It’s referendum night and I’ve decided to share my stand-up comedy material about the EU referendum in this episode, because after today I might not be able to use these jokes ever again! This works much better in front of a live audience of course – so you’ll have to imagine that! Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to some of my ‘jokes’ and humorous comments about this big moment in UK history. By the way, when I recorded this I didn’t know the result of the referendum. I expect that when you listen to this you’ll know if the UK has voted to leave or remain. in any case: I hope you enjoy this stuff!


  • Ptholome

    Such a funny moment un Martini or une Martini… Damn latin articles! :))

  • Vadim G.

    The biggest question of the 20th century:
    ‘Will the Beatles ever be reunited?’

    The biggest question of the 21th century:
    ‘Will the UK ever rejoin the EU?’

  • Christina Aronson

    I really enjoyed the Joke about England leaving the EU with nothing left but a potato. Your podcast is both funny, interesting and intellectual at the same time. Thanks to your cooperation with Italki I’ve also found some native speakers of English. Listening to you and talking on Italki is a great combination for improving My English. Thank you so much for an excellent Pod. I’ve also sent you a donation twice. :) I hope all your listeners sends so donations now so that you can continue talking to us.

  • Gábor Gazdag

    Hi Luke,

    There are many jokes/funny videos around the internet on
    the topic of brexit, but I really enjoyed your ones. I’m terribly sad
    because of the result, I hope this is not the beginning of the end..
    And because I know you like the acts of Monty Python, let me share a funny scene accommodated to this situation.


    All the bests

  • Ju Ratė

    Real life jokes are the best! :D People are sharing a clip from ‘Good Morning Britain’ : twitter.com/GMB/status/746218028195426305

  • Boris Gupta

    Here we are what are the promises of the vote leave campaign. I think they It was a big mistake leaving the EU.

    Some article of Internet.

    1. We aren’t going to see a fall in immigration levels

    No one in the Leave campaign actually gave any target figures, at any time, ever. Conservative MEP Dan Hannan has already said this morning that people expecting immigration to come down will be “disappointed”.

    2. We aren’t going to save £350m a week

    The Leave claim that the UK gives £350m a week to the EU has been thoroughly debunked.

    3. We aren’t going to be able to stay in the single market

    No other country has a set up like that: both France and Germany have made it abundantly clear that we are not going to be able to have our cake and eat it, ie, take advantage of the free-trade zone without contributing a single penny to it, as Leave says we will.

    4. We aren’t going to get our sovereignty back

    Looks like we’re going to get a new prime minister by the end of the autumn Conservative party conference. It’ll be a short list of two people, nominated by MPs.
    This unelected leader could then theoretically hold office unopposed until a general election has to be called in three year’s time.

    P.S. We still have the House of Lords. So there’s that.

    6. We won’t remain a world leader in research and development

    UK investment in science and universities has dried up since the recession, whereas the EU gave us £7bn in science funding alone between 2007 – 2013.
    We’re also going to face new barriers to collaboration with European universities and research centres.

    7. We aren’t going to save £2bn on energy bills

    Leave promised we could end VAT on household energy bills. While that’s possible, it won’t save us any money in reality because we rely on imports for so much of our energy.
    Because the pound has fallen, inflation will go up, which means imports and thus our domestic energy bills will cost up to 12 per cent more than they currently do.

    8. We aren’t going to be a ‘greater’ Britain

    Overnight the UK economy has already slumped from the fifth largest in the world to sixth.
    More than £200 billion has already been wiped from the value of the UK stock market – or put another way, 24 years’ worth of UK contributions to the EU.

  • Boris Gupta
  • Boris Gupta

    People who vote for leave the EU don’t understand the huge economic impact for Britain, now Britain Will be able to Control they borders but at what cost?. I wish you all the best. I think that when David Cameron made that promise about the referendum he never imagined that the “yes” would win.

  • Nick

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. (Wikipedia) So, maybe from this point of view it was not a bad choice to leave the EU.

    • The UK will get it too I think. Perhaps we had more negotiating power inside the EU.

      • Nick

        Yes, I agree that the EU as a union has more power than any of its parts on their own.

  • ser res

    Looks like UK should RE-referendum ! its too small difference first of all and can lead to some huge problems between people, and secondly due to the terrible weather disaster. Many people just were unable to came to vote!

    • Boris Gupta

      I think that the Britain government should have not used direct democracy to this kind of complex decisions, the referendum is going to be a very expensive mistake for Britain, also is important to notice that Scotland, northern ireland and Gibraltar has vote to remain in the EU, It is posible that in the future they wanted to leave the UK to return to the EU.