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I’ve just removed the comments box from the sidebar of Luke’s English Podcast but I didn’t want to lose all the comments that people had left, so here are all the comments as an archive.

unnimoonali2 months ago
how can i log in?

jawaid2 months ago
Its wonderful podcast to improve English>

Anonymous2 months ago
I’m a learner of English. Thanks a lot for devoting so much time to the podcasts. Each episode engages my interest and helps improve my English, with lots of useful and commonly used vocab and expressions. I’ve discovered that the more I learn English, the more I find native English speakers brilliant and prodigious!!!

Anonymous3 months ago
Video games are a huge industry. I don’t dislike them, but Ii is desesperating to be in front of a screen trying to win a game trying to compete with an amazing machine. They are pdesigned to give more and more!!! Nice pods!Congratulations!!!

Anonymous3 months ago
Hi Teacher Luke,
How’s it going? I enjoy listening to your podcasts very much and I find it invaluable. Actually I’ve got a question to consult you. I wanna ask if you (personally and as a native English speaker) omit the vowels of some words when you’re speaking very fast? e.g. the word ‘university’, do you pronounce it ‘u-ni-ver-si-ty’ or ‘u-ni-ver-s-ty’ (omitting the vowel ‘i’)? Or another e.g. the word ‘duplicitous’, do you pronounce it ‘du-pli-ci-tous’ or ‘du-plis-tous’? (omitting the vowel ‘i’)


Anonymous3 months ago
Hello Luke,

I always enjoy your podcasts.

I listened to your latest podcast “126. Your Emails, Comments and Questions” and found that a Japanese commented that he or she couldn’t make donation using PayPal due to Japanese law.

I tried to donate using PayPal just now and I could do it without any trouble. I just clicked the “Donate” button in this site and login to PayPal. It was very easy.

Best regards,

luke teachera year ago
Competition Results:
Winner: Camila from Brazil
Runners-Up: Kiyomi from Japan and Kirill from
Congratulations to the winners. Commiserations to
people who took part but didn’t win. Thanks for votes.
L :)

Anonymous11 months ago
commiseration or comiseration?

Luke9 months ago
Comiseration is the correct one.
Thanks for the correction.
3 gold stars to you ;)

rikman7 months ago
Sorry to interrupt Luke
but what does mean
runner-up ? Please explain
it for me in simply words.
In my view we can talk
about person is better than
another competitiors but
not winner.
We rewarded the people
for their efforts and good
results. Am I right ? :)

luke teacher7 months ago
Runner up means someone who didn’t win, but got 2nd or 3rd place. The winner and 2 runners up won dictionaries, which they have received by post!

Anonymous3 months ago
Thanks a lot Luke for your explanation. Yet, I have one question to you. Could you tell me how we should read the year 1010 or for example 2010 ? I don’t know which form is correct: ten ten or one/a thousand (and) ten. Cognately we read the 2010 as twenty ten or two thousand (and) ten ? I’ll be thankful for your help.

PS. I like very much your video podcasts. The video presentation entitled “Say: I like it” is my favourite ! I’d like to have more this type of videos. In my opinion it’s wonderful way to improve our English skills.

Hispanomexicano5 months ago
please reply me in order to know you read it :D hahhaha
happy new year 2013!! a new ear indeed
2013= 0,1,2,3… :D

luke teacher4 months ago
Hi, I read your comment and hope to reply fully soon.

Anonymous4 months ago
Oh my goodness!! they are funny conversations!!!

vidurangae5 months ago
I’ve been listening to your podcast & thought you might be able to help me with something. I’m a final year med student from South Asia trying to learn Manchester accent in my leisure time simply because i love it. Would you mind helping me with providing some sources that I could use in my accent training? Thank you.

Hispanomexicano5 months ago
Luke!! what’s up! I really like your accent I have
heard some English accents and they’re not the
most understandable for me lol no offense :) by the
way the episodes 120-121 were definitely awesome
why don’t you do the Australian, Canadian version?
I live in the Mayan land and nothing happened the 21 december hahaha God bless please performe American English
to have fun!

