Phrasal verbs are an essential feature of natural English, but they’re difficult to learn. My phrasal verb podcast can help you.

“A Phrasal Verb a Day” is my other podcast project and it is all about phrasal verbs. I teach you a different phrasal verb in each episode. The episodes are short, and contain definitions, examples and explanations to help you understand and remember these important parts of the English language.

How can I listen? Where are the transcripts?

All episodes of A Phrasal Verb a Day are available free in the LEP App, available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

All episode transcripts and notes are available in the app.

You can also listen and read notes online. Click the Episode Archive to listen, download and read transcripts for every episode.



Listen to A Phrasal Verb a Day

More Information on phrasal verbs

To search for definitions, examples and more, try using Macmillan’s online dictionary here.

Facts about Phrasal Verbs

Detailed linguistic information on phrasal verbs & a quiz

The Wikipedia page for phrasal verbs

The simple English Wikipedia page for phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verb INFO-GRAPHIC from (nice)

Transcript Collaboration – Write a Transcript

Click here to read more about how you can
contribute transcripts of these phrasal verb episodes using shared Google documents.

111 thoughts on “PHRASAL VERB PODCAST

  1. Sergei

    Very disappointed to hear you are not interested in continuing the project, hope you somehow find an incentive to proceed the work and won’t see it as a separate idea any more

  2. Davide Erbo

    Hi Luke, I reckon you’ve given up with the podcast, I’ve just finished listening to all of them and I’d like to thank you for the amazing and generous job you’ve done, it’s been really helpful to improve my English x

    1. Ptholome

      Why are you asking that? Is it about the phrasal verbs you are speaking about? Because the podcast is more active than ever, but you can help more joining the Orion transcription team.
      So, go to the transcript section, read the rules, click on the Unfinished transcripts (orange box) and you can do something useful for LUke, for you and for all of us.
      Thanks a lot.

    1. Luke Thompson

      That’s right, no sponsors and I’ve got out of the habit. It’s difficult to keep it up because I’m busy with other commitments, and hard to start it again when I’m just doing it for free. These days I have to be wise about how I spend my time.

      1. Ptholome

        To be wise about how do we use our limited time is great though it’s not time what we are spending but our life. The time never ends only our life does. :)

  3. Сергей Галаев

    Hello Luke. I’m listening to your podcasts everyday! It’s very cool and helpful for me. Many many thanks! Cheers from Russia!

  4. Adelina

    Hello Luke,
    It’s Adelina. I’m a simple student from Russia. Please, continue making podcasts if you’re not tired of that. We all appreciate your work and sense of humor.

    PS Your voice is amazing

  5. Eymard

    What an excellent Podcasts author. Thank you Luke. Very funny guy. I’m listening to you when i go for a walk and i get the giggles alone especially phrasal verbs lesson. Carry on and bring it on !!!!!!!

      1. Cat

        @teacherlukepod:disqus , see here, you’ve got devoted French students of English! ;)
        Look what hilarious comment he has left for you: “Very funny guy.” :))

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