358. Fête de la Musique / World Music Festival in Paris

Join my wife and *me as we walk around the streets of Paris during the annual World Music Festival. You’ll hear live music, descriptions of the scene, a couple of conversations with people we met, and the sounds of this amazing evening in the city of light. It’s another long episode, but I hope you listen to all of it because I just really want to share the atmosphere and moments of this special event. Check below for photos.

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This episode was recorded yesterday evening on 21 June, which is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year. It’s also World Music Day and here in Paris there is always a big music festival on this date, called “Fête de la Musique”. In Paris the whole city comes alive all night as live bands and musicians perform music on every street corner. The whole city becomes a big festival and it’s one of the best nights of the year here. The streets are filled with people partying, having a good time, drinking, socialising and dancing to the music.

So last night my wife and I went out to walk around the area and get into the spirit of the festival and in fact my wife suggested that I do some recordings so I could show another side of life in Paris, because it’s not all just Euro 2016, floods, strikes and terror alerts. There are loads of amazing things going on. Yesterday we had a brilliant evening and I’m really glad I captured it on the podcast.

So, I invite you to join us as we take a stroll through the streets of Paris on this hot summer evening, taking in the various musical performances, getting into the spirit of the evening and meeting a few people along the way. I met a few people during the evening and recorded short interviews with them. They were mainly Brits (a couple of guys from England, a French guy and a Belgian guy who spoke good English and two guys from Northern Ireland) and I asked them a couple of questions about the big stories of the moment like the football and the EU referendum.

You will also hear plenty of live music which I recorded yesterday. On every street corner there was a different band or a DJ playing. There were some moments when I chose just to record the music and not to speak, so you will hear some little musical interludes sometimes in which I’m not actually saying anything and it’s just live music, so you can soak up the atmosphere of what turned out to be a really brilliant evening in Paris. I hope you enjoy being part of it and that you can use your imagination to picture the scenes. The sounds should be in stereo too, so if you’re listening on headphones it should sound pretty cool.

There are some photos on the page for this episode (below), so check them out!

Now, I will let you listen to my audio diary of la fete de la music in Paris. I really enjoyed recording this episode and I really hope you enjoy it too and that you get into the atmosphere of this evening of music and good vibes!


  • Yves

    Afternoon Luke,
    The Sacré Coeur is not a cathedral. It is a basilica.
    So it is the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur.
    By the way there is a funicular to go up to this basilica, easier than to climb up.You have to buy a ticket (same as a metro ticket) and when you consider the short distance that makes this funicular the most expensive mode of transport in the world.

    I have known Johnny Halliday since 1960, and yes he was some sort of Elvis at the beginning but not only that.He never was one of my favourite singer but I must say that there are lot of songs sung by him that I really love. And yes I must say he is a great performer, but he is 73 now time flies.

    Good your prononciation of ‘frites.’ Not bad at all. Don’t be too harsh with your french, and keep practising. Hum, 5 to 6 hours a day 8 days a week(yes try to find this mysterious Beatles eigth day) for 20 years and it should be almost good.Just kidding of course.

    I hope you agree with the heatwave here in France.
    Have a good afternoon.

  • Kostas

    Hi Luke, I listen to your podcasts more than a year for now. And only after all these hours of listening your episodes I’ve decided to post my first comment.

    Have to say you’re doing a really great job. Your work is very professional i think (because of comparing with many other similar staff), easy going, motivated, interesting and passionate which is very important. But this episode about Paris music festival is special one. It’s like I’ve been with you on streets and even felt the smell of a beer (three time actually)))… It was truly. Lots of joy. So now it’s one of my favorite’s episodes.

    Thank you for all your efforts you put in this project. Keep going, please. All the best and good luck.

    Sincerely yours, Kostas

    • Thanks Kostas, I’m really glad you liked the episode and thanks for commenting after such a long time waiting in the shadows like some kind of ninja.

  • A Korean girl

    One of my favorite episodes!

  • Lol you can pretend to be recording a podcast to silence her :P.

    Come on is just a voice, we don’ t have to know the name, please speak Luke’s “WIFE”.

    Come on you are not a youtuber star or a famous musician no one will stalk you :(

    I wish this were a vlog on youtube and not a podcast, I love watching this kind of things.

    OMG I love how bass sounds on funk music and disco.

    50,000 euros?? you meant another currency right?

    I could hear YOUR’s wife voice in some takes ;)

    I don’t remember if it was near the moulin rouge, but in paris i saw and hold and played for the frst time same model John’s rickenbacker (white and black), was so expensive but loved it.

    Oh yeah you better shave bob!, love grease so bad!!

    Hey what about Luke’s Wifes Podcast :p? JK, your wife reminded me to a character that never talks in a series and is more famous than the principal character lol, btw he’s a british film maker here it’s

    He never talks

    Thanks for this episode see you soon!!

  • Elisa

    Hi Luke and YOUR wife :)
    It was a huge pleasure to walk with you ;) Great Fun, Thanks a lot!

  • levqchi

    More of this please! Your wife makes a good mystery. This episode is fun, spontaneous and the interaction between you guys is sweet and cute.

    • levqchi

      The music is so cool too. My most favorite ep so far.