Competition Time Again!

Hello Dear Listeners,

As you probably already know, this time last year I won the Macmillan Dictionary Love English Award for Best Blog 2011! I talked about it all the time after I won. That’s because I was really happy to have won it. I work very hard on Luke’s English Podcast and so I am really pleased to find out that so many people around the world listen to it, improve their English with it and also enjoy some entertainment. It felt like my hard work had paid off, and that I had managed to make a success of Luke’s English Podcast.

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I’ve been nominated for their award for Best Blog 2012. Naturally, I want to win it again! I feel I now have to compete with myself. Can I achieve what I achieved last year? I certainly hope so. Doing that would give me the confidence and the reassurance that I am definitely helping people with their English and giving them an entertaining and informative service. It would really help to push me into 2013 and hopefully expand the audience of the podcast even further.

So I need your help.

If you like the podcast, and you want me to win the competition. Please show your support by voting for me! You can do it here. Click this link: THIS LINK! Then scroll down until you find Luke’s English Blog and then click Vote. Thank you, you have just helped! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the podcast wins again. I might need you to encourage your friends to vote too. It could make all the difference. Currently I am in 2nd place, so I will need quite a lot of votes too.

Also, the Macmillan website is a very good place to learn English and there are links to plenty of other useful pages and blogs there. Are any of them quite as good as Luke’s English Podcast? Only you can decide that! But, I must say that not many of them provide the full 100% experience you get from Luke’s English Podcast, do they? Do they really?! With my podcast you can not only read English, but listen to a real native English speaker teaching directly to you in your earphones. It’s like being there with the teacher as he teaches you. In fact, it’s like being in the UK itself, perhaps in a pub with some English speaking friends. It’s the best way to learn the language, isn’t it? Directly from English speakers talking to you.

I really hope you agree, and that you vote!

Thanks a lot and have a great morning/lunch/afternoon/evening/night.