Anonymous6 months ago
What happened to the episode 119?

luke teacher6 months ago
Technical difficulties… but it’s there now!

Ning7 months ago
I just learned from your podcast that you were doing cultural studies for your university degree. I’m going to join the same program in the UK next year. As a foreigner, I was a bit worried about whether or not I could pick up British cultures as soon as possible, so any tips besides listening to your podcasts? LOL

Luke7 months ago
Listen to BBC Radio 4. It’s full of cultural
information and it’s good for your English
too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/

nounou8 months ago
hello,luke!how are u doing?i am ABDENOUR from Algeria and I am a regular listener of your podcasts.in fact I do listen to them almost everyday.yet,it’s been a long time since u haven’t recorded a podcast;we do miss your qualitative and educative podcasts really!luke,can I ask you afavour? i would really like it if u record some podcasts on british culture.that would be a mind-boggling thing really..to let u know,my realm of study is English-that’s why I would love it if u do record some podcasts about the subject asked for above since it is far ahead different to learn things from a native speaker than from other resources,though I believe not all native speakers are like yourself.glad to be a listener of your podcasts.keep up mate.you are doing a great job.
All the best

hassan9 months ago
it’s amazing efforts,thank you.

Gabor10 months ago
Yes. Hearing a conversation presented by drunk people sounds interesting

klaa year ago
Who won??? (Im at work and cant check it out myself). Tell me, pls.

luke teachera year ago
ARE VALID. Sorry, those were the rules.

nima.1988a year ago
i vote for romina adel .

nimaa year ago
fantastic job ! – i vote for romina adel .

kláraa year ago
Hi teacher Luke, I just listened to the very first podcast and it’s a bit strange, because I’ve been listening to your podcasts quite long time… Hope you’re doing well, and thanks for your podcasts :) Klara

Camilaa year ago
Teacher Luke what means ” Live life on the edge” ? That’s a stupid question, I know… I have an idea but I’m not sure of what it means. : ) Thanks in advice.

Barbara, Italya year ago
Thank you very much, Luke, for these helpful podcasts, and mostly for the passion and professionality you put in doing them, which are very important qualites.
My best wishes to achieve the success you deserve.

Adelaa year ago
I vote for Regina from Russia. :)

elisaa year ago
The whole competition has been hilarious ! Although it was really odd experience to record your own voice at the same time it was liberating:)
I made many mistakes but I decided not to correct them… what is done is done.
And then, I was over the moon when Sergei wrote that “I sounded like BBC news programs” …You must be kidding.. anyway thanks! Heartfelt thanks to Romain and Hiroshi :) The competition ends on 16 May, so Your votes are already my gift.. because the 16 May is my birthday :)
I wish you all the best, elisa
And You Luke, You are the best, really!

Hiroshia year ago
I vote for Elisa from Finland

Myselfa year ago
Very nice your radio show : ) The songs are great and seems like you used to do that for long time. I’m pleased you making a personal project. But please, don’t forget your listeners from Luke’s English Podcast! Haha. I’m joking. Go for it!

Catarina Marciaa year ago
Teacher Luke, I’m addicted to your podcast. I can’t stop listening.I hope you become rich and famous through this podcast. You deserve it.

Claudia, Germanya year ago
I vote for Regina from Russia.

jta year ago
i vote for Ewelina from poland

Camilaa year ago
Hello teacher Luke, Camila here. Thanks for you feedback. I forgot to mention Mr. Bean when I talked about tv series. I grown up watching it. It’s very famous here. : )

Lukea year ago
Hmm… I seem to be having some problems with
the appearance of this page. The right side is cut
off. Is anyone else having problems seeing the
whole page?

xue shena year ago
Hi Luke. Thanks a lot for your contribution.I come from Mainland of China and i living in Australia now. Although I am a student but i donated my saving moeny from my work. I will continue to my donation to help you make this websithe better. Thanks.

luke teachera year ago
Thank you so much for your contribution.

