On this page you can see a list of the episodes that have transcripts. Many of these transcripts were written by listeners as part of the LEP transcript writing collaboration.

Transcribed Episodes of Luke’s English Podcast

412. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2)

411. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 1)

363. Muhammad Ali & The Rumble in the Jungle

331. How’s your English? (and why speaking is so important)

327. The LEP Photo Competition – Please check out the photos and vote

324. David Bowie (Part 2)
323. David Bowie (Part 1)

320. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

315. Do me a favour – Take my Business English Survey!

314. Luke’s Guided Sleep Meditation

305. Back to the Future (Part 2)

304. Back to the Future (Part 1)

303. The Battle or Britain

300. Episode 300 (Part 1) – the first 30 minutes are transcribed

California Road Trip Episodes are about 85% transcribed
295. California Road Trip (Final Part)
294. California Road Trip (Part 7)
293. California Road Trip (Part 6)
292. California Road Trip (Part 5)
291. California Road Trip (Part 4)
290. California Road Trip (Part 3)
289. California Road Trip (Part 2)
288. California Road Trip (Part 1)

282. Questions from

280. The UK’s Top 13 Superstitions

Survey: What kind of episodes of LEP do you prefer?

276. Q&A Session 5

274. Q&A Session #4

270. UK General Election RESULTS

269. UK General Election (2015)

268. UK General Election 2015 (Part 1)

266. Telling Jokes in English (Part 3)

265. Telling Jokes in English (Part 2)

264. Telling Jokes in English (part 1)

262. What is Britishness (part 2)

261. What is Britishness (part 1)

259. Eulogy for Dennis

256. Reading Books in English (and listening to them too)

254. IELTS Tips and Tricks

174. How to Learn English with Luke’s English Podcast

172. British Comedy: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

167. Memory, Mnemonics & Learning English

164. Transcript Collaboration

162. Having Babies: Vocabulary / A Male Perspective

146. Nightmare Teaching Experiences (Part 2)

145. Nightmare Teaching Experiences (Part 1)

140. Ghost Stories

133. Hip-Hop Lyric Analysis

130. A Cup of Tea with Sebastian Marx

128. Luke’s Stand Up Comedy Show

125. The Pink Gorilla Story

121: Americanisms (Part 2)

120. Americanisms

118. Sick in Japan

117. Psychics / Cold Reading / Barnum Statements

116. Could it be you…?

78. Christmas – It’s all about Family

The Ice Cream Episode

Top Advice for Learning English / Idioms with ‘say’ / Culture Shock

Learning English – Advice from a German comedian living in London

Scotland / Scottish Accent

Discussing Grammar with My Brother

Doctor Who

The Mystery Continues…

24. Music Idioms

Learning English with Podcasts – Advice from a Chinese student at Oxford University

Passive Verb Forms

10. Extra Podcast – Quick Hello 2

8. Dating and Relationships

7. Susan Boyle

6. Vampires!

5. Joaquin Phoenix

4. Extra Podcast – Quick Hello

3. Music/The Beatles

2. Easter

1. Introduction

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, Luke, episode 048 is finished and moved.

  • Aleni

    Hello! I have so much free time and I would like to help the transcription team while I can. How can I start?

  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi Luke and Piotr

    Episode #464. How I make episodes of the podcast (Part 1) is finished and moved to finished episode folder.

  • Nagendren Krishna

    Hi Luke,

    I am Nagendren Krishna from Bangalore-India. I hope you are good. I am listening to your podcast since 2014. “How do I describe your podcast quality?”, wonderful, fantastic, fascinating, not getting words. Your each podcast is unique and has been helping me a lot. Thanks a lot.

    One suggestion from my side,

    Is it possible to have a list of advanced/complex vocabularies used in the podcast at the end/beginning of the transcript? This will help people to prepare themselves before listening to the podcast. This is my humble request.

    Nagendren K

    • Ptholome

      The request is maybe humble but to do it require a lot of time mainly on the podcast where there is not a full transcript which are Most of them. In France they say: “Y a qu’à” in Spain: “pos ya qu’estamo” Alas! I don’t know the equivalent in English.
      Nevertheless, he did it in certain episodes.

  • Piotr Proc

    Hi Luke,
    I gave Anthony (Ptholome nick) full access to folder with scripts.
    I think he has shown himself as a trustworthy guy and he deserved it.
    That will make his work faster.

    • I agree. Thanks Piotr. :)
      Does this mean you won’t be involved in the project any more?

      • Piotr Proc

        No, I’m still in charge. I’m still going to be Transcript Collaboration Manager. :)
        Anthony just has written to me several e-mails and I think it can be a little tedious for him. So I made it easier for him.

      • Awesome. Thank you so much Piotr. I think you deserve a medal, and the team as well.

    • Michal

      Hello Piotr. Is there any chance to download scripts?

