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  • Petr Duda

    .Brexit-many europian harts have been broken by English. And my also…. It hapens if you love so much and you get just ignorance as an answer.

    • You should know that not everybody feels that way. A lot of people deeply disagree with the decision and what’s happening.

  • GentleMick

    England have been eliminated from Euro(pe) for the second time in a week. What an astonishing story. Hats of to Iceland!

    • This is the worst day in English history since Friday.

      • I can’t believe you guys are out but I have to say this was deserved. Feels like Brexit number two for England.

      • Rooney was so bad…it feels like some of the players are in the squad for being loyal, not because of their form. Wilshere shouldn’t even be in the team. He has been injured in Arsenal for the whole season. Something is just inherently wrong there. Hodgson will soon follow Cameron.

      • Yep, they certainly didn’t deserve to win this one. They couldn’t string one decent bit of play together in the second half and didn’t look like scoring all competition.

      • GentleMick

        I know that kind of feeling but “sometimes you have to get knocked down than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were” and I think british football needs that kind of shock to draw certain conclusions and come back on the right tracks. Now I hope Iceland will manage get through to the final, that would be an inspiration for everybody. 25 times smaller nation than London alone, how they had managed to find so many good players? The world never ceases to amaze me.

      • But we’ve been having shocks like this every 2 years for about 50 years…

      • GentleMick

        Maybe that is some kind of a long awaited mystical cut-off point for your footballers. How many shocks gonna be enough? They have to stop making fun out of football. Ohh to be serious I really believed England this time would go through to semi-finals at last and then the same old story. You have great players in the squad but great players doesn’t make a good team. Of course, they had their chances,they could have a little bit more luck and score a goal and everything would be just normal. Instead you can just be mad as a mad dog at the way things. I know, at this point of this comment I could write “I hope next time…” but that doesn’t really help. Surely, TV experts will explain precisely all the aspects of the game, so it won’t be a mystery for us any longer.

      • Gabriele

        They say that English won’t be the European language anymore….
        I think that, Luke, you should “move to French” and start a Luc Français Podcast!

  • Mapple Li

    To my point of view, everything shall be given by God, science; philosophy; art…everything, EXCEPT the Majority Rule.

    The only presence truly created by human beings is the Majority Rule, which I consider as an invention of feebles.

    Justise is always belonging to Majority.
    While correctness may be struggling and sobbing in Minority.

    But just like what you’ve said, Mr. Luke, please be optimistic.
    As there is still tomorrow, there is HOPE.

    Although I don’t know much about politics, I hope China may be one of the help to carry on.

    Good Luck, Britan.
    Good Luck, the UK.

  • Giovanni Ferrari

    Luke, think positive! Start a Luke’s Français podcast. I’m sure it will be the best French podcast ever produced!

    • And change my name to Luc Dupont?

      • Giovanni Ferrari

        Not necessarily… 🙂