Lukea year ago
Thanks very much for your competition entries. So far I have received quite a lot of audio ones and a couple of written ones. If you are thinking about sending me something, don’t be shy – just give it a try!

ewelinaa year ago
People jog/run because they want to be able to get away when the zombies come. Slow people will get eaten first and the runners may even survive the zombie attack :P

Lukea year ago
It’s not just running that will save you from zombies. Eventually you will end up stuck in a building surrounded by them and running won’t help you then, only a blunt instrument of some kind and hopefully a helicopter.

ewelinaa year ago
if you’re fit enough to get to the closest supermarket where you’ve got plenty of food to survive ages, it can actually save your life. i think so, but i guess we have to wait and see.

Lukea year ago
All it takes is one zombie to break into the back of the supermarket and bite one lazy member of your group, who then keeps it secret because he has too much pride and then before you know it you have a surprise dead-head in your group and he’ll take you all down to zombie town before the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how many boxes of corn flakes you have then. What you need is weapons. Find a gun shop or weapons cache, stock up and find a secure place like a bunker or a castle or something (or a decent pub with big wooden doors) and just wait as long as possible until the government (who are responsible for all this shit in the first place) clean it all up with some kind of anti-zombie gas or something, or a special-ops swat team. Job done.

ewelinaa year ago
you can use all the things u can find at tesco’s (well, at least at the polish tesco’s) like lawnmowers to kill some of the zombies, and to barricade all the doors, windows and other stategic places, and there’s also tonnes of ketchup (i recommend pudliszki) which u can use to distract the zombies, it’s red so they could take it for blood, you never know, and while they r discracted you can use the back door to try n find some other place to hide. there’s no point waitin for the polish government to sort out the situation, coz they r not able to make sensible decisions in advance (the preparation for Euro 2012) let alone in some kind of emergency situations.

samukaa year ago
Hello Luke. Just an idea… We could analyze the match from the perspective bellow. For instance, you would read each minute and comment them… Cheers

8 min Drogba collects a short pass in his own half from Romeu and charges forward, which gets Stamford Bridge roaring. He lays it off to Mata on the left, and Chelsea have four on three, albeit with them all over on the other side of the pitch. Mata tries an early ball towards Sturridge, but it’s well off target and Clichy collects it calmly.

7 min Balotelli and Augero swap roles from the goal, with the Italian picking up the ball on the right and looking for the Argentine in the middle of Chelsea’s high line. Terry and Bosingwa crowd him out on this occasion, but that was very close to being another one-on-one against Cech for City.

5 min Sloppy opening period here, don’t think either side has had more than four consecutive passes in a row. Ray Wilkins nots that Chelsea appear to have reverted to their high-line, early pressure approach. Which probably explains why they conceded that potentially catastrophic goal.

2 min GOAL!! Chelsea 0 Man City 1 (Balotelli)
Great work from Sergio Aguero, who picks up the ball wide on the right, and quite deep, having drawn Terry out with him from central defence. He turns inside, accelerates and plays the ball just in front of Balotelli who’s off Ivanovic’s shoulder in a moment and one-on-one against the exposed Cech. Ivanovic dangerously slides in on him from behind in the box but Balotelli stays on his feet, rounds Cech, and finishes from a tight angle into the empty net.

1 min City get us started. It’s absolutely teeming it down at Staford Bridge.

Lukea year ago
Good idea. There’s TONNES of language in those first 8 minutes alone. it could be another 90min podcast.

samukaa year ago
That’s it Luke. It will be fantastic… Deadly addicted to your podcasts.. they’re amazing… Just listening the “Mind the gap” Lads are very funny… Way to go!!!!

samukaa year ago
Hello Luke…
Great podcast. May I suggest one podcast about Premier League. We have exciting things to talk about that, don’t we? some polemic involving Carlos Tevez from the Blues, L Soares from Liverpool and the Red Evils etc… Cheers. Sammy

