How to add LEP Premium to a podcast app on your phone (with Acast+)

The best way to listen to LEP Premium is with a podcast app on your phone. You can pause episodes and easily continue later. You can organise the episodes into different playlists (depending on the app you are using) and you can easily access the show notes to see the PDFs and videos.

Here’s how to add LEP Premium to a podcast app on your phone 👇

  • You will need a podcast app on your phone. LEP Premium on Acast+ will work with all the podcasting apps, but not Spotify. If you are a Spotify user, you’ll need to use a different app for LEP Premium. I recommend PocketCasts. It’s free for iOS and Android devices.
  • Download a podcast app on your phone (for example, PocketCasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc)
  • Open the podcast app on your phone.
  • Search for Luke’s English Podcast.
  • Open Luke’s English Podcast in the podcast app and tap an episode (for example. Episode 777). 
  • The episode will open in the app with a play button. 
  • Look at the “show notes”.
    Below the play button you will see some writing –> For episode 777 it is: “My dad talks about the latest news about Boris Johnson…” <— these are the “show notes”.
    All podcast episodes have show notes.
  • Drag up with your finger to reveal all the show notes. You will see some links.
  • Tap on “Sign up to LEP Premium on Acast+”
  • will open
  • Click Log In (top right corner)
  • Use your Acast+ details to log in (the email and password you used when you first signed up to LEP Premium on Acast+)
    If you are not signed up to LEP Premium, you can do it here – choose LEP Premium and follow the registration process.
    If you are already signed up, just log in, as described in the previous step.
  • Tap “Add show to app”
  • Tap on the name of the podcast app you are using (For example, “PocketCasts”)
  • Your podcast app will load LEP again, with all the premium episodes included in the list (P36, P35, P34, P32 etc)
  • If you have two subscriptions to Luke’s English Podcast in your podcast app now, unsubscribe to the old one. Make sure you are subscribed to the new feed with the premium episodes included.
  • Make sure notifications are switched on (so you will know when new episodes are published)
  • You can now listen to LEP Premium in your podcast app and you will receive all the free and premium episodes in your podcast app when they are published.

For more information or help, you can visit the Acast+ Listener Help page