43. Notting Hill Carnival Video Out-takes


Earlier this year I made a video at the Notting Hill Carnival. Here are some of the bits which I didn’t include in the final edit. You can see that I got a bit frustrated on this day…

There are some bits of useful language in this video. They are all explained below.


The text captions contain some phrasal verbs and other expressions. Here are some of those useful bits of language:

The door was putting me off – ‘to put someone off’ = the door was distracting me and stopping me from concentrating properly
The chair was getting in my way – ‘to get in your way’ = the chair was in my personal space and stopping me from moving freely
I couldn’t string a sentence together – ‘to string a sentence together’ = to be able to speak properly
I was starting to get really pissed off – ‘to get pissed off’ = to get annoyed and angry (it’s a slightly rude expression)
I can’t be bothered to carry an umbrella – ‘can’t be bothered’ = I’m too lazy to do it. I don’t want to make the effort to do it.
I might get caught in the rain – ‘to get caught in the rain’ – to be surpised by rain, and get wet because you’re unprepared
What the hell? = Who cares? It doesn’t matter!
Live life on the edge = Live a risky life
I’m waiting for my mobile phone to charge up – ‘to charge up’ = to put electricity into a battery
To run out = the battery becomes empty
I was in a funny mood, perhaps because I was tired or a little fed up – ‘fed up’ = slightly bored or unhappy
That must get quite claustrophobic and awkward – ‘claustrophobic’ = frightening because it is a small space. ‘awkward’ = uncomfortable and embarrassing

More audio podcasts coming soon!