Lukea year ago
Yes, good idea. I’ve had quite a few messages from people who’d like a podcast (or two) about football. I need to get together with a couple of football loving mates and have a big chat I think. Watch this space.

ewelinaa year ago
hey, i’ve listen to the whole random episode and i think you really deserve the holiday ;) n i deserve a medal coz i managed to listen to it lol

Lukea year ago
Please send me your mp3s at luketeacher@hotmail.com

milaa year ago
Hi, it’s me again. I’ve just come across an American website for English learners. I contains real natural phrases you can use on everyday basis. But I’m not sure if i can really rely on it… I mean, at this moment my goal is to learn British English in order to get by in the UK, and I’m afraid that those phrases are too “American”. Could you give it a look? The address is www.phrasemix.com . I would just like to know if these expressions are common in the UK.


Lukea year ago
Phrasemix is a good site as far as I can see. It is American English but most of the phrases I saw on the site would be fine in British English too. It looks good.

milaa year ago
Many thanks.

Anonymousa year ago
Hi teacher Luke. Just wanted to tell you I was going today on pavement, listenning to the podcast about Learning to playing the drums, step by step in those rythms, and sometimes laughed loudly :) It was really funny! People must have thought I´m a bit crazy :DD Bye, Klára

luke teachera year ago
Hello to my listeners from Japan. I miss Yokohama. When I think about that place I think “Ah, Nihon natsukashii”

Shina year ago
Come back to Japan, mate!

milaa year ago
OMG, three brand new podcasts. You rock! :-)

Camilaa year ago
Heey!! I just want to say HELLO! THE GREAT LUKE!!!

ewelinaa year ago
could you do a podcast episode about St. Patrick’s Day?
cheers in advance.

Camilaa year ago
Hey teacher Luke! The podcast about Criminal Law it’s amazing! Very interesting! Thank you very much!

alexandraa year ago
Hi Luke,
Thank you for such a great podcast ! I’m in London since April 2011 and my English is still bad ! :( I’m trying to improve it by listening your podcast, study grammar, reading, watching Tele, speaking with people, sometimes I’m going to Cinema. Soon will go for Comedy ! Maybe I will see you !

I love your British Accent and I must say you’re amazing ! Teacher, comedian, singer, drum player ! Well done !


Alexandra from Romania

Anonymousa year ago
Thank you so much, you have really made me forget about American accent that I switched to some years ago, and get back to the British one, I love it.

nabela year ago
totally love this site..I do love English, but my English is not that good..after all, I am a learner..:)

Luke Teachera year ago
Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting the site. Please leave your comments here!

nabela year ago
Thank God, I found your site..this is very helpful for me as I am taking English course..:D

Camilaa year ago
Hey teacher Luke. I found this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tENkiKyZolY It’s man speaking with british accent ( he’s not native ) what do you think about it?

Camilaa year ago
Hello teacher Luke I enjoyed a lot your podcast about british accents. I was really surprised after that because I didn’t know that Britain could have so many differents sorts of accents. Very interisting. My favourite one is the London accent. Awesome!! Thank you.

Japana year ago
We love Luke’s English Podcast!!! Go Luke!!!

Polanda year ago
Hello Luke!
Today I had a presentation about how to learn English effectively. I had a whole 3 min about your blog and everybody liked it. I hope that some of my classmates will check up this site and be one of the fans of your blog;)thanks for doing it!

Lukea year ago
Thanks for that!

luke teachera year ago
Another episode should be available on Saturday. Watch this space.

milaa year ago
Could you record some more podcasts about social English used in everyday life, please? I mean a set of expressions which are useful, but generally unknown to English learners. I’m probably going to go to the UK in a month or two and I’m really anxious that I won’t be able to buy a train ticket or order food cause nobody will understand me :( All expressions I know are quite formal and I’m not even sure if they are used (e.g. “how do you do” still taught in Polish schools).
PS. If u can’t/don’t want to/don’t have time to prepair such a podcast, could u at least provide some links to such expressions? I know “How to…?” series by BBC, but it still isn’t enough.
I’m sorry for being so pushy, but I’m quite desperate.

