Here are a few musical mixes for you to enjoy! Many of them were done before I ever started Luke’s English Podcast. Generally they’re a mix of good music, comedy and laid-back grooves.

Recently a listener called Alexey asked me to share the songs I have on my Walkman, so I made this mix. It’s a collection of tunes that are currently on my 16GB Sony MP3 Walkman. I just went through the Walkman and made a selection. So, this is the sort of thing I’ve been listening to recently while walking around, doing my thing. Click here for a list of all the music in this mix.

Luke’s Radio Show – This was done a couple of years ago and is my version of an old-fashioned radio show, with some of my favourite tunes.

Moto Mix #1 – This was done for a friend of mine in Japan and features mainly instrumental tracks with comedy improvisations done by my brother and me.

Ambient Mix 08 – This was done in summer 2008 on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Listen to this if you want to lie down and have a daydream or three. It’s a sleepy ambient journey with a few little surprises along the way.

The Classic Breaks Megamix – I did this back in 2001 when I was still living at my parents’ house in the Warwickshire countryside. They were away for the week, so I bought an 8-pack of Biere Speciale from Tescos, hooked up my Playstation to my minidisc recorder, used a pair of Aiwa headphones as a mic and laid down an instantly classic mix, while rapping some total nonsense for laughs. Please remember – it’s a mix of music and COMEDY, yes COMEDY (not to be taken seriously at all). Originally inspired by a Blue Note mix by DJ Lord Finesse