Here are some music mixes for LEPsters, done by me or by my brother James.

They feature music and some talking, just for fun and the love of music.

Click here to listen on my Mixcloud page. Download the free Mixcloud app to listen on your phone.

Luke’s Radio Show #1 – A mix of some favourite songs with introductions from me.

Moto Mix #1 – Another music mix, this time with some stupid comedy improvisations by James and me.

Ambient Mix 08 – Just sit back, relax and have a daydream or three.

The Classic Breaks Megamix – In 2001 I recorded this with a Sharp minidisc player, a stack of funk/jazz CDs, a Sony Playstation and some Aiwa headphones. This is the original classic breaks megamix, for comedy purposes only. Not to be taken seriously, except for the music.

Walkman Mix – A selection of tunes that are on my walkman at the moment (A 16GB Sony MP3 player) ~2016

A History of British Pop (Part 1) – James and I take a trip through his vinyl record collection, picking British music in chronological order, starting in the early 1960s.

A History of British Pop (Part 2) – Continuing the journey through British music via James’ record collection. This one starts somewhere in the late 70s or early 80s.

LEP Jungle Mix by JT – A vinyl mix by James of jungle tunes for listeners of LEP#649, including some of the music we talked about in the episode and some MCing from James.

James’ LEP Music Show (April 2020) – A music mix from James on lockdown in London, for listeners of LEP. Features mixing on vinyl and digital decks, and some talking from James. Electronica, Indie, new Drum & Bass.

JAMES LEP Mix JULY 2020 – A mix of new vinyl with spoken introductions by James.

What about your brother’s tunes which are on the podcast sometimes?

Check out Jim’s Soundcloud page here.

What about Luke’s tunes made on a Kaossilator K2? 

Check out the Soundcloud page here.