Lukea year ago
I’ll do what I can Mila. I’m quite a busy guy so I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to do more podcasts about social English but I will be thinking about it. In the meantime I will look at some other websites for you. Damn, I am a good man… Luke

milaa year ago
Thank you so much!!! Cheers.

Evgeniyaa year ago
Are you a teacher at The London school of English?))
If so I took courses there 5 times!

I have came across this site by accident and I can say I like it!
I have been learning English constantly for 6 years. My final goal – to be a fluent speaker.
I love English and London.
I find your site very helpful for me, will wait your new podcasts.

Lukea year ago
Yes, I’ve been teaching at The London School of English for the last 6 years.

Kláraa year ago
Are you sure you want everyone to leave a note when he is on this site? I don´t know how long would you be interested, because there are many of us :) By the way I really like this site, Klára

Lukea year ago
Yes I don’t mind. I like seeing people’s responses, as long as they’re not abusive or anything. It’s nice to hear from my listeners. Luke

Matsua year ago
Hi Luke.May I want to know what are you and your brother think about ACTA? In my country (Poland) it’s very popular and controversional subject. In my opinion it’s global problem.

Pilara year ago
Hi dude! Today while having our “holly” sunday roast in the pub and talking about your brilliant website, we just have started practising our swearing in English not realizing that everyone was staring at our table in amazement … ooops! There is not a single day when you don’t crop up in our conversations. Sweet. If you ever come to Norwich don’t forget to visit your fan club. Lots of regards! Pilar

Anonymousa year ago
Everyone’s looking at my page today, and the first thing they see is an episode about swearing. It’s not usually this rude to be honest.

silvinaa year ago
I loved it! ;)

nausikaaa year ago
Ha, ha, ha what a shame!! Certainly, I wouldn’t like a podcast about Mary Poppins. Please teacher, don’t regret(stolen from French )
Edith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien (Officiel) [Live Version] – YouTube

silvinaa year ago
Lovely material, Luke!!! Keep it up! I enjoy every one of your podcasts. Have a nice weekend!!! Silvina from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

luke teachera year ago
Expect another podcast episode in the next few days! I’m just enjoying glory of victory at the moment, and catching up on all my housework.

Dannya year ago
You are the champion my friend, and you’ll keep on fighting till the end, you are the champion, you are the champion. No time for losers.’cause you are the champion of the world.

luke teachera year ago
…enjoying the glory of victory…

Blondiea year ago
The sticker rocks !!!

luke teachera year ago
Just one day left in the competition, it actually looks like Luke’s English Podcast is going to win!
You can still vote here: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

nausikaaa year ago
It smells like victory!!
Oh Jesus-Christ, what a thrill! 1522votes!!
Here comes our commercial break, quite old fashion…
Gin Fockink – YouTube

Vote for the winner!!
(I don’t know what actually I mean, do I?)

luke teachera year ago

Bettinaa year ago
You certainly will win! I hope you’ll celebrate the victory. I’m so glad that so many listeners voted for you. After all, you’re the best,right?

Blondiea year ago
You’re clearly the best !

Lukea year ago

nausikaaa year ago
Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

ula(PL)a year ago
Congratulations!! I knew you will win:)

nausikaaa year ago
We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
We are the champions –
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions – of the world –

luke teachera year ago
Ha ha, love it

Waltera year ago
Hey Luke, you’re doing a fantastic job. I simply enjoy listening to you. It’s such a convenient way to learn English. And your sarcasm is exactly what I’ve been looking for in an english podcast.

Alimaa year ago
I think these comments from such a frustrating person will actually help you Luke ! We’re even more to vote to express our support for you ! Continue doing your podcasts, they’re great !

xxxa year ago
You’re gonna win because you deserve it !!!!!!!

