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Almost every page of has a comment section at the bottom. Here are some rules and guidelines for posting your comments.

Everyone is welcome to leave comments, whether you are a long-term listener or a new listener. This is a place for all LEPsters.

I am the moderator of the comments section, which means I have the right to delete or edit comments and block users if I think it is necessary.

However, due to time restrictions I cannot always act as the moderator for your comments, so I expect you to moderate yourselves.

This means that I expect you to follow these simple rules in your comments. Most of it is just common sense and basic politeness.


Rules and Guidelines for the Comment Section on

The comment section on all pages of this website is for

  • Sharing your responses to episodes of the podcast
  • Practising your English by writing comments
  • Chatting and having discussions with other listeners

You can also

  • Share your own photos, for example some sights from your local area. It’s interesting to see these views from around the world.
  • Share links to interesting content that you have found online, especially if it is relevant to the episode or the discussion in the comment section.
  • Record voice messages and share them with each other in comments. This is easy to do with a site like, SpeakPipe or Google Drive.

You can talk about anything you like in the comment section but please be fair, civilised and friendly. Remember to criticise ideas, not people.

This is a site for learning English so please write comments in English (with some exceptions depending on the context – e.g. comparing phrases or looking for a translation).

I don’t really like telling people what they should or shouldn’t do, but as webmaster for this website I think I should try to any prevent problems and make sure the comment section is a happy place. A few rules can help.

Please don’t do the following things

If you do these things (below) your comment might be deleted and you might be blocked from the website. Sorry!

  • Don’t use insulting or abusive language. If you insult or abuse someone with swear words, you’ve automatically lost the argument. Swearing is sometimes ok depending on the context, but it is not ok to use swear words to insult or attack other people.
  • Don’t write comments which are intended to incite hatred. Comments that I find to be hateful or harassing will be removed. If you keep doing it, I will block you.
  • Don’t upload photos of other people without permission. 
  • Don’t Copy and Paste text without saying who wrote it. If you are quoting someone or adding text from another page on the internet, please credit it with a source.
  • Don’t upload pictures which could be revolting, upsetting or particularly scary to users of the site.

If you don’t have something nice to say about another user, don’t say it. Please treat other people with respect at all times.

As the site moderator I have the final decision over any comment moderation and I can choose how to apply the rules!

Overall, the comment section is a community of LEPsters. It’s a place to have fun, to make human connections and to practise your English. Remember that this comment section operates like any other kind of community. Be respectful to people, and they will be respectful to you in return, and remember:

“Be excellent to each other
and Party on!”

(Video clip from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

Thanks for reading.