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Luke’s English Podcast started in 2009 and is still going strong. With over 230 episodes, transcripts, videos and a special series on phrasal verbs, there is so much for you to use, and it’s all free. The podcast has been downloaded over 2 million times in the last 12 months and this website won the Macmillan Dictionary Award for Best Blog in 2011, 2012 & 2013.

10679850_4629218585900_8637988205879675701_oI’m Luke and I produce the podcast at home in my flat. I’m a DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 13 years of teaching experience. I’m also a stand-up comedian. My podcast offers you an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.

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736 thoughts on “HELLO and WELCOME!

  1. handsome guy

    luke u r very good in weaving stories as u hv done in pink gorrila ….u r a one man army u can play variety of character of urself…i request u to plzz make one podcast of about two to three hour which has a stoey like movie…plz we would appreciate tht

  2. Laurent

    I like those funny moment went my brain is involved into english language
    I begin to read (with english accent in my mind) but something goes wrong ! ! !
    the writing was in french (whitch is my native language)
    it’s very funny

  3. Elisa

    In the mean time when our teacher is teaching at the university and is preparing their wedding, we have to cope with each other :)

    Have you ever been looking for something short, nice and evocative to read? If so, you should visit the site http://www.dumblittleman.com

    Lovely, easy enough articles to read and I think you guys can find good topics for Skype discussions from there too!

  4. mardani

    Hi a good teacher..i’m from lombok indonesian, two days ago i started download your podcast about traveling in my beloved island,,i really enjoyey them..i had work in gili so i know well the situation there..when l’m listening those..i remember when was getting on boat..

      1. mardani

        thanks..if you would like to visit my beloved island i’ll drive you the whole of beatiful place..i’ve done trek to rinjani so when i’m litening to the podcast. it remaind me about it..i keep listent to your real english podcast to improve my english..

  5. qxg

    Hi Luke, big fan! I created a tool that can send transcripts of selected episode to OneNote. I wonder if you have any concern on this before I make public. I created this tool because 1) I often listen to LEP on subway where I don’t have network; 2) I often listen to LEP with my phone of which screen is too small to display text. After transcripts are sent to OneNote, I’m even able to make note freely. How do you think about it?

  6. javier

    I’d like to pose a question to whoever lepper would like to help me.
    does any of you know about podcasts or any other kind of material that could be useful for children?
    I’d like my daughters to engage in learning english, but i can’t manage to find material that could be interesting for kids.
    thanks mates in advance.

  7. Alexander

    Hello Luke,

    In one of your podcasts, you mentioned that you were going to make a list of must-read books for your dedicated lepers. It would be very interesting, because I genuinely believe that reading, only reading and nothing, but reading can bring a real feel of the language to a learner. Recently I’ve found two really fascinating books which could make a claim: English History for Dummies by Sean Lang and Watching the English by Kate Fox. The first one you can find in audiobook format narrated by Jonathan Keeble whose voice and manner of reading make this book even more exciting. This Lang must be a genius turning such a complicated subject as the UK history in a kind of James Bond breathtaking story, from the stone age to the present. The second book was written by a professional anthropologist who’s been spending her precious life… watching the English. And believe me, she’s doing it like no one else.

    With my greatest respect,


  8. Renan Almeida

    Hi Luke,
    I am here only to say thank you. I found your podcast by accident and nowadays it became my primary tool to improve my english.

    I am a brazilian who recently moved to Sweden. In Brazil it is quite hard to find someone who can speak a good english, and that is also why I want to improve my language skills. Nowadays I am also learning Russian and Swedish, can you believe on it?

    Well, since I am here I also want to suggest one topic for podcast…hmm…let see…is there any of your podcast about Star Wars? Do you like it? :) Well this is my suggestion.

    Luke, that is it. Thank you again and I wish you all the best! As we sometimes say in Brazil: When I grow up I want to be like you!

    Best regards,
    Renan Almeida

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      You mean the street artist? Yes, I really like his work, and I guess you ask that because the avatars on my site are like invader street art, right?
      Actually, there’s an invader piece on the street just outside my apartment, and I see them in Paris quite a lot. They’re really cool.

      1. Pablo

        That’s right. I’ve been in Paris this weekend and he is everywhere (he is french). I wait for the Madrid invasion soon !!

  9. Alice

    Hi Luke,

    I’m very glad to find your page, I love British accent and I would like to learn to speak like you! Congratulations, you help us to understand the language, culture and enrichment of Real English.

    Thank you for your Podcasts!!!

  10. Mamen

    Hi Luke
    I love your last podcast with your brother, l love music, and of course I understand you with your issues about your brother I have six , buf!!
    Thank you for sharing with us…
    I have to say that I’m still thinking you’re a bit crazy , like we say in spanish, ” se te va la olla”
    You’re so funny I was listening while I was driving to my work and laughing alone… looks like I’m mad.
    I think you should be an actor… all of the voices you make, it’s amazing!

    Changing the subject, I hope this time you could read my post and answer me, I can imagine you have a lot of mails and it’s impossible that you answer all of us, but… maybe my third post.. this time :))
    I wonder if you could make another episode with your friend or maybe about british comedy…please please!!
    Thanks again

    1. Luke Thompson Post author

      Hi Mamen and thanks for your third message. I’m finally getting back to you!

      I’m really glad you enjoy the podcast a lot, especially the fact that it makes you laugh on your own like a mad person.

      As for featuring more friends in episodes, that is certainly my plan. Whenever I get the chance to feature friends or family in episodes I will do it!

      Thanks again for your message! Have a great day.


      1. Mamen

        Thank you so much
        You bright my hard Friday
        Have a nice weekend!
        P.S : I’ve been talking to all my englishclass mates about your podcast..I’m like your manager!!:)) ….. Sorry for my english writing..I’m still learning, Slowly, step by Step

  11. yuka

    Hi Luke,how are you going? I really enjoyed episode 230. It is so interesting! It is so challenging if it works that way. Then I want to learn/master all languages! Haha. I agree and disagree with this guy. Because there is only 6 month time limit. How far can you go!? Basic level? Small talk level? Backpackers level? or Academic level? or,, I know it depends on how much effort you can put it. Still I liked this topic. I like when you are serious about how to improve English. Oh well, I am still learning even I have lived in Australia for 11 years.
    Big thanks to Luke.