Anonymousa year ago
evidence-web stats don’t add up.including facebook,twitter. blogs with way more subscribers and hits don’t get as many votes.
2)your votes come in waves-are you seriously telling me that over 200 people voted for you in an hour.
3)there are websites on the other sectiion with 50,000 hits a day who don’t have that many votes in over 6 weeks.
btw-i’m not in the competition,i just voted for one blog then went back to see who was winning and yes i have listened to the podcasts along with the 200 odd subscrbers . not over a 1000 comments are there.?
If it’s that important to you then good luck,i along with some peoplewho are in the competition also know it’s a tainted victory.
final question,if it’s that popular,how come it took so long to be nominated.?

luke teachera year ago
I really should be asleep because I’m teaching tomorrow, but I just couldn’t help responding again!
Just a few things.
1. If my web stats don’t add up, then tell me – of these websites getting 50,000+ hits a day, why the hell can’t they get more than 1000 votes in 6 weeks? Come on John! These figures just don’t add up!
2. Yes, I think it’s reasonable to say that over 200 people voted for me in an hour. Perhaps in the hour just after I publish a podcast when thousands of people listen to me saying “Please go out and vote for my podcast!” – it only takes a percentage of them to go and do it.
3. I have about 280 followers on podomatic, a small number, but I have many more on iTunes. Podomatic is a hassle to subscribe to, and as a listener it’s unnecessary. So not many people do it. However, for owners of apple products, subscribing to iTunes is standard. I imagine most of my listeners have subscribed via iTunes. I can’t tell you why I don’t get many comments on my page, but after all it is an audio podcast so people tend to listen to it away from the computer.
4. I’ve been obsessively promoting my podcast and encouraging my listeners to vote. That could account for all the votes I’ve got. That’s hardly cheating. Who knows, maybe I’ve peaked now and no-one will vote for me this week. Perhaps Film English will get the award. It is a really good website, and they’ve won lots of awards before. They don’t seem to be promoting the competition very much though.

In the end it’s just a competition to win a dictionary!

alexa year ago
Luke, I think he has a lot of free time and he enjoys teasing you. It’s not worth answering to this crazy guy. Just make more podcasts, they are great!

Alicjaa year ago
That’s right! I’ve subscribed via iTunes!! Your Podcasts are great. I love them. I’m sure that many people feel the same way as I do. Hope you’ll win!!!
Ps. Can I donate using Google Checkout?

Lukea year ago
I don’t know how you can donate using Google Checkout at the moment, so just PayPal I’m afraid…

luke teachera year ago
Could you send me your email address? I’d rather conduct this conversation privately please.
Your guess is as good as mine regarding the statistics. I know my facebook page has fewer subscribers than others, and I have fewer twitter followers, etc. According to podomatic though I get something like 40,000 downloads each month. That’s what they tell me. Isn’t it possible that after I publish a podcast episode in which I ask people to vote for me that some of them vote in the same hour?
But really, I can’t account for the number of votes I’m getting. I’m also surprised by the numbers, and I’m just pleased about it. And I assure you I’m no internet hacker who is capable of breaking into Macmillan’s voting system in order to win a dictionary, if that is what you’re suggesting. Believe it or not, I’m just happy to have been voted for and I hope I win the award. It makes me sad that in your eyes it’s a tainted victory. Please, do send me an email if you’d like to respond: luketeacher@hotmail.com Thanks.

PFa year ago
Dear John,

If you were well informed which is clearly not the case, you would know that it’s a listener who nominated Luke for the award (cf. Facebook)
Do you seriously suggest Luke hacked Macmillan website or what ?
I asked all my facebook friends to vote for Luke’s blog and I know other people who also did it. Yes Facebook is frequented by million people so 200 votes in an hour are nothing.
Just to clear your mind, I’m gonna be very logical : Luke did a podcast about voting/polls/US elections + another one about swearing and he asked his listeners to vote for him if they liked the podcast.
Is promoting your work through it an act of cheating ?
His podcast is available on iTunes so it means, each person who subscribed has the new episode automatically when one’s plugs his iPhone for instance.
Of course, when we start listening to the podcast, the 1st thing we do is voting ! And we’re thousands to be fan.
No cheat.
It’s pure defamation and it’s sad you taint the competition with such allegations.
The victory will go to the best : Luke (I hope) or another one.

