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  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, people, we have started episode

    515. Becoming “Maman” with Amber & Sarah – Bringing Up Children The French Way


    Thank you for your help

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, people,

    Wer have started the transcript episode #517. Professor Stephen Hawking (An Obituary)


    Thank you for your great help.

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    De rien. :)

  • Amazonas Púrpura

    I love when there are biographical podcasts, and I love Stephen Hawkins and another brilliant minds of the science like Richard Dawkins, Carls Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. I’m relatively new, so I have a question for you all:
    Do you have a podcast talking about Freddie Mercury and Queen? I would love it but I was looking and as there are so many podcasts I still don’t know if I have not found it or if it doesn’t exist yet.
    Thaks teacher Luke, I really enjoy your podcasts.

    • Hi, I haven’t done an episode about Queen & Freddie Mercury (yet). Another one for the to-do list.

  • Kiyomi

    I am one of your long term listeners from Japan. Right now I am visiting Paris and wondering if you plan to have stand-up shows anytime near future. If so, I definitely want to show up.

    • I’m just opening Paul Taylor’s one man show on Saturday at 8pm, but it’s already sold out I’m afraid!
      How long are you in Paris?

      • Kiyomi

        Never mind! I will go a classic concert on Saturday night instead. I will stay here until the end of this month, only for 17 days.
        Please tell me if you have another one until then.

  • Aline Welch

    Oh yes! One more thing! I reaaly feel that I am two persons. I am speaking in English, i am not the same that when I speak my native language. And now I am learning how to be a third person because i am living in Spain. Still don’t enjoy it so much, but Iam trying =)

    • ptholome/Antonio

      Really? I understand your feeling, we must lean how to behave in any country we live but after a while all the persons you think you are will become you. So you will feel any more from any of these three countries. Or maybe only from the country you finally decide to live forever.

  • Aline Welch

    I think I know how you feel, Luke! It is really exhausting to be talking (or trying to) a new language especially when we are in a beginning level. I’m Brazilian and my husband is a wonderful Englishman. We lived five years in Brazil and he learned Brazilian Portuguese very well. Then, it was very hard to change our conversations to English, after more or less two years only speaking in my language… Well a lot of things to tell =) But what I really want to say it’s a wanted so much to be myself speaking inn English with my husband’s family and not be patronized… Oh dear! I lived 7 months in England and I think that situation improved… And yes the motivation is very important. Succes to you, Luke. Cheers! Thanks for your brilliant work here.

  • ptholome/Antonio
    • Marta KL

      hahaha thanks for sharing this one, Antonio. It made me laugh :))

      • ptholome/Antonio

        I love him. He is very funny but much funnier in French for obvious reasons. :

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, people episode 489 with Luke’s Mum (UK) or mom (US) had been proofread and quite improved.


    Thanks team:

    The Orion team: Mohamed Hegazy, Lorenzo Gazocchi, Marcel, Alexander G, Luyi, Bartek, Hiro, Konrad M, VP, Thang Nguyen, 玉城悦子, ptholome.

    Proofreading: Marta KL