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Hi, I’m Luke and I have been producing the podcast at home in my flat for over 7 years. I’m a DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 15 years of teaching experience. I’m also a stand-up comedian. My podcast offers you an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.

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  • Petővári László

    Hi Luke,
    Please help me: Which one podcast tells about conspiracy theory?
    Thank you!
    By, by, by, by, by …
    Laszlo from Hungary

    • Hello! I haven’t done an episode about conspiracy theories yet, but I will. I’ve talked about similar topics before though. Check out the episode called Urban Myths for example.

      • Petővári László

        Ah, thanks!
        My title-suggestion: Conspiracy or Conspiracy theory?
        Caroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope (He is quite a remarkable person: American historian, noted for his teaching work as a professor at Georgetown University, Bill Clinton spoke often him, etc. )

        “This myth, like all fables, does in fact have a modicum of truth. There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the … Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies (notably to its belief that England was an Atlantic rather than a European Power and must be allied, or even federated, with the United States and must remain isolated from Europe), but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

        David Rhotkoph

        I hope You’ll enjoy them! 🙂
        By, by, by…

  • Tùng

    hey Luke, can you give me the picture about black Ninja LEP plzzz! i love it

  • Stefan

    I’m Polish. I
    t’s the first time I have written in. I’ve been listening to your podcasts virtually from the word go. Why so late? Apparently, it’s a specific category of lepsters I fall under… I mean there just could be listeners like me. Long as it took me to write in, I’m doing it now to express my greatest gratitude and admiration for your work, Luke. You’ve helped to develop my language skills beyond measure. What I attribute the success of your podcast to is your personality in the first place. You’re a genial sort of person plus you always seem to have something interesting to say. The fact you do it in a rambling way is actually, in the case of language learning, an excellent idea! Keep up your job as long as you can – it’s greatly appreciated. Stefan

  • Yerassyl Serikbekov

    Hello from Kazakhstan, Luke! I suppose that your chanel must improve my English and I’ll pass IELTS exam.

  • Víctor Fernández

    Hi Luke!! The first time I listened you I though i was listening TED (the bear from the movie) and imagined this bear talking to me hahaha. Thanks for the podcast, is very useful and very funny. Greetings from Chile (thanks for say we are the Cup America champions!)

  • Muhammed Atag

    Hi Luke,
    I know what I am going to say is really odd but I need your help. Unfortunately, I have learnt a number of swearing words by watching series and films and got used to use them in my daily life without realizing. Hence, I am so scared of using these expressions in the speaking part of İELTS examination that I am going to have in two months. Therefore, could you tell me please how I can get rid of this sort of vocabulary. Thank you 🙂

  • javier gambra

    I also think that the UK is still too British and Christian, your father is right, you should stop celebrating Christmas, Eve and things and stop being proud of that tea traditions of yours in a way because the UK is “the entire World” and not the UK and therefore there is no dominant or traditional culture there, as father brilliantly puts it.