yesterday night I saw the show ‘Sorry, we are English’ live at Le Paname. They are hilarious! I really recommend you to go if you have the chance. My compliments to Luke and Paul.
    I haven’t had the time to listen to the last 3 episodes yet, but I can’t wait..



    • Thanks for coming to the show Roberto! Glad you had a good laugh.