      • Piotr Proc

        Yeah sure, when you open Google Document in your browser, just go to File -> Download as… and choose your format. :)

  • Edmund

    Hi, Luke, I am from Hong Kong.
    I love the episode you have guest(s) to talk about something.
    I love the episode you have your father as a guest. He speaks with a very clear and adorable accent.
    What you boost about “you come from a BBC family” is very legitimate and correct.
    love the episode you speak about Britain holding a referendum vote
    about exiting EU. The deadline is getting close and I would like to have
    one more before or after that.
    Besides, though I(may be many listeners too) have difficulty in understand different accent, I am intrigued to learn about the variety of accents in UK. I look forward to more episode on that.

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke. I have a question about the WANNA and GONNA.

    When you say in your podcast I gonna read or I wanna go: Should I transcribe gonna/wanna or Going to/want to?

    Because I am transcribing what I am hearing which is, I believe, the rule of any transcription work.

    Let me know what I have to do in order to modify the fourth episodes we did.

    See you.

    NB. for people wanting to transcribe with other LEPsters in a group let me know

  • Ptholome

    Hi, Luke. It seems this list is far away to be real. So we lost time looking for a transcription to do and when we choose one of them, that are not on the list, Piotr tell me; the episode is finished.

    I wonder; Why are not they on the list if they are finished?

    On the other had I think it should be a list with the transcription people are performing at the moment and the one who is doing it.

    Also I have finished the #255 episode and it is not already on the finished list waiting to be proofread.

    I think it should be good to have a list of finished episodes (FE) a list of being proofread (BP), a list of in progress(IP), and obviously a list of Not done (ND). In this way it would be clear for any one which of them to choose without loose time.

    You know, People like me, with a low English knowledge and a listening not as good as I would need to do this job quite faster, need to keep our motivation at a high level and a good and clear organisation is the best way to keep us focused and motivated.

    You know that I am trying to make a team to make this job more easy and funny and I don´t want they could go away because I can not give them an episode to start working on it.

    I know you have a lot to do but you are the boss and responsible so it is also your duty to make this obscur job more pleasant.

    Sometimes to take a time to organize well something is worthy even if it could seem you are loosing time. But you know well that a good organisation is the best way the economise a lot of future time.

    I hope my basic English is clear enough to communicate my feeling and my need which are also yours.

    But even so I love you. A friendship love, obviously :)

    • Hi Antonio,

      This transcription project is pretty complicated. Let me try and clarify some things.

      There are 3 lists of scripts.
      Finished & Published Scripts – that’s the list on this page
      Finished but not proofread – all these need to be checked by me or another qualified native speaker
      In profress – these are scripts that are unfinished.

      There are plenty of other episodes that don’t have google documents.

      I guess what you want is a list of every episode of LEP with a symbol next to each episode, representing the status of the transcript for that episode.

      Perhaps what I should do is add symbols to the ALL EPISODES – ARCHIVE list. That will show the status of the transcript for each episode.
      TA (transcript available)
      TBP (Transcript being proofread)
      TIP (Transcript in Progress)
      NT (No Transcript yet).

      I think just labelling the episodes in the archive list could help you a lot.

      What do you think?

      As ever, thank you so much for the transcription work you’ve done. To get the finished scripts proofread I might need to pay someone to do it.

      • Ptholome

        I agree about that 100%.

        “Perhaps what I should do is add symbols to the ALL EPISODES – ARCHIVE list. That will show the status of the transcript for each episode.

        TA (transcript available)

        TBP (Transcript being proofread)

        TIP (Transcript in Progress)

        NT (No Transcript yet).”

        And; Sorry. I should have paid more attention to the three big and colorful links you had, but I have this problem which make my wife to laugh a lot at me. I apologise for this part of my post. I know that the French “Y a qu’a” (all you have to do) is easier to ask for, than to do it. I know…

        And yes, you have understood perfectly what I believe is necessary for every LEPster and mainly for you

        But to pay the person you need I believe you should ask people to pay when they want to have access to the transcriptions. even if it is only 0.50 pounds each text. and you could pay people making transcriptions with free downloads…

        Do you know why I wanted you could meet AJ? Only because I thought you could learn from him that you can make money and earn a living doing this activity. But I don’t know what is your real goal. Teacher at the University? Stand up comedian? Universal English teacher?

        Sorry, This is your private life and I shouldn’t speak about that. So I stop it.

        Big hug, Luke I laugh a lot with your podcast everyday. I want to answer to a lot of the things you speak but when I arrive at home I forget which is not bad because I would be writing here too much and people would start asking me to go away.

    • Jason_Fallen_Son


      where do I sign up for the transcription?
      I want to help as well, it’s totally worth it for my listening skills (to improve).

      • Ptholome

        Hi Jason,

        Send me an email to and I will explain you and send you the link you need to join us.

        Thank you, I’m sure this is going to be a great exercise and is going to help you a lot to succeed in your tests.


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