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  • Agnes

    I think it is not a fox, rather a black cat, foxes are ginger, aren’t they?

  • Andromeda team/antonio

    Hi people Andromeda team: Sunwoo has proofread episode

    #33 Money Money Money 12 Phrasal verbs and more.



  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi people,
    The transcript of the episode #460 Catching Up With Amber & Paul #6 (feat. Sarah Donnelly) is finished.


    Thanks to: The Orion team: Jack Priboi, Yulya Blinova, Olga Litvinchuk, Intan, Hiroyuki, Sunwoo, Rafa Víquez, Marta KL, Hiro N, ptholome.

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    I am noticinfg the two or three transcribers have a difference of 1minute and half when hey are transcribing and as a result they are doing the same period of time than the next chunk. I mean that when they think they are on the minute 30, for example, in reality they are doing the minute 31:30 … this is the first time this is happening so these people can check their app with the audio of the episode in this website, so they can see what’s wrong. for example, I take ep 460. put my app on minute 36:00 and I must hear the same thing than what I can hear in this web ep 460 min 36.

    I must say that my app is very syncro with 99,9% of the people having worked we us during the last 19 months. So when I write a note telling that somethign is wrong you must say other thing that, I’m Ok because you are not OK.

    :) it’s a pity, because you are doing a job already done or you are going to provoke that the next person could be in trouble thinking that their app are not good.

    So whe you have a doubt, check your app with the audio in this web or with the chunks alredy done.

    Thank you for your help. I am transcribing the part left. hopefully they are not many till now, but I hope you could test the software you’re using.

    • Marta KL

      It was a strange thing happened in the episode 460, but I hadn’t notice the mess with time until you wrote a comment there, because I’ve had done only one single chunk in that moment. I’ve been finished today the other chunk (51-54) using another app (Overcast) and I hope it was alright.
      In the few other episodes I was collaborating in was everything ok with the original iTunes podcast app, so I hope it was the only one “fault in matrix”.
      Anyway sorry for the troubles!

      • Orion team (Antonio)

        yes, but don’t worry, the important is to know what has happened. on episode 63 I have also two people with the same problem. It seems that the news members have an app which is not good but it seem thay are not aware. But I ask. when they start the three first minutes, how can they start on the 0 and finish in 3 and have only 2 minutes transcribed…. That’s a mistery for me.

        It’s a pity that we don’t have a good app for android as we have for Apple.

      • Marta KL

        Antonio, do you use Speater app?

      • Orion team (Antonio)

        Yes, I do. it is the best and I save a lot of time with it. you download and save the episodes in Podcast and automaticaly they are on speater. you can set speater really easily and you can even go back and forth with your finger so I can’t ask ofr better. and when you haver finished you delete the episode from the app “Podcast and hat’s it.

        I thnks Hiro each time I work with his app.

      • Marta KL

        Thanks, I’ll give it a try and download this one!

      • Orion team (Antonio)

        for this task, this app is incredible,
        maybe you can ask the author to give you a month trial. He was on this forum once and held a code for people to use and test the app.

      • Marta KL

        I found in App store the Lite version, but there’s possible to play only 2 minutes of the podcast, so I’ve bought the full version and just testing it. It seems synchronized with your chunks (ep. 63), so now I have to get used to it after few years of using the original podcast app :))

      • ptholome/Antonio

        you are going to learn it very fast because it is very intuitive. Really.

  • ptholome/Antonio

    maybe you are right. We don’t have a reference allowing us to guess the dimensions of the animal. But looking at the trees, I think you are right and it could be not a cat.

    • It must be an alien. It’s the only possible conclusion.

  • Nick
  • Nick

    Come on everybody let’s sing la la, la la la! :))

  • Nick
  • Syntropy

    Cat, when I saw your post, the first thing that crossed my mind was a cat singing “We Weren’t Born to Follow” hahaha :))


    • Syntropy

      By the way, sorry for my silly thought.

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, people,

    Were are those LEPsters always asking for James and more guests on this podcast? We have he episode 93, which is a big challenge, full of gaps, and with the last three chunks, which are abandoned by the ones who started it, in need to be finished. So, we need some courageous LEpsters in order to put an end to thi bloody episode. I’m trying to do it but my knowledge is not the one required for thid podcast. I mean, I have more gaps than words and the words I wrote most of them are not accurate, I think.

    So, I hope three of youy could help and two or three other could try to fill the gaps.

    Thank you.