Transcripts of Luke’s English Podcast are written by listeners who collaborate by using google documents. The team has produced about 100 transcripts so far.

This project is known as the Transcript Collaboration or Orion Team.

How the Transcript Collaboration works

  • First, Luke publishes an episode of the podcast.
  • Then, Antonio (or Piotr) creates a google document for that episode. (The google documents are open – anyone can access and edit the documents, you just need to be signed into a google account.)
  • In the document the episode is divided into 3 minute parts or ‘chunks’ (e.g. chunk 1 = 00:00:00 to 00:03:00, chunk 2 = 00:03:00 to 00:06:00 etc).
  • Listeners write their name next to a 3-minute chunk, and then start transcribing that short part of the podcast.
  • If the transcriber can’t identify something, he/she leaves a gap with a timecode, like this ______________ (00.35.20)
  • When the 3-minute chunk is finished, the transcriber writes Finished at the end of the chunk.
  • When the whole episode is transcribed, the script is added to the FINISHED folder.
  • Other listeners can proofread, correct or add missing words to any finished chunks.
  • You can access all the folders below.
  • Please read the RULES before you start (you can see them below).

Transcribing chunks is a great way to improve your English by listening intensively.

How to join the Orion Team and transcribe some chunks

  • You can simply add your name next to a free chunk in a google document and then start transcribing. That’s it! But please follow the rules (below).
  • There is an Orion Team email list so you can keep in touch with the team and get news of new episodes or finished scripts.
  • To join the team send an email to Antonio at to ask for more information.
  • You can write: “Hi, I’d like to join the Orion Team. What should I do?”
  • Please make sure you have read the RULES before you start. You can read them below.



Google Documents for Transcripts (Click the buttons below)



Please follow these rules when transcribing:

  • Don’t edit other people’s writing without permission (that includes size of font, colour and every other properties of text).
  • You can leave comments in the google document – just ‘right-click’ and select comment. You don’t need permission to add a comment.
  • Before you start, make sure you put your name next to that chunk in the google doc.
  • If you can’t identify a word or phrase in an episode, leave a gap with a time code. E.g. _____________ [00:32:15] This will allow other listeners to help you by identifying the missing word using the time code.
  • Use Arial size 11, not bold.
  • Don’t type ‘gonna’ or ‘wanna’ – please type ‘going to’ and ‘want to’.
  • Don’t write down sounds which people make when they are pausing or deciding what to say next like “um”, “hm”, “erm” etc.
  • I will make text green after I have checked and corrected it. So any green text has been given The Luke Thompson seal of approval. :)
  • When you finish whole script:
    write [END] at the end of a Script.
    Write [finished] and the end of a chunk when it is ended.
    Write [not finished] if you are still working on it
  • If you only want to see the script but not edit, please change your mode to view mode. That prevents unwanted changes in scripts.

Introducing the Transcript Collaboration Managers – Piotr from Poland & Antonio from Spain

For any help, assistance or advice please contact Piotr by sending an e-mail to or Antonio here Also you can leave a comment below this page saying “I would like to join the transcription project” or write a question.

Advice for Transcribing

Slow down the audio to make it easier
If you’re listening to an episode while typing the transcripts (for example, on Windows Media Player), you can click the right button of your mouse, and follow instructions shown in the picture below. The episode will be played slower and it’ll be easier to make out individual words.

Transcribe in 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute chunks
It’s easier if you just transcribe a few minutes at a time. You don’t have to do the whole episode in one sitting, that’s too much work!

Download the episode and use a media player when transcribing
Download “Foobar2000” – It’s a good audio player for this kind of work

When you transcribe, you can use Foobar2000. It’s free, and it deals with big mp3 files perfectly. It also allows to you configure a number of hot-keys such as “play”, “pause”, “1/5/10 sec. back” which makes the transcriber’s life much, much easier.

Here’s a video tutorial by Piotr, explaining how to transcribe audio and video effectively with Foobar2000. These are some really simple but effective techniques for making your transcripts much easier. Thank you Piotr!

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 60 was finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 405 was finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

  • Nick

    Made corrections in episode 406. 99.9% sure that they’re correct.

    • Ptholome

      Thank you nick. I am going to release the 405 episode which need also to be corrected.

      • Nick

        Ok, I’ll try to correct it…maybe on Christmas night, between glasses of wine :))

      • Ptholome

        The 405 episode is very difficult because the movie’s sound. And the accent. So because Luke is explaining and repeating what they say, I wrote movie (25:00 to 25:35) for example. And L: with Luke explanation.

    • Ptholome

      Hi Nick: when did you do the corrections,please?

  • Oleh Sliusar

    Maybe it’s good idea to run Kickstarter campaign for transcribing episodes?

