110. A Letter from Luke

This letter was written in September 2012. The audio was recorded in October 2014. Right-click here to download.

Hi everyone,

How’s it going? I hope you’re all very well and having an absolutely lovely day / night / morning / evening / afternoon / lunch / drive / jog / bath / sleep / gym session! This is just a letter from me to you so I can say hello, give you an update and ask you a couple of questions. There is no audio attached to this episode. I have a couple of episodes of the podcast coming so you will be able to enjoy them soon.

So what’s been going on? As you know I’m in the process of moving to France at the moment. It’s all very exciting and pretty chaotic too. My flat is still full of boxes and bags. I’ve put a lot of things into storage and I’m packing things to take to Paris with me. I’m going through all the personal possessions bit by bit which is pretty amazing because it’s like going on a journey though my life over the last 10 years or more. If you’ve ever moved house then you’ll know exactly what I mean. I keep finding things that remind me of time I spent in Japan, or old friends I’ve lost touch with. It’s quite emotional sometimes. I’d recommend going through your possessions and clearing out your old stuff. It’s quite a refreshing process. It feels like detoxing or losing weight or something.

The kitchen is finally finished and I’m glad to say it looks great. I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding tenants for the flat. How could anyone resist such a lovely place?! I’ve got loads of other (boring) things to do before I go. Now I can’t wait to be installed in Paris. I’ll make podcasts about my experiences there, and lots more useful language and expressions as well.

Now, since it is a time of change for me, and I’m re-evaluating a lot of things, I would like to ask you some questions about the podcast. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to spare a couple of minutes to let me know your thoughts. I want to make the podcast/website as useful and entertaining for you as possible. Obviously, I do this in my free time, which is very limited these days, so I have to be economical with my time. I can’t fix every problem or do everything you suggest but I will try.

I would like to know your opinions on how I can improve Luke’s English Podcast. So please, if you have time just give me your answers to the following questions. You can write me an email at luketeacher@hotmail.com or just add your comments below this message. You don’t have to answer every question. Thank you in advance!

1. How did you find Luke’s English Podcast?
2. What is the best thing about Luke’s English Podcast?
3. Is there anything I could improve about the podcast?
4. Is the website easy to use? Is the podcast easy to listen to?
5. How do you listen? On your phone/ipod? At home on a computer? Do you download the episodes or stream them? (Just ask if you don’t know what these words mean)

Thank you very much! Your comments will really help me to continue making useful podcasts for you.

Have a fantastic day/night/evening/morning/afternoon/breakfast/lunch/dinner/drive/bath/shave/sleep or whatever you happen to be doing!

All the best,


  • Dani

    1. How did you find Luke’s English Podcast?
    During the summertime I was working like a lifeguard so I had pretty time and wanted to improve my listening before to go to Ireland. Therefore, I was looking for on different websites.
    2. What is the best thing about Luke’s English Podcast?
    Luke. I love hearing your voice and the way how you focus podcasts.
    3. Is there anything I could improve about the podcast?
    You usually talk about different things so there is pretty variety. However, as my level is not so good sometimes when you speak to your friends is really hard but this is the real life.
    Maybe I wish that you will do more chapters about the grammar. Recently, I have been reviewing these chapters and they are simply grand.
    4. Is the website easy to use? Is the podcast easy to listen to?
    The website is perfect. Concerning to the listening, sometimes when you speak with your friends the level is very high and I can’t understand.
    5. How do you listen? On your phone/ipod? At home on a computer? Do you download the episodes or stream them? (Just ask if you don’t know what these words mean)
    I like listening the podcast during the afternoon or at night in my laptop (stream), but I have some episodes in my mobile for bored situations haha.

    I really appreciate your help and encourage you to go on doing this hobby. If I get a job in the next few weeks I will contribute with some money.

    Kind regards,

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  • Aymeric

    Hi Luke !
    1. I stumbled upon your video ’16 ways to say “I LIKE IT”‘ on youtube and found you where entertaining and liked the way you speak.
    2. The thing I like most is that it’s fun. I often find myself smiling or laughing while listening to your podcasts when commuting.
    3. I can’t wait for a new competition! I didn’t participate in the first one. And I regret it now. I think it’s a great opportunity to actually speak English and get feedback from a native speaker.
    4. Well this is the first time I really visit the website though i’ve been listening for a year now. That points out the fact that ITunes makes it really easy to get the new episodes.
    5. I always download the episodes through ITunes and listen to them on my iPhone.

    I’m glad I might help since you helped me a lot with my English.

    Merci beaucoup !
    Aymeric from Cergy, France

  • Lena

    Hi,Luke, I guess I know why you’re doing this – it’s one of the ways to cope with the chaos of the life, which will stubbornly resist our fruitless and yet persistent attempts to find the key…. We’re doing just what we can, are we not? Well, your podcasts’ve really contributed to my systemising and organizing my world (isn’t that just miraculous?)…. The mini podcasts of yours’ve been extreemly refreshing, like…well…like brisk showers on a hot day – they catch one anaware. (How did I happen to neglect them before – it’s a shear mystery to me) I’m absoutely sure they’re the ones that are really worth doing. So,please, keep on!… My second method of keeping life under control – is listening to songs, in English, (lyrics comprehension is compulsory), followed by your podcasts, preceded by them, intermingled with them, spiced and reinforced with them (hope I don’t sound too pathetic).My latest discovery – Travis, Coldplay and…(I should have listened then in my youth, but, alas , I didn’t ) King Crimson. Your podcasts and your personality, Luke, have something to do with them…Hope, I didn’t take too much upon myself… Best wishes and good luck!

  • Diego

    Hi Luke,
    I” ll try to answer all the questions.
    1: i think i was looking for Podcasts in Itunes and i got yours without even knowing anything about the podcast.
    2: it’ funny, that’s probably the best thing for me.
    3: i like a lot when you interview people, so it’d be nice if you make more podcast like that.
    4: yes, its okay.
    5: well, i listen to them in my ipod or phone, sometimes while driving either car or bike…in fact i try to listen to them as much as i can… There is not empty time in my life anymore since i fell in love with this language, i mean, i al the time have the ipod ready lo be listened to. So please, go ahead and mmake more Podcast!

    Diego from Argentina!