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  • Marta KL


  • Elfriede Fischnaller

    Hi Luke, I was waiting for the baby news, too. Finally your daughter’s arrived and I want to congratulate and give my best wishes for all of you.
    I enjoyed this episode really much, this special moments shared with your audience, your wife’s lovely voice for the first time, I think everyone of your listeners would be more than happy if they could speak English so well. Thank you for sharing all this with us, even the voice of the baby. I’m sure you will be very good parents, while listening I was welling up (new expression learned!) a few times. Lovely

  • Marta KL

    omg Cat! :D :D

  • Renata

    Hello Luke,

    It is geat to hear that your lovely daughter already “crossed the border” and joined your family on Boxing Day.
    I am sure it is a real gift to have her by your side at last. Congratulations!

    I am also pleased to hear that everything went smoothly and your wife and you had a chance to feel in full “massive endorfines attack”. I think good people deserve such great moments at their lives and I wish you more.

    All the best for the future and I keep my fingers crossed for getting enough sleep for all mambers of the family :-)

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    ep 502 (01:16:58) do some of you know what’s the name of the song by the beatles?

    • Marta KL

      I think Luke mentioned the album Rubber Soul.

      • ptholome/Antonio

        Thanks :)

      • ptholome/Antonio

        I hope people will fill tha blanks bit by bit as they read the episode while listening to it. As they usually do.

    • It’s Drive My Car from the Rubber Soul album.

      • ptholome/Antonio

        Thank you.

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi LEPsters, ep 502 is done,


    Thank you to:

    The Orion team: Greg, VP, Jack, Jason, Ethan, Marta KL, ptholome.

  • Easton Smith

    Buy SoundCloud Comments procedure would certainly have taken much longer, or perhaps even never ever took place, without those first comments you purchased making you appear preferred.

  • Bill

    Oh and congratulations on your daughter’s birth!

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi people, where are you, we have 7/24 free chunks in episode 502 yet. Come on!

  • Tolkacheva Uliana

    Hello Luke. It was such a surprise that your wife was on a podcast! It was nice to hear you both laughing together. When I was listening to your wife I instantly recognized myself as my fience is English and at first, I was scared to speak to him on Skype)) and still anxious about making mistakes)). Say hello to your spouse and tell her how wonderful she sounded.
    Also I would like to congratulate you both on this really special occasion in your life, this is what for you are here on the planet. I wish you a very long and happy family life together and maybe one more baby to come(s))). xxx Cheers