    • Ptholome

      You can do it but, the next step is to correct it instead to say: It’s done.

      so you must correct all the mistakes, put the comas and dot or whatever is missing, correct all the missing words, and delete all the words who are not good, write all the time-code in the word you don’t understand and the time-code + the word + the “??” in the words you have a doubt, etc, etc…

      And after that you will prefer as I do to do it by myself. This project is more about learning while doing it than about doing it.

      I have a full episode which was done by this system but nodody has dared to correct it. So make my a favor and ask me to give you the link so you can do the next step.

      Looking forward for you


      • Oleh Sliusar

        Luke have mentioned this idea in one of the episodes. As I understand, Kickstarter project would be run by him and he would transcribe episodes.

      • The idea was that I would use the money to hire a proofreading service to check the transcripts which were finished by LEPsters. I would have to find an appropriate service and negotiate the right price with them, then launch the kickstarter campaign.

      • Ptholome

        So, If I understand well,
        1/ LEPsters transcribe as they do know.
        2/ Luke find a deal with X to proofread the transcriptions.
        3/ Luke present son project in trying to find the funds to pay X

        Have I understood?

      • Ptholome

        Of, cours, and my answer is what I did, because I can run Mr whatson (IBM) listening to an episode, then I go for a walk and when I come back I write the end and put it on the archive. And believe me nobody is going to congratulate me for this mess.

      • Ptholome

        Sorry but I think that I’ve misunderstood you because I don’t know what’s Kickstarter.
        I apologise I should ask first what was that. I thought it was a transcriber software.
        Sorry, sorry, sorry…

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 393 was finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 406 is finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 395 is finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

  • Reda

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to join the team as well and I think I could add value to the transcript section by introducing the concept of creating certificates of achievements pertaining to transcribing. I’ve been thinking about this idea for 3 weeks now. Today, after I finished listening to the 4th Amber and Paul catch up episode, which is my favourite kind of episodes after Mr Rick Thompson’s, I have decided to share it and eventually, put it to the test after your confirmation.

    I believe this idea will get more people involved in so long as, having a certificate, which could be signed by Mr. Luke himself and/or Mr. Antonio and Mr Piotr, will not only increase the time in which transcripts are finished, but also reward Lepsters who have contributed to the transcription by sending them an online certificate of achievement with their name on it, which they could potentially add to their CV and use it to show off both their volunteering skills and language skills (Listening).

    Here is a quick sketch example of the certificate in question.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, (Bye bye bye bye …*fades away*)

    Reda Zaouiri.

    • Ptholome

      Reda, Thank you for your concern. I reckon this is a great idea if, only if the system -google doc- could count who and for how long people are working on this project. Because the problem with your idea is who is going to check and collect all these datas… and for how long… and how are you going to know how many time pass a guy who has proofread an episode before to release it?

      I think that to convince people that this project is going to fuel their motivation and the feeling we experience when we finish a chunk, later an episode, or 5, or 10. or 20 or 30… and when after several months we understand to English natives people much better than before we have our prize.

      Do you know the story about a Cat and the mice? the cat was away and the mice met to decide what to do against the cat.
      One of them had a brilliant idea: to put a bell to the Cat.
      all the mice were happy with the idea when and old and wise mouse asked: But, who is going to put the bell on the cat collar?

      I don’t know how many times I have started this post because I don’t want to discourage you. however why don’t you come with us to work on this project? You will have your reward each chunk you finish and each episode you perform.

      See you and thanks a lot.

      • Reda

        Hi again,

        Thank you for your prompt answer.
        If it weren’t for the google documents, It could have worked :/

        About joining the project, I have planned to do so, I will let you know as soon as I finish my final exams.

        Thank you again.


      • Ptholome

        Thanks. I’m looking forward to see you joining our team.

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 402 and 403 episodes are finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

    • Thank you for your work Antonio.
      Also, I got your email and I’m thinking about what you wrote.
      Have a good weekend :)

      • Ptholome

        You’re welcome, Luke.

        It seems people are more motivated since you are asking them to transcribe more often.

        This year I’ve decided to taste as many English cakes as I can. Your last podcast has changed my mind and I will taste them all. :)

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke, and Piotr
    the episode 179 episode is finished and moved to the proofreading waiting list.

    The Orion Team

    Nevertheless, I would like Piotr to send people to me because Vika asked for this episode and after 4,27 min she was missing and I had another abandoned episode which I had to manage. but because he was there people coming to transcribe because we are asking them did this one instead the 405, 407, 408… I am trying to finish.
    We have the goal to finish first the new episodes and simultaneously the abandoned ones and later the ones not yet done. But I like to have our people focused on the news episodes which I think is more useful for everyone wanting to use them as Luke tell us to do quite often.

    Thank you for your comprehension