Transcripts of episodes of Luke’s English Podcast are written by listeners. They collaborate online by using google documents. Listeners transcribe small sections (or chunks) and then proofread each other’s work. It’s a great way to get intensive listening practice and it adds value to my website. So, everyone’s a winner!

You can access the Google documents below (click the red, green or yellow buttons). You just need a gmail or Google account. Open a document and you can start working on the transcript with other listeners. You don’t have to transcribe the whole episode. Just do 3-5 minutes or more if you like. When the transcript is complete, I can check it, correct it and then add it to the website. Please read the rules (below) before you start.


Click here to listen to a podcast episode in which I explain all this to you directly

Google Documents for Transcripts (Click the buttons below)



Please follow these rules when trancscribing:

  • Don’t edit other people’s writing without permission (that includes size of font, colour and every other properties of text).
  • When you start typing an extract, write the time-code for your extract (e.g. [5:35]) – this will prevent people writing the same section. Also when you stop transcribing write the time-code at the end of your writing. It will allow others to know where to start if you can not continue doing it.
  • When you choose an extract to transcribe, check that other people haven’t transcribed that extract already.
  • Use Arial size 11, not bold.
  • Don’t type ‘gonna’ or ‘wanna’ – please type ‘going to’ and ‘want to’.
  • Don’t write down sounds which people make when they are pausing or deciding what to say next like “um”, “hm”, “erm” etc.
  • I will make text green after I have checked and corrected it. So any green text has been given The Luke Thompson seal of approval. :)
  • When you finish whole script:
    write [END] at the end of a Script.
    Write [finished* and the end of a chunk when it is ended.
    Write [not finished] if you are still working on it
    Email Piotr ( or post comment on this page saying for example “I have finished transcribing #58 script”.
    Check that you wrote time codes for the beginning and ending of your chunk.
  • If you don’t know what was said, or have a doubt about the word you understood, in specific extract write down to make it clear, example: (time-code) _____, or (time-code)_word ?__ The time-code will allow you, or others, to go directly to the place you didn’t understand and fill the gap or correcting the word ? people were not sure about. So as a team we can be more efficient.
  • If you want to only see the script but not edit, please change your mode to view mode. That prevents unwanted changes in scripts.

Transcript Collaboration Managers – Piotr from Poland & Antonio from Spain

For any help, assistance or advice please contact Piotr by sending an e-mail to or Antonio here Also you can leave a comment below this page.

Advice for Transcribing

Slow down the audio to make it easier
If you’re listening to an episode while typing the transcripts (for example, on Windows Media Player), you can click the right button of your mouse, and follow instructions shown in the picture below. The episode will be played slower and it’ll be easier to make out individual words.

Transcribe in 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute chunks
It’s easier if you just transcribe a few minutes at a time. You don’t have to do the whole episode in one sitting, that’s too much work!

Download the episode and use a media player when transcribing
Download “Foobar2000” – It’s a good audio player for this kind of work

When you transcribe, you can use Foobar2000. It’s free, and it deals with big mp3 files perfectly. It also allows to you configure a number of hot-keys such as “play”, “pause”, “1/5/10 sec. back” which makes the transcriber’s life much, much easier.

Here’s a video tutorial by Piotr, explaining how to transcribe audio and video effectively with Foobar2000. These are some really simple but effective techniques for making your transcripts much easier. Thank you Piotr!

  • Ptholome

    Hi Luke and Piotr,
    the episode #414 is finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.
    The Orion Team