Good night

Bettinaa year ago
You’re just jealous and envious ! Poor guy ! Your nasty anonymous comment doesn’t even merit to discuss. Listeners love Luke’s podcast, that’s a fact and I hope he’ll win the dictionary. He deserves way more than 200 votes per hour !

Andya year ago

I think you are the one who overdid it by posting your comments here.

I listen to Luke’s podcast every now and then, and I listen online. I don’t download it, I don’t subscribe to it, but I like it. I’m sure there are many others who do the same, so your point about comments and subscribers doesn’t really make any sense.

Luke produces this podcast in his own time as a hobby to help others learn English. Like many of the nominees, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t get paid to do it either. There are a lot of people who really appreciate his efforts, yet you feel that it’s appropriate to come on here and accuse him of cheating.

Fortunately your comments reflect poorly on just one person, and that person is you.

Claudiaa year ago

I just felt that I had to write something in support of Luke’s fantastic English podcast as I can’t believe how bitter your messages are. I voted for Luke’s podcast because I think it’s brilliant and as a language teacher I know that my students love it too. I listen to it and I’m not subscribed to it on here. I’ve had students independently recommend it to me and had to tell them that they are preaching to the converted. People just really enjoy it. So it is absolutely no surprise to me that Luke’s podcast is smashing it and I think you, John, should focus more on just listening to podcasts rather than getting freakishly hung up on twitter stats!

Go Luke and Good day to you sir.

¿¿a year ago
Mr. ?? You are a clear example of mosca cojonera. I’m afraid there is not translation in English. Major Pita?

hexaa year ago
Luke is a brilliant teacher. I’m not a subscriber or a twitter follower, and not interested to make comments. Only here for studying. The evidence is just his personality which shows itself throught his works. Friendly, spontaneous, professional, lively, articulate, with exciting subjects. I’m not surprised of his podcast’s popularity at all. Go on Luke!!!

johna year ago
Cheat,all this just to a win a dictionary,Macmillan are aware of what you are up to,can’t wait to see your comments when they disqualify you. 1,000 votes in over a week,you overdid it.

Blondiea year ago
John, are you in the competition ? Frustated by the fact you’re gonna loose ?
If one day you do more than 80 podcasts with more than 20,000 worldwide dowloads a month one, I think you’ll be legitimate to raise your voice.
But accusing someone who’s dedicated to a voluntary work and passionnate about what he’s doing is really low.
Do you know the concept of “having fans” ? Apparently not.
More than 1100 votes in few days is just the expression of our gratefulness for Luke.
Think about it.


eliza_chana year ago
Yes, that’s the truth. I’m your fan and I really enjoy your podcasts. I’m learning a lot with them. Thanks a lot for everything and I hope you can win this competition.

nermina year ago
What’s your problem? You haven’t listened to his podcasts have you? Lots of people enjoy listening to his podcasts and lots of people learn a lot from it….so can’t wait to see your comment when Luke wins the award he deserves…if someone gets 1,000 votes in over a week this only proves that people appreciate his work…

luke teachera year ago
I think it’s uunfair that you’re accusing me of cheating John. Where’s your evidence? I have lots of listeners, and I work hard to make the podcast popular. Also, it’s not just for a dictionary, it’s also for the award itself.

Russiaa year ago
Hi Luke, thank you a lot for your job, I think you should get this Macmillan Dictionary “Love English” Awards 2011! I’m sure you win. My vote was definitaly for you man!

luke teachera year ago
Hi everyone – this is the new comments box.
Please leave your comments here. Thanks!

Brazila year ago
Hi Luke. I’m Camila, I live in Brazil and I’ve been studying english for 3 years. Here almost all of the english courses teach the american accent. I enjoy a lot to visit your website because I always wanted to learn the british accent and I think I’m much better. Thank you very much for helping people to learn your language.

Lukea year ago
Please vote!