Survey: What kind of episodes of LEP do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

This is not a full episode of Luke’s English Podcast, which is why the episode doesn’t have a number. In fact this one should appear in your RSS feed between episodes 276 and 277. This is just a quick chance for me to say hello to you, and to tell you about a quick survey that I’d like you to complete on my website. I’d like to encourage you to visit my website and give me a very quick bit of feedback regarding the type of episodes of this podcast that you prefer. If you find the page for this episode, entitled “Survey: What kind of episodes of LEP do you prefer” you’ll see a multiple choice survey. It’ll take you just a couple of minutes to do, and it will give me some really valuable feedback regarding episodes of Luke’s English Podcast.

Small Donate ButtonI’ve been doing LEP for over 6 years now. Most of my ideas come from my own inspiration, but I’ve always thought it was important to listen to my audience, to know your needs/preferences, and try to give you content that you really like and that meets your needs and interests.

I do various types of episode on this podcast, I like to keep it varied and I’m curious to know which ones you prefer. This can help me to maintain the standards of the podcast, keeping it useful and relevant to you as much as possible. Of course, I know that I can’t please all the people all the time, I can only please some of the people some of the time, and I believe that the first person I have to please is me – if I’m not happy with what I’m doing then it’s not worth doing at all. But, you’re the listeners, you’re my audience and you’re the most important part of this whole thing. So, your feedback is really significant to me and it would help me a lot if you completed my survey.

You can find the multiple choice survey at – in the archive between episodes 276 and 277. It’s really easy to complete. All the options are types of episode that I do on this podcast. Just click the options that represent the types of episode you like, and you can add your own option if you want as well.

Once you’ve selected all the types of episode that you like you can click “vote” and then you’ll see what other people have voted too, you’ll get all the results so far and you can see what other people think. You can change your votes if you want to, and as I said you can also add your own options to the survey, which other people will then be able to agree with too.

I will consider your feedback carefully and it will help me to plan future episodes of Luke’s English Podcast, but of course I still reserve the freedom to do exactly what I want on this podcast! It is, ultimately, Luke’s English Podcast – and I’m the one who chooses the content for this, but I’d like to know what you prefer.

So, here is that list, and don’t forget you can find this survey on the page for this episode – between episodes 276 and 277 in the archive. You can find the archive by mousing over “ALL EPISODES” and then choosing ALL EPISODES – ARCHIVE and you’ll find this survey in the list.

Also, if you want to write to me in more detail, just click on the CONTACT item in the menu and you can send me an email.

Thank you as ever for your attention and your feedback. Long live LEP!

Thanks very much!
HI! I’ve just realised that “Other” doesn’t work – whatever you write there will disappear. So, please add your “Other” option as a comment below. Thanks! Luke
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HI! I’ve just realised that “Other” doesn’t work – whatever you write there will disappear. So, please add your “Other” option as a comment below. Thanks! Luke

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