Hi, I’m Luke and I’m an English Language teacher, podcaster and comedian from London.

I’ve been teaching English for over 15 years. I started in Japan and lived in Kanagawa prefecture for two years. Then I moved back to London and taught English there for 9 years. Now I now live in Paris where I work, perform stand-up comedy and record episodes of the podcast.

I have taught courses in business English, academic English, legal English, general English and English for exam courses like FCE, IELTS and BEC. I’ve been doing Luke’s English Podcast for about seven years now.

I graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University with a BA Hons degree in Media and Cultural Studies. I worked briefly at various media production companies in London before going into English language teaching. I took my CELTA in 2001 and then my Higher Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) in 2006 at UCL. These days I teach English at the British Council and to students of law at a university in Paris. I perform stand-up comedy in the evenings and I record episodes of my podcast whenever I can!

I write a lot of ELT materials and have developed a lot of courses in business English and EAP including courses in English for the Pharmaceutical Industry, English for the Oil and Gas Industries and English for Journalists, and communication skills workshops for presentations, meetings and negotiations.

I started Luke’s English Podcast in 2009 and since then it has become enormously popular. I plan to continue writing EFL material and offer my own video courses online.

I am also a stand-up comedian, which means that I like to stand up in front of audiences of people, and make them laugh. This is both incredibly fun, and very nerve-wracking, and I love it. I also love playing drums, bass or guitar in bands. Seriously, I just love jamming in music, in comedy and on the podcast. Join me!

Check my other pages to find useful advice for learning English, and for how to use the podcast as a good way to improve your English in many areas.

Feel free to send me an email here:

Thanks for visiting the site!


  • Nice website, nice podcast.

  • Mary

    Hello, Luke! Are you married?)

    • Listen to my episodes to find out!
      (And why would you like to know?)

      • Vadim Gomza

        Luke, the girl with the nickname Mary might be your actual girlfriend, that’s why she’d like to know:-)

      • You think she’s checking up on me?

      • Vadim Gomza

        Maybe. Or perhaps it was your new listener who just wanted to say “thanks” to you for your episodes, but apparently she was too shy to come straight to the point.

  • Dmitry

    Hello, Luke!
    I enjoyed lyrical digressions on the view of Paris from the terrace and then leading listeners into your apartment in 174. How to Learn English… I thought, you might become an author and write some feature stories or who knows, tales for kids? And you’ve mentioned in Zdenek’s podcast that you actually had been thinking about writing. So it would be really interesting to discover you as an author one day.
    Good luck and cheers from Belarus!

    • I used to write quite a lot before I did the podcast. I’d like to go back to it, definitely! Thanks for your comment Dmitry.

  • Leonid

    Hello Luke!
    You are very popular in Russian and I like listen your podcast too.It’s very simple to understand what about you talk.

    That will be cool if you create contact list (list, desk) which people can find contacts (skype, what’s app) of other people who leaved it on the desk/list. And than chatting or calling via Skype or FaceTime.
    Chatting is really good methods to improve English)
    Thank you!

    • Hi Leonid, I believe you can find an LEP Skype group in the discussion forum. Click Discussion Forums in the menu at the top of this page. There should be a forum thread about Skype there.

  • Ok then!

  • Hello dear Luke!

    I’m planing my motorcycle trip now and probably I’ll visit Paris. Do you perform any comedy this weekend? I’d love to see my teacher in reality)

    I am traveling from Norway to Serbia, crossing France from north to south.

    • Hi Ivan,
      The motorcycle trip sounds great!
      Unfortunately, I won’t be in Paris this weekend. I’ll be in London. I’m performing comedy in Paris this evening (Tuesday 8 July) but I guess you won’t be here.
      Very sorry!
      I hope you have an amazing time on your journey.
      All the best,

      • Thank you for the fast reply and the wishes!

        Yeah, it must be impossible to get to Paris from Norway in such a short time by motorbike. =)

        P.S. you are in my head

        Have a good gig tonight!

      • If you hurry you could make it!


      • Hey, Luke!

        I am in Paris now. Don’t you perform tonight by any chance, do you?

        If yes, where?

        I might have made a mistake in the phrase above, sorry for that)


      • Sorry Ivan, but I’m in London!
        Enjoy Paris ;)

  • Hello Luke! A few minutes ago, a russian guy gave me the name of this website, and I find it awesome! it is exactly the kind of website I were looking for a while! and the kind of teacher I were looking for! Still now I had no time to listen almost anything, just to subscribe on itunes, but very happy to know you. All the best from Buenos Aires Argentina and I hope also to write when having some comment to give. Thanks a lot for your work!

    • Hello, and welcome to Luke’s English Podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to the episodes. You’ve got a lot to catch up on! :)

  • Lorena Salazar

    A valuable website, Congratulations!

  • lda Wati

    Hello. I’d been in search of suitable and easy way to learn and later on, to be used to teach English in town when l found this website. Just perfect podcast l can tell. It really is the one l want and have been looking for. Very relaxing and yet amusing way to learn ”real spoken English”. I bet you’re now admired so much more than superman. you’re a superbLuke indeed.
    I love it when l hear you rambling, it really makes me feel that l m not alone. Thus l can say, you not only teach us what we need to learn, but calm (me) down from being a rambling phobic.
    What l ve done here?? Well, looks like l ‘ll need another memory card to download the remaining episodes and things here. just everything..every single thing.. even the microscopic one… just don’t want to miss anything…….not even the dust in your studio…

  • Hello Luke, Greetings from Chile. My name is Carlos and since two weeks I’m listening your podcast. Now I listen at least one podcast every day and my english is improving so fast. Good luck in NY and please share with us your stand up comedy by podcast. you are the best!!