On this page you can find contributions by other listeners, including YouTube videos, podcasts and emails.

The Ricky Sandy Show

An interview with Luke using samples from previous episodes in the archive.

Miriam from Italy

Nick on italki

Zdenek’s English Podcast

Zdenek has been doing his podcast for years now, and in his episodes he talks about his journey with learning and teaching English, interviews interesting guests and talks about the benefits of learning English with board games.

My Fluent Podcast by Daniel Goodson

Daniel has been exploring all the ways to improve your English and has come up with an impressive catalogue of tips and tricks. In his episodes he explores phrases and methods of language learning, including conversations with WISBOLEP runners-up and more.

Keiko’s Survey – What does Luke look like?

Caroline Zenkel from Germany

This is a podcast recording by Caroline, who is the student of an English teaching LEPster in Germany called Eva. Here she talks about her experiences of living through the COVID pandemic while working in a bookstore.